Rick Hohensee March 22 1999 Jan 2000 cLIeNUX is intended to provide a basis for a membership/redistribution model of compensating authors of open-source software. This model is intended to be somewhat similar to the ASCAP/BMI mechanism for paying authors and performers of music. This the guideline I intend to persue with cLIeNUX membership. Nothing here is in any way guaranteed. Richard Stallman was quite considerate to point out some things that I should make very clear. Paid cLIeNUX membership is not required to use cLIeNUX. Membership is a mechanism to fund and control compensating contributors of works included in cLIeNUX. The terms of release of the various parts of cLIeNUX are not effected by membership in any way, and compensatable contributions do not have to have any particular release terms, other than to be permissible to include in cLIeNUX. Having mentioned Stallman, I suppose that I should also state that he disaproves strongly of the fact that it is not permissable to modify cLIeNUX and redistribute the modified version without removing all materials released only for redistribution as part of an intact entire cLIeNUX Core. I'm not happy about that myself, but this is the least encumbering thing I can come up with that creates a distinct compensatable entity "entirely in software", so to speak. The ncdm/Microchannel fork of cLIeNUX is an authorized fork. PARTIES TO cLIeNUX There are several parties to such a system as I hope to apply it to cLIeNUX. There is the "ownership" of cLIeNUX. That is currently me, Rick Hohensee. Equity interest is available. There is the "membership" of cLIeNUX, parties whose membership fees are current. Membership is $20-- per year. There are currently no paid members in cLIeNUX. A subset of the membership are the "contributers" of cLIeNUX. The e in that spelling is intentional. Contributers are individuals qualified to recieve re-distribution of cLIeNUX membership revenues. Qualifying for compensation for contributing to the content of cLIeNUX requires several things. I, Rick Hohensee, am not a "contributer" in this sense. A contributer has no equity in cLIeNUX. A contributer is a paid member of cLIeNUX. A contributer is the copyright holder of some cLIeNUX content. Other parties, such as the Linux kernel development community, the GNU Project, the Free Software Foundation, the Linux Documentation Project, various organizations holding copyrights on open-source software, and the users of cLIeNUX, only pertain to this mechanism as they may fit into the above categories. COMPENSATABLE CONTENT Members may submit notification of copyrighted cLIeNUX content to the ownership. Ownership may also aknowledge authorship without notice from a member being necessary. On a quarterly basis a summation of these compensatable components will be made. An account will be derived from this summation of each contributer's percent of the entire member-authored content of cLIeNUX. Binary files that are produced from text files by compilation or other processes may be compensatable in accordance with copyright notices in the text, which text may or may not be in the actual distributed cLIeNUX content. Programs that are only distributed in binary form are not compensatable by cLIeNUX. Analysis of what portions of large works are by what authors is to be performed at the best ability of the ownership, but accuracy of authorship accounting is not guaranteed in any way. The dichotomy between cLIeNUX membership and ownership is absolute for this reason; so that the ownership's motive will be to do what is best for cLIeNUX as a whole. The ownership also is the sole authority on the content of cLIeNUX. TOTAL COMPENSATION Every quarter 20 percent of all cLIeNUX membership revenues for the quarter will be redistributed to the contributers. Ownership may change the overall percentage with one years notice to the membership, but the overall percentage is not to be effected by variations in individual contributer percentages. Here is an earlier draft of this system..... Begging is so pitiful, isn't it?
 cLIeNUX, probably most important of all, is an attempt to initialize a
compensation model that solves some of the problems of funding the
development of open source software and documentation. cLIeNUX will be
available for free, as is necessary by law for most of it's core contents. 
However, you can become a member of cLIeNUX for an annual membership fee
of $20-- US. Oh boy. All I can guarantee that will get you at this point
is that you will be supporting my style of distributing open source
software. I will also make public a list of members in chronological order
by date of membership.

If this germinates, a plowback system will be instituted to return a defined percentage of cLIeNUX revenue to contributors of cLIeNUX-originated materials. It will probably go something like this.... cLIeNUX revenues will be announced publicly. Costs might not be. 20% of gross revenue will be returned to the membership. The redistribution of that 20% will be by proportion of all materials in cLIeNUX as a portion of total cLIeNUX-originated material on a plain storage-consumed basis. Example: for a cLIeNUX CD it is determined that there are 50 megabytes of material that are original to cLIeNUX. Member # 762324, Sally Bright, has contributed 3 megabytes of examples for the cLIeNUX stock paint program. Sally is due 6% of the member plowback fund for the time her stuff is in the distro. Since there were an average of 2000 members for that time, Sally gets a check for $6000-- . A file will be considered the quantum of compensatableness except in a few cases. Compensation for important files and packages, such as the kernel image, may be subject to advisement or recusal by the aknowledged maintainers thereof. 2% of gross revenue will be donated to organizations related to Linux, open source, or other beneficial phenomena, such as sevices for the homeless, which have in a sense already made thier contributions to cLIeNUX. I'll be going into more detail on this. Hopefully also various other benefits of membership in cLIeNUX will evolve. Any such benefits will not compromise the open-source nature of cLIeNUX. This is based on ideas I had for a from-scratch new OS proposal, but a from-scratch new scenario would be MUCH simpler, compensation-wise. Linus said last night in linux-kernel, "It will be complicated. Fairness always is." and he was talking about interrupt spinlocks or some such. Add money to the equation and complexity explodes. The most vicious remark this proposal has recieved so far is calling it "a pyramid scheme". cLIeNUX is no more a pyramid scheme than any other original venture. As it stands now, it is just begging, except that I do believe there is more value to cLIeNUX than "I need help". cLIeNUX has been a lot of work already. I do believe cLIeNUX is well-differentiated from other existing distributions, and that's not easy. Please help bootstrap cLIeNUX as a venture. I very much hope that it proves to be in your interest to do so. Email me or call if you have a question about possible equity in the venture. Rick Hohensee phone 301-595-4063 3234 Powder Mill Rd. Adelphi, Md. 20783

Rick Hohensee phone 301-595-4063 3234 Powder Mill Rd. Adelphi, Md. 20783

humbubba@smart.net rhohen@gwdg.de and last and least, rickh@capaccess.org