Why am I doing a GNU/Linux distribution?

I'm trying to build myself a day job I can stand, and that can stand me.
I have a lot of ideas.
I think GNU/Linux can be much more self-documenting.
I think open-source software needs it's own market paradigm.

What does cLIeNUX offer that others don't?

cLIeNUX is configured for client-only use of Linux. This is how many people will use Linux, and is the proper starting point for venturing forth into more shared use, i.e. providing net.accessible services. The single-user model is quite different than how other distros are configured, and has some deep implications. There is no sysadmin. It's you. This also removes a huge layer of complexity from the system. If you need that permissions and services layer the responsible approach is for you to install it.

Rick Hohensee 19980921 Adelphi, Md.