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- Moves one branch up in the directory tree.


- Explains how to install and configure Speakup to work under linux.


- Gives an introduction to Speakup for v-0.5.


- Explanes how to access speakup from cvs.

- Gena Joyce explanes how to modify a standard console-tools keymap for speakup.


- The checkout script used to install speakup from cvs.


- The list of default review keys in Speakup.


- General description of the Speakup package for version 1.5


- Archive format for the Speakup package. It contains the patches and documentation files. The 1.5 version of Speakup will work on production kernels 2.2.18 and above, and kernels 2.4.20 and above.

- The key map file modified for Speakup.

- Dave Mielke has put together a generic key map for speakup.

keymap tutorial

- Instructions on how to configure the speakup keyboard to your liking.


- A directory containing various distributions boot disks with speakup allready compiled in.

- This is the speakup audio file. Taken from Alister Simms A Christmas Carol.

speakup's webpage

- Links you to Speakup's webpage (A work in progress)

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