Lynx 2.8

Lynx 2.8 was released on 10 March 1998. This distribution incorporates the 2.7.2 distribution, released 6 January 1998, along with all of the subsequently issued bugfixes and patches. It is available in this archive as:

  1. zipped: (1125k)
  2. compressed: lynx2-8.tar.Z (148)
  3. gzipped: lynx2-8.tar.gz (981k)

For more information about the 2.8 release, please consult the file named

CHANGES   (note that the filename is completely capitalized) contains a full listing of the files contained in the 2.7.2 distribution.

Patches for Lynx 2.8

The "official" distribution site for Lynx patches is:

Developmental Builds

The Lynx Developmental Consortium maintains a developmental build of the next Lynx release. The experimental distribution,, can be obtained from
If you are running Lynx 2.7 or 2.7.1, you can obtain a patch which will enable you to quickly and easily apply the latest CHANGES to Lynx from Scott McGee's Patch-O-Matic, which is located at:
For more information about how to use the Patch-O-Matic, as well as how to apply its output, consult:

Blind Defaults

There are two blind/vi tailored default files in this directory:

  1. lynx.cfg
  2. .lynxrc
More detailed documentation and support for blind/vi Lynx users can be found at:

Zip, UnZip, gzip, and other Info-Zip utilities can be obtained from:

please report any problems to

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