Linux Gazette IRC outtakes

** Universal convenience? **
Dec 10 20:04:00 <editorgal> having a decent Friday jimmy?
Dec 10 20:19:19 <jimregan> Good enough
Dec 10 20:19:22 <jimregan> Yours?
Dec 10 20:19:41 <jimregan> Haven't had any of my guitar heroes die today
Dec 10 20:20:16 <jimregan> Always a good thing :)
Dec 10 20:20:49 <editorgal> ermm.. yeah
Dec 10 20:21:23 <jimregan> I think all of the various events I was supposed to show up at tomorrow have managed to relocate to a single pub
Dec 10 20:21:52 <editorgal> interesting - and convenient
Dec 10 20:21:55 <jimregan> I love when the universe works to my convenience
* Etiquette, proofing pedantry, Christian Brothers **
Dec 10 21:25:53 <jimregan> Ooh! PG added a book on etiquette:
Dec 10 21:26:07 <jimregan> (I have a thing for etiquette)
Dec 10 21:26:45 <editorgal> heh
Dec 10 21:29:53 <editorgal> oh I can help with some of that
Dec 10 21:30:28 <jimregan> 'The Chinese sage, Confucius, could not tolerate the suggestion that virtue is in itself enough without politeness, for he viewed them as inseparable and "saw courtesies as coming from the heart," maintaining that "when they are practised with all the heart, a moral elevation ensues."'
Dec 10 21:30:56 <jimregan> Got labled pictures? :)
Dec 10 21:32:56 <jimregan> Erm. Gotta wonder about the priorities of the author of this book.
Dec 10 21:33:22 <jimregan> The first part is about how you present someone to a President, Ambassador or Regent.
Dec 10 21:33:26 <editorgal> hmm
Dec 10 21:33:40 <editorgal> many amusing results from typing 'etiquette' into google images.
Dec 10 21:33:46 <jimregan> Then again, I can't say anything about people's priorities
Dec 10 21:34:32 <jimregan> Being the person who, on half cutting off his finger, was more concerned about whether or not my scream was a manly scream :)
Dec 10 21:34:43 <jimregan> Eck.
Dec 10 21:34:48 <editorgal> :/
Dec 10 21:34:56 <jimregan> Mix of self as third person and first person
Dec 10 21:35:48 <editorgal> <psych> so your response to pain was to dissociate, then analyse the rest of your behavior?
Dec 10 21:35:53 <jimregan> (My parents were proofreading a report for a friend of theirs yesterday, and sought my input, which was... quite curmudgeonly)
Dec 10 21:36:06 <jimregan> Hmm. Kinda
Dec 10 21:36:17 <editorgal> did they appreciate your dose of heavy grit sand paper?
Dec 10 21:36:36 <jimregan> Yeah. They had plenty of comments of their own to make :)
Dec 10 21:36:52 <jimregan> But I put them both to shame.
Dec 10 21:37:04 <jimregan> I can be quite the pedant :)
Dec 10 21:37:29 <jimregan> (Which made my father nostalgic. Apples, trees, falling, and such.)
Dec 10 21:37:55 <jimregan> He said he used to correct his teachers when he was in school.
Dec 10 21:37:57 <jimregan> In Latin.
Dec 10 21:38:04 <editorgal> :D
Dec 10 21:38:28 <jimregan> (He was taught by Christian Brothers in pre-Vatican 2 times, so they were all supposed to be able to speak Latin fluently)
Dec 10 21:39:49 <editorgal> lemme guess what extras you don't score for correcting people's latin.
Dec 10 21:40:21 <jimregan> These were also pre-children's rights times.
Dec 10 21:40:53 <jimregan> He comes from a farming background, and could get away with it because of his muscle mass
Dec 10 21:42:14 <editorgal> heh.
Dec 10 21:42:25 <jimregan> Plus, in Ireland in the 50s/early 60s, the Catholic church had a tight grib on the throat of the nation.
Dec 10 21:42:51 <jimregan> If a priest, nun or brother beat you to within an inch of your life, your parents did the same for having offended them
Dec 10 21:44:13 <editorgal> urgh
Dec 10 21:45:17 <jimregan> My uncle had to change schools because he was quiet, and had a sadistic bastard teaching him. He snapped and hospitalised the guy.
Dec 10 21:45:30 <editorgal> whoopsy
Dec 10 21:45:55 <jimregan> Pulled a 5x10 foot slate blackboard from the wall and hit him with it
Dec 10 21:46:42 <jimregan> (Those things are pretty bloody heavy. It'd take 2 of me to move one, let alone pick it up and wield it as a weapon)
Dec 10 21:47:29 <jimregan> Well, maybe that's an exaggeration, but you get the idea
Dec 10 21:48:16 <editorgal> right so quiet-kid becomes the incredible-jekyl- the-hulk and trounces his lecturer
Dec 10 21:49:00 <jimregan> No, my uncle worked on the same farms as my Dad. He was quite used to lifting that sort of weight, just not used to throwing his own weight around
Dec 10 21:50:01 <jimregan> My Dad had no such qualms.
Dec 10 21:50:45 <jimregan> He had the same teacher a year later. Teacher decided to take out his anger at my uncle on my father, who picked him up and said 'I don't think so'.
Dec 10 21:50:48 <jimregan> (In Latin)
Dec 10 21:50:54 <editorgal> hahaha
Dec 10 21:52:51 <jimregan> My Dad said he was scared witless of my grandfather's reaction, but his oldest brother found out about it and brought a priest around who explained just what a bastard this brother was.
Dec 10 21:52:59 <jimregan> (In the most respectful way :)
* Google autocomplete **
Dec 10 21:59:59 <thomas_adam> jimregan:
Dec 10 22:01:01 <jimregan> Wow.
Dec 10 22:01:04 <jimregan> That's cool.
Dec 10 22:01:14 <jimregan> Bit... over the top
Dec 10 22:01:58 <jimregan> But cool.
Dec 10 22:03:18 <jimregan> It's scary that it's faster than the autocompletion mozilla does :)
Dec 10 22:03:22 <thomas_adam> Not OTT, IMO.
Dec 10 22:04:08 <jimregan> Hey, I *like* OTT
Dec 10 22:07:01 <jimregan> Heh. I love wmDiscoTux.
Dec 10 22:07:23 <thomas_adam> Shame you need xmms for it.
Dec 10 22:07:47 <jimregan> Heh. I'm using xmms anyway for the audioscrobbler plugin
Dec 10 22:07:54 <thomas_adam> My condolences.
Dec 10 22:08:04 <jimregan> And because I can't get anything else that can play CDs with data tracks
Dec 10 22:08:23 * thomas_adam hugs cplay and {mpg,ogg}123
Dec 10 22:08:39 <jimregan> Normally I used mplayer for everything
Dec 10 22:08:46 <jimregan> Except MIDI, natch
Dec 10 22:08:49 <thomas_adam> You're right....
Dec 10 22:08:54 <thomas_adam> You *do* like OTT.
* "You're not Irish" **
Dec 11 00:36:21 <editorgal> seems like so many good people I know are perfectionists at heart
Dec 11 00:36:46 <editorgal> hard on ourselves, striving for a bit more than we are.
Dec 11 00:36:48 <jimregan> Heh. I've long since learned to not aim for perfection.
Dec 11 00:37:09 <editorgal> only maybe not always striving, 'cuz striving itself is so much damn *work*
Dec 11 00:37:21 <editorgal> ok it's fine to aim
Dec 11 00:37:29 <editorgal> just not to despair about missing.
Dec 11 00:38:03 <jimregan> Not for perfection. I appreciate the flaws too much to want it.
Dec 11 00:39:20 <editorgal> hm
Dec 11 00:39:24 <editorgal> interesting view...
Dec 11 00:39:44 <jimregan> Hey, I'm Irish. I need something to complain about :)
Dec 11 00:41:52 <editorgal> c/~ you're not irish ya can't be irish, ya dunno "Danny Boy"
Dec 11 00:42:20 <jimregan> Heh. Got me there.
Dec 11 00:42:34 <editorgal>
Dec 11 00:46:34 <jimregan> My Dad did his damnedest to keep us away from that stuff, because a lot of it is linked with IRA bullshit
Dec 11 00:47:17 <jimregan> He lived with a guy in London for a while. Worked in a bar with the guy's brother.
Dec 11 00:47:51 <editorgal> ok
Dec 11 00:47:56 <jimregan> Guy came over, needed a place to work & stay. His brother got him a job at the bar & my Dad had a spare room.
Dec 11 00:48:29 <jimregan> After a while, he noticed that some people were rostered to work Sundays, others weren't
Dec 11 00:48:57 <jimregan> He asked his brother why that was. 'Oh, the Catholics don't mind working Sundays'
Dec 11 00:49:18 <jimregan> (The guy was a loyalist paramilitary type, on the run)
Dec 11 00:49:30 <jimregan> "But... Joe works Sundays"
Dec 11 00:49:33 <jimregan> "Yeah"
Dec 11 00:49:44 <jimregan> "You mean I live with a Catholic?"
Dec 11 00:49:52 <jimregan> "Things are different here"
Dec 11 00:49:54 <jimregan> :)
Dec 11 00:50:29 <jimregan> Dude went silent for a few days, 'til my Dad got pissed off and got him to spill the beans.
Dec 11 00:51:27 <jimregan> Guy couldn't reconcile the upbringing that taught him Catholics were devils incarnate with the fact that the Catholics he knew were ... human
Dec 11 00:51:35 <editorgal> it's how the world changes..
Dec 11 00:51:49 <editorgal> in one generation a woman had to fight to choose where to sit on a bus
Dec 11 00:52:07 <editorgal> in the next the children ate dinner with each other's parents and never noticed the skintone.
Dec 11 00:52:10 <jimregan> Got worse for him when he found out my father not only didn't support the IRA, but hated those people with a passion
* Catholic hotel **
Dec 11 01:32:34 <editorgal> there's a woman driving down the coast trying to get a hotel room
Dec 11 01:32:49 <editorgal> she and her jewish family can't find a vacancy
Dec 11 01:33:37 <editorgal> she's a bit disappointed since she suspects its a membership hotel of some sort but, she's been driving for hours
Dec 11 01:35:04 <editorgal> ok so the woman tells her kids wait, bubbelas, I'll see what we can do.
Dec 11 01:35:28 <editorgal> she goes in. her fears are well founded. she can tell already by the decorations and some event listings.
Dec 11 01:36:00 <editorgal> the nice man at the counter notes her skin tone and facial features, but these days, you really cannot tell who's converted
Dec 11 01:36:08 <jimregan> Heh
Dec 11 01:36:33 <editorgal> "this is a catholics hotel, you understand"
Dec 11 01:36:39 <editorgal> "ah well, test me then"
Dec 11 01:36:45 <editorgal> he puts her through catechism
Dec 11 01:37:09 <editorgal> she knows these answers, I mean what, people can read, these are just answers, so she answers them.
Dec 11 01:37:21 <editorgal> (Judasim is very big on education)
Dec 11 01:37:24 <jimregan> :)
Dec 11 01:38:01 <editorgal> he sees the jewish star on something of hers though and expresses with somewhat of a frown that he still doesn't have the authority to give her a room key.
Dec 11 01:38:17 <editorgal> she says "you've been fair, let me ask you questions too"
Dec 11 01:38:25 <editorgal> nonplussed he agrees.
Dec 11 01:39:30 <jimregan> Right
Dec 11 01:40:02 <editorgal> "so who was it wouldn't let joseph and mary and some freezing baby in outta the cold?"
Dec 11 01:40:14 <editorgal> ...
Dec 11 01:40:19 <editorgal> he gives her the room.
* Shelf life **
Dec 11 01:49:43 <editorgal> what are you looking forward to this xmas?
Dec 11 01:50:01 <jimregan> The half hour/hour with my son
Dec 11 01:50:21 <jimregan> You?
Dec 11 01:50:57 <editorgal> my little chances here and there to brighten up my friends' lives
Dec 11 01:51:24 <editorgal> I'd do it anyway, but in december I make a special effort.
Dec 11 01:51:27 <jimregan> Hmm. I've been trying lately to do that whenever I can.
Dec 11 01:51:54 <editorgal> and to remind myself to be a friend to me, too.
Dec 11 01:52:12 <jimregan> Like today, I went into a shop, and the guy who walked in started growling at one of the girls who worked there, about how she let him buy yesterday's newspaper
Dec 11 01:52:33 <jimregan> So I ignored the other shopkeepers, and walked over with my can of Coke.
Dec 11 01:52:40 <jimregan> "I hope this is today's coke"
Dec 11 01:52:49 <jimregan> "Ssh. He's pretty angry..."
Dec 11 01:53:04 <jimregan> "Damn, I only have last week's money"
Dec 11 01:53:11 <editorgal> hehehe
Dec 11 01:53:34 <jimregan> It was a pleasure to watch the tension lift from her face into a laugh.
Dec 11 01:53:36 <editorgal> did the guy pop a cork or chill out?
Dec 11 01:53:51 <jimregan> Dunno. Didn't pay any attention.
* Evil grin **
Dec 11 21:21:54 <jimregan> Well, grinning an evil grin
Dec 11 21:22:00 <jimregan> }:)
Dec 11 21:22:47 * editorgal checks the grin on the evil-o-meter
Dec 11 21:22:59 <jimregan> How do I rate?
Dec 11 21:23:07 <jimregan>
Dec 11 21:23:42 * editorgal puts out a halo to see how much of it starts to melt and catch fire
Dec 11 21:24:17 <jimregan> Sorry about the loss of your arms there
Dec 11 21:24:35 <editorgal> oh don' worry about me
Dec 11 21:24:42 <editorgal> I'm attuned to fire...
Dec 11 21:24:57 <editorgal> it's that tech support thing, spent my time in hell.
Dec 11 21:27:08 <jimregan> So, what was my rating?
Dec 11 21:27:49 <editorgal> about one notch short of 'mom! dad! don't touch that! it's EVIL!
Dec 13 20:40:13 <jimregan> No, I think it was mostly that... I was the one who gave them the advice, how could I not advise myself?
Dec 13 20:41:00 <jimregan> I'm the one who was always the coolest in a crisis.
Dec 13 20:41:10 <jimregan> Cooler than normal, even.
Dec 13 20:41:54 <jimregan> I'm pretty much mentally prepared for any emergency.
Dec 13 20:43:50 <jimregan> The people who are closest to me - physically - I imagine them dying, being injured, etc.
Dec 13 20:44:23 <jimregan> My first friend was my first dog. I was pretty much traumatised when he died.
Dec 13 20:44:36 <jimregan> Like, I could have stopped it happening somehow.
Dec 13 20:45:11 <editorgal> how'd it happen?
Dec 13 20:45:47 <jimregan> He died trying to come after me. We had moved, and my father would bring me back out to my uncle's farm, where we had been living, to visit my dog. He used to follow the car when we left, further and further each time, until he went too far, and was knocked down by a car.
Dec 13 20:46:00 <editorgal> :(
Dec 13 20:46:03 <jimregan> My uncle found him the next day.
Dec 13 20:46:19 <jimregan> All I could think was if I had tried to sneak him into the car...
Dec 13 20:46:37 <editorgal> what an awful burden for a child to bear :((
Dec 13 20:46:48 <jimregan> Since then, I've had daymares. Everyone dies, or is hurt horribly.
Dec 13 20:47:18 <jimregan> I used to try to avoid it, then I took control, and went through everything - how I would react.
Dec 13 20:47:30 <jimregan> Oh, and not just the people close to me, me too.
Dec 13 20:47:47 <jimregan> So, when something bad happens, I'm mentally prepared.
Dec 13 20:47:59 <jimregan> I turned a negative into a positive.
Dec 13 20:48:34 <jimregan> Like, if someone caught fire, I wouldn't think, I'd react, and be right.
Dec 13 20:48:48 <editorgal>
Dec 13 20:49:43 <jimregan> When I started in dew valley, it was 'what if my arm was cut off' etc. I know what to do subconsciously, so if it ever happened to someone, I know I'd be calm and collected.
Dec 13 20:52:14 <editorgal> but these fears still haunt you? or preparing for them eases you?
Dec 13 20:52:24 <jimregan> Eases me.
Dec 13 20:52:46 <editorgal> fair enough.
Dec 13 20:53:06 <jimregan> There's a lot less dying in them now. I can't do anything about that.
Dec 13 20:58:05 <jimregan> Like, after I cut my hand, I was put back down where I used to work, basically to replace the senior operative who had gone home sick.
Dec 13 20:58:30 <jimregan> I was overcome by a dread panic when I realised I'd have to handle the blade in the morning.
Dec 13 20:58:51 <editorgal> :(
Dec 13 20:59:12 <jimregan> Tommy, in fairness to him, asked if I'd be OK with that. I said I would, because I wasn't going to give in to fear.
Dec 13 20:59:26 <jimregan> Tommy == my supervisor.
Dec 13 20:59:58 <jimregan> The hand washer :)
Dec 13 21:00:16 <editorgal> you seem kind of fear-sensitive, but it's not phobia when there's a preservation repsonse..
Dec 13 21:00:44 <editorgal> though perhaps the same defenses would help.
Dec 13 21:02:49 <jimregan> ??
Dec 13 21:03:03 * jimregan heard a 'whoosh' from above
Dec 13 21:03:10 <editorgal> um sorry
Dec 13 21:03:28 <editorgal> for a moment I imagined how I would deal, given the same situation
Dec 13 21:04:34 <editorgal> you dealt with it, I take it.
Dec 13 21:06:05 <editorgal> is this the company you work at now?
Dec 13 21:06:06 <jimregan> Oh yeah. I calmed myself down, and did it
Dec 13 21:06:10 <jimregan> Yeah
Dec 13 21:06:45 <jimregan> 'Come on me, you've done this a thousand times before. Just because you had one freak accident...'
Dec 13 21:07:24 <jimregan> I still get a chill at the thought of handling one of them, but I overcome it.
Dec 13 21:08:52 <jimregan> It helps that the feeling is definitely coming back. I can feel something when I rub that finger over something that's more than just the feeling the nearest working nerves got.
Dec 13 21:09:11 <editorgal> glad to hear it.
Dec 13 21:09:25 <jimregan> Not enough that I'd be able to tell what I'm touching, but I can at least tell I'm touching something.
Dec 13 21:10:03 <jimregan> If I hadn't learned to have a positive outlook, I doubt I'd have even that.
Dec 13 21:10:34 <jimregan> It's like when I was in the doctor's waiting room.
Dec 13 21:11:17 <jimregan> You know how it is when you're at the doctors - you try not to look at anyone else, in case you send out a signal that might distress them, or laugh or whatever?
Dec 13 21:11:45 <jimregan> I was staring straight ahead, and chanced a glance around to see that everyone was staring at me, aghast.
Dec 13 21:11:54 <jimregan> I had to say /something/
Dec 13 21:12:09 <jimregan> "There's got to be an easier way of getting a few days off work"
Dec 13 21:12:44 <editorgal> heh.
Dec 13 21:13:58 <jimregan> Broke the tension nicely :)
* The decline of puns **
Dec 13 21:23:03 <jimregan>
Dec 13 21:25:03 <jimregan> (Polish has a lot of declensions)
Dec 13 21:25:29 <jimregan> Thankfully I already speak a language that has them, otherwise I'd be completely lost
Dec 13 21:25:57 * editorgal declines to comment on that
Dec 13 21:26:12 <jimregan> Heh
Dec 13 21:26:20 <jimregan> Double pun. [Erm... cos the Polish girl I have a crush on has a boyfriend: declined I think I read a little too much into that :)]
Dec 13 21:26:32 <jimregan> (And triple word score too :)
Dec 13 21:27:08 <editorgal> now you can scrabble your brains.
* Pedantry / infinite loops **
Dec 13 22:59:37 <jimregan> HAAA HAAA HAAA!!!!!
Dec 13 22:59:49 <jimregan> :)))))
Dec 13 23:00:28 <jimregan> I wanted to make sure 'pedantry' was a word, and looked it up on
Dec 13 23:00:37 <jimregan> pedantry
Dec 13 23:00:37 <jimregan> n : a ostentatious and inappropriate display of learning
Dec 13 23:00:49 <jimregan> ^- an
Dec 13 23:00:53 <thomas_adam> Isn't it an outhouse for children?
Dec 13 23:01:06 * jimregan groans
Dec 13 23:09:08 * editorgal chuckles
Dec 13 23:15:09 <jimregan> that'd be pedontry anyway
Dec 13 23:16:07 <editorgal> recursion: n. see loop, infinite.
Dec 13 23:16:28 <editorgal> loop, infinite: see /infinite loop/
Dec 13 23:16:52 <editorgal> infinite loop: n. see recursion.
Dec 13 23:17:52 <jimregan> mutual recursion: see recursion, mutual
Dec 13 23:17:54 <jimregan> recursion, mutual: see mutual recursion
Dec 13 23:18:48 <editorgal> tail recursion: if you aren't tired of it yet, see /tail recursion/.
Dec 13 23:19:54 <editorgal> anyways we really did have that infinite loop sequence stuff (I think there were 4 of them) in the scripting manuals with NDW
Dec 13 23:20:04 <editorgal> the tech support staff begged for it
Dec 13 23:20:35 <editorgal> twas easier (and friendlier) to point a budding script programmer into that until they 'got it' rather than really attempt to explain it.
Dec 13 23:25:33 <jimregan> I went into college, expecting to find people who had programmed before, and found a bunch of people for whom the idea of an infinite loop was new
Dec 13 23:25:52 <jimregan> My first infinite loop was when I was 7
Dec 13 23:25:59 <jimregan> 10 PRINT "Hello"
Dec 13 23:26:02 <jimregan> 20 GOTO 10
Dec 13 23:26:35 <editorgal> I recall explaining bitwise or, and, xor to people in my tech crews who were interested in scripting
Dec 13 23:26:38 <editorgal> yeah
Dec 13 23:26:46 <editorgal> first thing you learn in BASIC
Dec 13 23:26:50 <editorgal> even before hello world.
Dec 13 23:27:04 <editorgal> or I suppose, that *is* hello world. [Seen on Futurama, in the Robot Church: 10 SIN 20 GOTO HELL :)]
* TAG bar grand opening **
Dec 14 19:29:30 <jimregan> Bar hours will comply with Irish licensing laws: 11.30 tonight closing.
Dec 14 19:29:34 <editorgal> and if I really need a hangover (um, not today tx) a watzamocha.
Dec 14 19:29:53 <editorgal> you have to license non alcoholic drinks?
Dec 14 19:29:59 <jimregan> I'll be about as compliant as any other Irish pub too.
Dec 14 19:30:06 <editorgal> lol
Dec 14 19:30:18 <jimregan> No. Most of the rest of us drink alcoholic beverages
Dec 14 19:30:45 <jimregan> (So be vewwy quiet, and buy the nice policeman a pint when the curtains close)
Dec 14 20:00:24 <jimregan> BTW, we're working under Irish bar laws, so there's no smoking here. (Though I figure I'm the only one who'd be affected by this)
Dec 14 20:00:35 <editorgal> hahaha
Dec 14 20:00:45 <editorgal> here, the only place you *can* smoke indoors is a bar
Dec 14 20:01:01 <editorgal> although the bar itself has to meet certain criteria
Dec 14 20:01:09 <jimregan> The only place you can smoke indoors here is someone's home.
Dec 14 20:01:10 <editorgal> otherwise employee protection laws prevent it too.
Dec 14 20:01:45 <jimregan> Any shelter provided for smokers must be 70% open to the elements
Dec 14 20:02:09 <editorgal> oh, here a patio counts as outdoors, nobody goes around measuring it.
Dec 14 20:02:34 <jimregan> (unless a smoking area had previously been provided, and no non-smoker was in any way required to enter it)
Dec 14 20:03:04 <jimregan> I tried to get the stupid bastards at work to move the bloody vending machines out of the smoking canteen, but no.
Dec 14 20:03:35 <editorgal> so if you want fritos you have to enter the cloud, thence no smoking permitted?
Dec 14 20:03:40 <jimregan> Then, of course, there were those fucking annoying bastards who sat in the smoking canteen for no other reason than to complain about smoking
Dec 14 20:03:48 <jimregan> Yeah
Dec 14 20:04:02 <editorgal> well *those* guys have no excuse
Dec 14 20:04:28 <editorgal> you could as readily accuse them of satisfying their nic fit by enjoying it secondhand, which is worse for you than just plain smoking.
Dec 14 20:04:55 <jimregan> I mean, I'll respect anyone's wishes... I won't smoke in someone's car unless they are also smoking, etc.
Dec 14 20:05:11 <jimregan> But to sit around with smokers and complain about the smoke?
Dec 14 20:05:31 <jimregan> They even come out, into the cold and rain, and sit in the smoking shelter now...
Dec 14 20:14:49 <jimregan> A non-wotza mocha to go with your brownies?
Dec 14 20:14:57 <editorgal> ooh yum
Dec 14 20:14:59 <editorgal> thanks
Dec 14 20:15:08 * jimregan passes one over
Dec 14 20:15:12 <jimregan> Extra cream?
Dec 14 20:15:17 <editorgal> always
Dec 14 20:15:35 * jimregan passes over a second cup of cream
Dec 14 20:15:42 <jimregan> That enough?
Dec 14 20:15:50 <editorgal> to coffee shops that make 'healthy' noise on their menu, I demand mine extra fatty
Dec 14 20:15:54 <editorgal> um
Dec 14 20:16:02 * jimregan sprinkles some chocolate on that cup of cream
Dec 14 20:16:03 <jimregan> whoops
Dec 14 20:16:05 <editorgal> whipcream and cream aren't the same stuff over here...
Dec 14 20:16:22 <jimregan> whipcream = that crap from a can?
Dec 14 20:16:28 * editorgal checks to see if the mocha's too hot
Dec 14 20:16:36 <editorgal> well the stuff from a tub is much better
Dec 14 20:16:45 <editorgal> doesn't smell faintly of the compressant
Dec 14 20:16:50 <editorgal> but yes, often.
Dec 14 20:17:18 * editorgal pours some of the cream in anyway :)
Dec 14 20:17:19 <jimregan> Oh no. I tried that crap, and will never touch it again.
Dec 14 20:17:26 <editorgal> like I said
Dec 14 20:17:37 <editorgal> the spray stuff is dift from the tubfull
Dec 14 20:17:47 <editorgal> handmade's best of course
Dec 14 20:17:55 <jimregan> This is /real/ cream around here. Full fat, with a dash of sugar. The way my father makes it.
Dec 14 20:18:11 <editorgal> the good places will steam fresh cream and put that on; I'm all for that.
Dec 14 20:18:46 <jimregan> Hmm. I've yet to get to grips with that attachment on my coffee maker.
Dec 14 20:18:54 * editorgal enjoys her cream sweetened mocha :D
Dec 14 20:20:30 * jimregan prepares some more cream.
Dec 14 20:20:33 <jimregan> Y'know
Dec 14 20:20:37 <jimregan> Just in case :)
Dec 14 20:20:47 <editorgal> oh yeah and while we're on the topic
Dec 14 20:20:56 <jimregan> ?
Dec 14 20:21:01 <editorgal> thomas_adam: instant coffee isn't either.
Dec 14 20:21:08 <jimregan> heh
Dec 14 20:21:11 <editorgal> not instant, nor coffee.
Dec 14 20:25:30 <jimregan> I take it so bitter that I forget what saliva is like
Dec 14 20:25:38 <editorgal> that's what my taste buds have said so far too.
Dec 14 20:25:53 <editorgal> hah
Dec 14 20:26:02 <editorgal> perfect coffee requires no sugar nor cream
Dec 14 20:26:17 <jimregan> Preach it, sister.
Dec 14 20:26:18 <editorgal> I always, always, taste test my straight coffee.
Dec 14 20:26:28 <jimregan> Can I get an 'Aaaaaaameeeeeen'?
Dec 14 20:26:39 <editorgal> to the occasional dismay of my hosts..
Dec 14 20:27:10 <jimregan> "Do you want cream or sugar?" "Why, what's wrong with the coffee?"
Dec 14 20:27:41 <editorgal> well I don't ever say it that way.
Dec 14 20:27:52 <editorgal> "let me ask the coffee first"
Dec 14 20:28:48 <editorgal> this becomes Jim's opportunity to tell them that I always do this.
Dec 14 20:29:23 <editorgal> mmm good, strong stuff, melts nails. gimme some cream.
Dec 14 20:31:07 <jimregan> :)
Dec 14 20:31:33 <jimregan> "I... can't... feel... my... face... gimme a spoon of sugar"
Dec 14 20:31:40 <editorgal> rofl!
Dec 14 20:58:12 <jimregan> Heh. My Dad was telling me about my uncle's beer
Dec 14 20:58:24 <jimregan> He said he was drunk after one bottle
Dec 14 20:58:37 <jimregan> (This was back when he was a heavy drinker)
Dec 14 20:59:11 <editorgal>
Dec 14 21:00:57 <jimregan> Heh
Dec 14 21:27:30 <editorgal> champagne tastes soooo awful I'd rather have the non-drinkers version even if I enjoyed drinking.
Dec 14 21:41:44 <jimregan> Heh. My sister's boyfriend went out for his birthday Saturday. He described the champagne as like 'an orgasm in his mouth'
Dec 14 21:41:52 <jimregan> Me: 'What, salty?'
Dec 14 21:42:07 <jimregan> That boy sure can turn red.
Dec 14 21:45:06 <editorgal> lol
* Dastardly behaviour **
Dec 14 22:31:33 <editorgal> drat and double drat
Dec 14 22:32:38 <jimregan> What?
Dec 14 22:32:38 <editorgal> ow
Dec 14 22:32:43 <editorgal> stuck eyelash :/
Dec 14 22:32:54 <jimregan> Is that just your best Dick Dastardly impression?
Dec 14 22:33:29 * jimregan laughs wheezily, in the style of Muttly
Dec 14 22:33:29 <editorgal> lol
Dec 14 22:33:35 <editorgal> thanks, I needed a giggle right then
Dec 14 22:33:56 <jimregan> Do I get a medal?
Dec 14 22:33:59 <editorgal> was trying to get the eyelash out of my face before it scratched
Dec 14 22:34:14 <editorgal> made even more fun by my hair wanting to get in and 'help'
Dec 14 22:34:19 <jimregan> [mutter] rackin frackin
Dec 14 22:34:31 <jimregan> Always fun
Dec 14 22:34:40 <editorgal> razza frazza rizza razz
* More English etc. **
Dec 15 03:01:53 <jimregan> Hmm. If I'm going to go to Poland in 2 months, I suppose I should learn some conjugation and declension
Dec 15 03:04:20 <editorgal> hehe
Dec 15 03:04:49 <jimregan> Oh, and counting and stuff
Dec 15 03:04:59 <jimregan> Oh. That joke again.
Dec 15 03:05:18 <jimregan> /verb/ conjugation
Dec 15 03:05:29 <jimregan> /noun/ declension
Dec 15 03:16:46 <editorgal> that whole article gender matching the nouns thing that romance languages have
Dec 15 03:16:55 <editorgal> if there's a word for it, I dunno what it is.
Dec 15 03:23:02 <jimregan> article gender matching wha...??
Dec 15 03:23:08 <editorgal> she also likes to eat spiderwebs.
Dec 15 03:23:15 <editorgal> oh you know
Dec 15 03:23:23 <editorgal> donde es la biblioteca
Dec 15 03:23:28 <editorgal> where is the library
Dec 15 03:23:33 <jimregan> Most languages have it
Dec 15 03:23:43 <editorgal> donde es el aeropuerto
Dec 15 03:23:50 <editorgal> ^ nouns have gender.
Dec 15 03:24:01 <jimregan> English once had it
Dec 15 03:24:18 <jimregan> (iirc)
Dec 15 03:24:19 <editorgal> when it was busy stealing words from latin and french?
Dec 15 03:24:39 <jimregan> Well, it started off as a German dialect, so it would have had it from that
Dec 15 03:24:55 <editorgal> hmm
Dec 15 03:24:56 <jimregan> der, die, das
Dec 15 03:25:17 <editorgal> the angles had the anglish - and I don't think that was germanic.
Dec 15 03:25:23 <jimregan> Yes it was
Dec 15 03:25:31 <jimregan> cow = kuh
Dec 15 03:25:35 <jimregan> etc
Dec 15 03:25:49 <jimregan> The angles were a germanic tribe
Dec 15 03:25:57 <editorgal> been a long time since my linguistics courses though, and history wasn't the favored portion
Dec 15 03:25:59 <jimregan> house = haus
Dec 15 03:26:02 <editorgal> ok.
Dec 15 03:26:21 <jimregan> Then in 1066 the French took over, so we have a lot of words from French
Dec 15 03:26:31 <jimregan> bit is germanic, morsel is french
Dec 15 03:26:50 <editorgal> c/~ for william the bastard has landed at pevensey, burning the land we have promised to guard.
Dec 15 03:27:07 <jimregan> French was the conquerors language; the language of the rich, so French derived words came to have more of an upper class ring
Dec 15 03:27:19 <jimregan> room (raum) vs. chamber (chambre)
Dec 15 03:28:23 <jimregan> Though French has left its mark on many languages, because for hundreds of years France was the superpower in Europe.
Dec 15 03:28:36 <jimregan> The Russian nobility couldn't speak Russian, for example
Dec 15 03:29:26 <jimregan> That's why the upper classes/intellectuals favour French words and phrases despite English equivalents
Dec 15 03:29:50 <jimregan> vis a vis vs compared to
Dec 15 03:31:00 <jimregan> The only reason English still exists is because some English king broke away from the higher king in Normandy
Dec 15 03:31:18 <jimregan> Well, not the only, but you get the picture
Dec 15 03:31:55 <jimregan> IIRC, the closest current relative to English as it was spoken is on a Danish island
Dec 15 03:32:51 <jimregan> Latin left a greater mark on most European languages because of the Roman empire, and the Catholic church
Dec 15 03:33:32 <jimregan> The other day, when I was talking to Beata, she was complaining that I was the only Irish person she worked with who pronounced her name right
Dec 15 03:33:45 <jimregan> She extended that to 'any Polish names'
Dec 15 03:33:54 <jimregan> "Oh, your name isn't Polish"
Dec 15 03:34:35 <editorgal> oh?
Dec 15 03:34:38 <jimregan> Latin.
Dec 15 03:34:44 <jimregan> Beatitude etc.
Dec 15 03:34:46 <editorgal> == beatific
Dec 15 03:34:51 <jimregan> Exactly.
Dec 15 03:34:56 <jimregan> Means "blessing"
Dec 15 03:35:26 <jimregan> She was really pleased when she heard that. I think I earned her parents a hug
Dec 15 04:01:52 <jimregan> G'night for real this time. I gotsta borrow a cr edit card tomorrow to get a Christmas present :)
Dec 15 04:02:48 <okopnik> All right, you Midnight-discount Santa. :)
Dec 15 04:02:53 <okopnik> Good night.
Dec 15 04:02:58 <jimregan> (boyfriend or no, I'll be providing the gift with the maximum thought from the minimal knowledge)
Dec 15 04:03:14 <jimregan> His days are numbered }:)
Dec 15 04:03:30 <okopnik> Ah. "boyfriend"? Therein lies a story...
Dec 15 04:03:41 <jimregan> Oh... right. You weren't here.
Dec 15 04:03:49 <okopnik> New? Or old?
Dec 15 04:03:55 <jimregan> K... so I was talking to her at the party.
Dec 15 04:04:01 <jimregan> Since she came over here.
Dec 15 04:04:05 <okopnik> So, old.
Dec 15 04:04:09 <okopnik> :)
Dec 15 04:04:18 <jimregan> She's into me...
Dec 15 04:04:26 <okopnik> \o/
Dec 15 04:04:30 <jimregan> The boyfriend revelation was a slip.
Dec 15 04:04:55 <jimregan> She was sitting around with 2 of the Polish guys and a woman I know fairly well.
Dec 15 04:05:28 <jimregan> My friend asked if I knew them. As I was saying 'vaguely' she piped up with an enthusiastic 'I know him'
Dec 15 04:05:56 <jimregan> Then whispered to my friend that I looked handsome without my glasses. Which my friend repeated out loud
Dec 15 04:06:17 * okopnik whistles and stomps enthusiastically
Dec 15 04:06:26 <jimregan> Then my friend started talking about Santa Clause, and I said it in Polish
Dec 15 04:06:41 <jimregan> Enthusiastic 'Oh! You speak Polish!'
Dec 15 04:06:50 <editorgal> :)
Dec 15 04:06:54 <jimregan> 'Nie mowie po polsku'
Dec 15 04:07:03 <jimregan> 'You /do/ speak polish'
Dec 15 04:07:16 <jimregan> '/Nie/ mowie po polsku'
Dec 15 04:07:23 <okopnik> :)))
Dec 15 04:07:34 <jimregan> ... 'Troche rosumie po polsku'
* TAG bar gets a jukebox **
Dec 15 11:15:50 --- editorgal is now known as editorgal_zzz
Dec 15 13:07:29 * jimregan has a peek around
Dec 15 13:17:20 * jimregan moves in the jukebox for the new bar while noone's looking
Dec 15 13:19:39 <Frodo-NL> hi jim :)
Dec 15 13:19:42 <jimregan> Hi
Dec 15 13:19:46 <Frodo-NL> noone's looking, eh? *G*
Dec 15 13:19:56 <jimregan> Bar's open, what's your poison?
Dec 15 13:20:11 <Frodo-NL> lol - just having some water, thanks :)
Dec 15 13:20:22 * jimregan passes frodo a water
Dec 15 13:20:23 <jimregan> Ice?
Dec 15 13:20:26 <Frodo-NL> :)
Dec 15 13:20:33 <Frodo-NL> nah :)
Dec 15 13:20:39 <jimregan> Want me to Irish up that water a bit?
Dec 15 13:20:40 <Frodo-NL> thanks
Dec 15 13:21:00 <Frodo-NL> lol - nah, I fall standing still, without the extra, anyway *G*
Dec 15 13:21:03 * jimregan waves the bottle of Jameson's
Dec 15 13:21:09 * jimregan puts away the whiskey
Dec 15 13:21:28 <Frodo-NL> :)
Dec 15 13:21:49 <jimregan> Fall standing still?
Dec 15 13:21:55 <Frodo-NL> lol
Dec 15 13:22:00 <jimregan> Sheesh. I've managed to sleep standing.
Dec 15 13:22:11 <jimregan> I once slept while walking
Dec 15 13:22:22 <jimregan> Though I was rudely awoken by a lamppost
Dec 15 13:22:25 <Frodo-NL> yep... was standing still... but seemingly moved my weight too far to one side... and twisted my ankle :)
Dec 15 13:22:37 <jimregan> You know what's good for that?
Dec 15 13:22:48 * jimregan waves the bottle of whiskey
Dec 15 13:22:52 <Frodo-NL> problem was, I also broke my wrist :)
Dec 15 13:23:00 <Frodo-NL> lol - I knew that was coming :)
Dec 15 13:23:10 <jimregan> I know. I'm so predictable :)
Dec 15 13:23:27 * jimregan waves an icepack
Dec 15 13:23:35 <Frodo-NL> it's not that... I just know lots of Irish people :)
Dec 15 13:23:41 <jimregan> Need one? Or is this in days gone by?
Dec 15 13:23:52 <Frodo-NL> this happened five weeks ago...
Dec 15 13:23:54 <jimregan> Yeah. Pack of alcoholic bastards, the lot of us
Dec 15 13:24:01 <jimregan> Even the ones who don't drink
Dec 15 13:24:06 <Frodo-NL> ankle is almost okay... wrist will be looked at, next week :)
Dec 15 13:24:23 <jimregan> Well, keep a positive attitude
Dec 15 13:24:38 <Frodo-NL> oh - I always do :)
Dec 15 13:24:58 <Frodo-NL> btw... talking about jukeboxes (yep, someone was looking *G*)...
Dec 15 13:25:07 <jimregan> Erm...
Dec 15 13:25:09 <Frodo-NL> I installed mpd on one of my machines...
Dec 15 13:25:12 <Frodo-NL> it's fun!
Dec 15 13:25:16 <jimregan> mpd?
Dec 15 13:25:18 * jimregan googles
Dec 15 13:25:32 <Frodo-NL> music player deamon, or something like that...
Dec 15 13:25:40 <jimregan> Ah cool
Dec 15 13:25:45 <jimregan>
Dec 15 13:25:58 <Frodo-NL> yep
Dec 15 13:26:02 <Frodo-NL> works nicely...
Dec 15 13:26:25 <jimregan> My current playing list:
Dec 15 13:28:28 <Frodo-NL>
Dec 15 13:29:50 <jimregan> Heh. Audioscrobbler is supposed to give recommendations based on what you listen to
Dec 15 13:29:54 <Frodo-NL> used to have a bit more, than what is on there now... but lost a lot in a harddisk crash :)
Dec 15 13:30:00 <jimregan> It can't handle that I like Slayer and The Cure
Dec 15 13:30:09 <jimregan> I know the feeling.
Dec 15 13:30:22 <jimregan> Though I lost most of mine to my brother's interferance
Dec 15 13:30:36 <jimregan> "Where are my Opeth MP3s???"
Dec 15 13:30:40 <Frodo-NL> I will be putting the mp3s on dvd's though...
Dec 15 13:31:13 <jimregan> xmas?
Dec 15 13:31:27 * jimregan places a ban on all Christmas songs from the TAG jukebox
Dec 15 13:31:36 <jimregan> Unless they're filks, that is
Dec 15 13:31:47 <jimregan> (Have to concede to Heather)
Dec 15 13:31:51 <Frodo-NL> lol - yeah... that's mostly for friends of mine, who do some online dj stuff... :)
Dec 15 13:32:08 <jimregan> And, unless you know the words in more than 1 language
Dec 15 13:32:10 <jimregan> :)
* Thomas's coffee **
Dec 15 16:07:25 <jimregan> Hello
Dec 15 16:08:22 <lunatech> hello jimregan
Dec 15 16:08:39 <jimregan> Just jim will do
Dec 15 16:08:48 <jimregan> Unless you've got autocompletion on :)
Dec 15 16:09:01 <lunatech> yes autocompletion :)
Dec 15 16:09:05 * lunatech is
Dec 15 16:10:51 * jimregan opens the tag bar again
Dec 15 16:10:58 <jimregan> What're you having?
Dec 15 16:11:05 <lunatech> not as yet, thinking of collecting a few hints and kinks when a user migrates from RH to deb based system
Dec 15 16:11:16 <lunatech> tea :)
Dec 15 16:11:24 <jimregan> Well, we're low on tips, so send 'em on
Dec 15 16:11:32 <lunatech> ah i remember the current favourite drink thread :)
Dec 15 16:11:34 <jimregan> Any preference?
Dec 15 16:11:42 <jimregan> Yeah.
Dec 15 16:12:02 <jimregan> It wouldn't be tag if I wasn't taking everything off-topic
Dec 15 16:12:13 * jimregan waits for Thomas to pipe up... :)
Dec 15 16:12:17 <lunatech> hmm .. don't know whether you will you get it.. in india we have chai .. made from tea leaves
Dec 15 16:12:34 <lunatech> but not strictly the English way of making it
Dec 15 16:12:36 <thomas_adam> :|
Dec 15 16:12:38 <jimregan> Ah. As in 'cup of char'
Dec 15 16:12:50 <lunatech> :) chai
Dec 15 16:13:13 <jimregan> Erm... is that how it's spelled in England, Thomas?
Dec 15 16:13:33 <thomas_adam> Char.
Dec 15 16:13:39 * jimregan passes over a cup of chai
Dec 15 16:13:52 <jimregan> (It's a virtual bar... so I can serve anything I like)
Dec 15 16:14:10 <jimregan> Depleted plutonium flavoured coffee, Thomas?
Dec 15 16:14:18 <lunatech> so are irish heavy drinkers ?
Dec 15 16:14:21 <jimregan> Or just an espresso?
Dec 15 16:14:30 <lunatech> or is it just a urban legend
Dec 15 16:14:37 <thomas_adam> The usual. Although the difference is very hard to tell.
Dec 15 16:14:41 <jimregan> There's a lot of truth to it.
Dec 15 16:14:54 * jimregan puts away the plutonium
Dec 15 16:15:00 * jimregan reaches for the special beans
Dec 15 16:15:19 * jimregan withdraws a charred hand, and puts on the protective gloves
Dec 15 16:15:41 <jimregan> Lead cup?
Dec 15 16:16:46 * jimregan passes over a cup of powerful espresso, using a pair of long tongs.
Dec 15 16:17:04 <jimregan> Did anyone else feel the lights dim?
Dec 15 20:37:17 <okopnik> Gotta run off to lunch, though. It's blowing like hell here again, and it's BLOODY COLD (mid-30s last night, 40s now.)
Dec 15 20:37:41 <okopnik> Supposed to be 60s tomorrow, though.
Dec 15 20:38:05 <editorgal> brrrrrr
Dec 15 20:38:10 <editorgal> oh good
Dec 15 20:38:16 <okopnik> Yeah. :(((
Dec 15 20:38:22 <editorgal> gonna feel like a heat wave after icy wind like that
Dec 15 20:38:24 <okopnik> Yeah. :)))
Dec 15 20:38:26 * okopnik grins
Dec 15 20:40:01 <jimregan> Heh
Dec 15 20:40:05 <jimregan> You're spoiled
Dec 15 20:40:10 <okopnik> Had to ride back home from a friend's place yesterday; it was about a five-minute ride. Good thing; ift was six, they probably would have carried me and the bike, frozen into a lump, into the emergency room and had to defrost us apart.
Dec 15 20:40:46 <editorgal> :(
Dec 15 20:40:53 <okopnik> No, Jimmy - it's too cold for me to be spoiled! The bacteria just won't grow....
Dec 15 20:41:30 <okopnik> Anyhoo, gotta run. Hot shower, mmmm....
Dec 15 20:41:53 <jimregan> Take it easy (and if you can't get it easy, take it at your own discretion)
Dec 15 20:43:08 <editorgal> honor offer / err, ahem. *ahem*.
Dec 15 20:43:26 <jimregan> rofl
Dec 15 20:45:15 <editorgal> c/~ and if you can't be careful try to keep it down to 6 or 7 verses, huh?
Dec 15 20:45:32 <editorgal> ^ frank Hayes' version of Mattie Groves as talking blues...
Dec 15 21:37:34 <editorgal> any product that needs to be labelled 'food' to be sold in the store, pretty much isn't..
Dec 15 21:37:58 <editorgal> I often wondered if process cheese food is what cheese eats, before I figured it out.
Dec 15 21:38:42 <jimregan> I nearly had a c|n>k without the coffee
Dec 15 21:39:06 <jimregan> On the up side, my sinuses are wonderfully clear now :)
Dec 15 21:39:06 <editorgal> eee hehehe heehee.
* Strong coffee **
Dec 15 21:53:39 <jimregan> Welcome back Frodo
Dec 15 21:53:47 <jimregan> Care for a drink
Dec 15 21:53:54 * jimregan opens up the bar
Dec 15 21:55:03 <editorgal> o/
Dec 15 21:55:30 <jimregan> Heather: wanna watza?
Dec 15 21:56:19 * jimregan takes out the special beans he keeps for Thomas from the UN weapon inspector-proof cupboard
Dec 15 21:56:29 <editorgal> mmmmmmmmm
Dec 15 21:56:33 <editorgal> very tempting.
Dec 15 21:56:48 * editorgal orders one, and a gallon of cold water.
Dec 15 21:56:58 <jimregan> With the cream of several overweight cattle?
Dec 15 21:57:19 <editorgal> right-o
Dec 15 21:57:20 * jimregan pops on the goggles
Dec 15 21:57:58 * jimregan ducks to avoid a green flare
Dec 15 21:58:04 * editorgal passes thomas a dark chocolate bar, so we can be equally buzzed.
Dec 15 21:58:05 <jimregan> Just about done
Dec 15 21:58:34 * jimregan sprinles on some chocolate
Dec 15 21:58:55 <editorgal> good for hypersonic vision
Dec 15 21:58:57 * jimregan passes it over at tongs length
Dec 15 21:59:04 <editorgal> iow, you can see the buzz from here
Dec 15 21:59:21 <jimregan> Hmm. I look good in green. Good thing, too.
Dec 15 21:59:23 <editorgal> gotta pass it with mitts, man, it's a freakin soup cup.
Dec 15 21:59:48 <jimregan> Nah, check it out: the mitts are on the tongs
Dec 15 21:59:57 * jimregan holds the tongs up for inspection
Dec 15 22:00:04 <jimregan> Hmm. A bit melted.
Dec 15 22:00:34 * jimregan pops them in the Nuclear^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hcoffee waste bin
Dec 15 22:00:52 * editorgal has no problem handling the cup with bare hands
Dec 15 22:01:05 <editorgal> nothing compared to the tempers on some customers in the past..
Dec 15 22:01:39 <editorgal> you better get a puppeteer edition of those tongs, jimmy.
Dec 15 22:01:40 <jimregan> Tell me about it. I tried to warn a guy, but he ordered the special coffee anyway. Ended up knurd.
Dec 15 22:02:59 <jimregan> Had to strap on a poitin IV.
Dec 15 22:04:43 * jimregan nervously stands away from the hidden compartment with the poitin stock.
Dec 15 22:04:55 * jimregan shudders
Dec 15 22:05:17 <thomas_adam> Ooo, thanks.
Dec 15 22:05:33 * jimregan passes Thomas his cup.
Dec 15 22:05:40 * thomas_adam sips.
Dec 15 22:05:45 * jimregan ducks behind the counter
Dec 15 22:05:53 * editorgal slurps
Dec 15 22:05:56 * editorgal grinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnns
Dec 15 22:06:00 <editorgal> *boing*
Dec 15 22:07:58 * jimregan hangs a sign over the bar
Dec 15 22:08:20 <jimregan> "Any drink will be served, so long as the origins of the ingredients are not questioned"
Dec 15 22:09:02 <jimregan> So if anyone asks about the coffee, don't say anything!
Dec 15 22:09:19 * jimregan hangs another sign
Dec 15 22:09:36 <jimregan>
Dec 15 22:10:05 * jimregan hangs a sign under that
Dec 15 22:10:14 * editorgal signs and cosines
Dec 15 22:10:19 <jimregan> "If you don't know, you won't be served"
Dec 15 22:10:49 <jimregan> (That's the 'unwritten' list of special drinks)
Dec 15 22:13:17 * editorgal enjoys the bouncing caffeine feeling in her atoms
Dec 15 22:17:07 <jimregan>
Dec 15 22:18:20 <jimregan> "A common way to determine the "quality control" of a batch of moonshine was to see if the moonshiner would dare to drink it."
Dec 15 22:18:35 <jimregan> :)
Dec 15 22:19:23 <jimregan> Hmm... guess I have to sample my own products.
Dec 15 22:19:47 * jimregan swallows the time release capsule of poitin
Dec 15 22:19:49 <editorgal> hehe @ disambiguation
Dec 15 22:19:52 * jimregan sips the coffee
Dec 15 22:20:00 <jimregan> Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhh
Dec 15 22:20:12 <editorgal> the cheap stuff UK describes as white lightning we'd call "Night Train"
Dec 15 22:20:13 <jimregan> hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgggggggnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Dec 15 22:20:21 <jimregan> Wow
Dec 15 22:20:29 <jimregan> I think I just had an NDE
Dec 15 22:20:30 <editorgal> joke is its vintage would have a day or at best a week mark
Dec 15 22:20:37 <editorgal> a wah ??
Dec 15 22:20:45 <jimregan> Near Death Experience
Dec 15 22:20:49 <editorgal> !
Dec 15 22:20:55 <jimregan> From the coffee
Dec 15 22:21:23 * editorgal adds note to TAG lounge shopping list, find cleaner ore.
Dec 15 22:23:32 * editorgal finishes up her cup and bounces over
Dec 15 22:23:36 <editorgal> are you ok jimmy?
Dec 15 22:23:56 <jimregan> Yeah. Bit shaken.
Dec 15 22:24:12 <jimregan> Needed a spoon of sugar
Dec 15 22:24:25 <jimregan> Or half a kilo of heroin
Dec 15 22:27:53 * editorgal looks into jimmy's face
Dec 15 22:28:01 <editorgal> go look at a mirror
Dec 15 22:28:06 <editorgal> best to be sure ...
Dec 15 22:28:13 <jimregan> Hmm.
Dec 15 22:28:31 <jimregan> My eyes have that bloodshot look
Dec 15 22:28:49 <jimregan> But isn't bloodshot supposed to be red?
Dec 15 22:28:51 <editorgal> ok at least he still has a reflection.
Dec 15 22:28:55 <jimregan> rofl
Dec 15 22:29:35 <editorgal> hold on a sec
Dec 15 22:29:40 * editorgal glugs a bunch of water
Dec 15 22:30:47 * jimregan marvels at the steam rising from Heather
Dec 15 22:31:00 <editorgal> gotta get deuterium from somewhere.
Dec 15 22:31:04 * editorgal glugs some more.
Dec 15 22:31:10 * jimregan wonders if this coffee could be harnessed as a we^H^Hpower source
Dec 15 22:31:18 * editorgal coughs
Dec 15 22:31:23 <editorgal> *ahem*
Dec 15 22:31:33 * jimregan brushes the soot from his shoulder
Dec 15 22:31:33 <editorgal> maybe I should drink that a bit more slowly
Dec 15 22:31:43 <jimregan> Looks like I won't need a haircut for a while
Dec 15 22:32:52 <editorgal> maybe it'll grow in white.
Dec 15 22:37:35 * editorgal glugs the rest of her gallon
Dec 15 22:37:49 * editorgal plugs herself into her laptop and charges it up.
Dec 15 22:42:10 <editorgal> hehe. free backlighting.
Dec 15 22:47:01 <editorgal> brrr
Dec 15 22:47:13 <editorgal> ok that's the last of the free electrons for now
Dec 15 22:47:21 * editorgal puts the laptop on suspend :)
* Advice for the Linuxlorn **
Dec 16 07:48:51 <editorgal> advice for the linuxlorn...
Dec 16 07:50:45 <editorgal> I used to write for the 'Dear Lina' column, back when linuxcare had a newsletter.
Dec 16 07:51:12 <editorgal> I wasn't the only writer but I did a bunch of them.
Dec 16 08:02:39 <jimregan> Advice for the linuxlorn?
Dec 16 08:02:49 <editorgal> hehe
Dec 16 08:02:54 <jimregan> "My router doesn't love me anymore", sort of thing?
Dec 16 08:03:00 <editorgal> um
Dec 16 08:03:15 <editorgal> dear lina was sort of patterned after a tabloid style dear abby type
Dec 16 08:03:19 <jimregan> 10 steps to keep keep your mail daemon happy?
Dec 16 08:04:01 <jimregan> How to be the envy of all the other web sites?
Dec 16 08:05:31 <jimregan> Practical makeover tips for your CSS?
Dec 16 08:07:35 <jimregan> "Dear Heather, I'm writing to you because I have a problem.
Dec 16 08:08:07 <editorgal> how to reset the clock and how to stop or change fscks cuz my gf keeps turning off the box if the fan annoys her
Dec 16 08:08:22 <jimregan> I put a lot of time and effort into 'The Rules', but I'm worried that now, noone can see the services behind my firewall
Dec 16 08:08:43 <editorgal> 1. get a techier gf. 2. ntpdate during boot. 3. ext3 or another journaling fs.
Dec 16 08:09:28 <jimregan> Should I try to show that I have more to offer?
Dec 16 08:09:53 <jimregan> That, behind the firewall, I have a warm sense of ftp?
Dec 16 08:10:48 <jimregan> :D
Dec 16 08:11:11 <editorgal> awww
Dec 16 08:11:24 * editorgal gives jimmy a smooch on the cheek for effort
Dec 16 08:11:39 <editorgal> and marshmallows to roast over that firewall ;P
Dec 16 08:15:41 <editorgal> it's either that or roast them over a flamewar, but they get crisped rather quick that way.
Dec 16 08:16:03 <jimregan> Because of the Season...
Dec 16 08:16:17 <jimregan> c/~ Bad pings dropping from an open port...
Dec 16 08:16:48 * jimregan only realises now that he only knows the first line of that song
Dec 16 08:16:56 <editorgal> black hats nipping at your toes...
Dec 16 08:17:01 <jimregan> Yay!
Dec 16 08:17:13 <editorgal> I'm just making this up, you know.
Dec 16 08:17:25 <jimregan> It fit the metre
Dec 16 08:17:31 <jimregan> So far as I remember
Dec 16 08:17:39 <editorgal> yeah
Dec 16 08:18:16 <jimregan> Hmm. Maybe I'll try to pick on a song I know the whole tune of
Dec 16 08:19:13 <jimregan> Or maybe not.
Dec 16 08:19:48 <jimregan> First thing that popped to mind was "DLLs DLLs, autorun CD"
Dec 16 08:20:25 <jimregan> "Double click to launch setup dot e-e ehex e, oh"
Dec 16 08:20:49 <jimregan> "RPM, APT save me from this pain"
Dec 16 08:21:24 <jimregan> "Let me just install the module one time not fifteen"
Dec 16 08:23:04 <editorgal> hey, hit up google for linux carols, see if anyo ne beat you to the idea.
Dec 16 08:23:16 <jimregan> "Laughing at the SCO, with a Groklaw on our side, To the courts we go, laughing all the way"
Dec 16 08:23:19 <jimregan> "ha ha ha"
Dec 16 08:23:37 <jimregan> "FUD is spread, to the sound of mass giggling"
Dec 16 08:23:50 <editorgal> hm
Dec 16 08:24:11 <jimregan> (giggling as 2 syllables, not 3)
Dec 16 08:24:51 <editorgal> "fast away the vampire passes, fa la lalala, la la, lala. fear him no ye lads and lasses, ... don we now our silver crosses / so we'll cut down on our losses!"
Dec 16 08:25:05 <jimregan> rofl
Dec 16 08:26:36 <editorgal> you think you're laughing now, it has a full set of verses. as pubbed in westerfilk.
Dec 16 08:27:58 * jimregan trembles
Dec 16 08:28:32 <jimregan> Hmm... been standing too near the coffee pot. Got the shakes.
Dec 16 08:30:09 * editorgal installs an oil lamp in the corner to brighten up the place
Dec 16 08:30:28 <editorgal> got our kegs of Clear Midnight Oil. holiday special.
Dec 16 08:30:37 * jimregan puts a lava lamp behind the bar
Dec 16 08:30:53 <jimregan> "Far out"
Nov 01 18:58:37 <jimregan> Everyone have a happy Hallowe'en?
Nov 01 18:58:47 <editorgal> er, hmm
Nov 01 18:58:56 <editorgal> I helped someone else have a happier one.
Nov 01 18:59:06 <Rickeh> yes... no kids called!!!
Nov 01 18:59:10 <jimregan> Heh.
Nov 01 18:59:11 <editorgal> rofl
Nov 01 18:59:17 <Rickeh> see halloween has degenerated in the UK..
Nov 01 18:59:25 <thomas_adam> Bloody brats.
Nov 01 18:59:26 <editorgal> great party at the starport on saturday
Nov 01 18:59:28 <Rickeh> its not about the sweets (candy)... its not about the spirit...
Nov 01 18:59:31 <Rickeh> its about extortion.
Nov 01 18:59:45 <editorgal> awww
Nov 01 18:59:47 <jimregan> Trick or treat. Say trick, I dare ya...
Nov 01 18:59:53 <Rickeh> its about having a valid excuse to threaten people with property vandalism lest they cough up cash.
Nov 01 19:00:10 <thomas_adam> Americanisation. :|
Nov 01 19:00:16 <Rickeh> note, not candy, CA$H. Preferably in denominations of 5, 10, or 20.
Nov 01 19:00:19 <jimregan> Heh.
Nov 01 19:03:38 <editorgal> jimmy, you see what a madhouse it is around here ... ;P
Nov 01 19:04:00 <jimregan> And there I was expecting it to be calm, sedate. .. nothing like the list.
Nov 01 19:04:04 <thomas_adam> Yeah, I have to go back to that white padded room at 9.
Nov 01 19:04:51 <jimregan> Well, at least you've got a schedule :)
Nov 01 19:05:09 <thomas_adam> If I don't, they declare me dead and claim my insurance.
Nov 01 19:05:15 * editorgal brings out a bag of pretzels
Nov 01 19:05:21 <editorgal> !
Nov 01 19:05:29 <thomas_adam> I'm joking.
Nov 01 19:05:32 <jimregan> Yay! Bobbing for pretzels!
Nov 01 19:05:44 * editorgal writes in the teddybear as a prime recipient
Nov 01 19:28:42 <jimregan> Can't do much with the damned thing until I get one though. I filled the memory with videos of fireworks yesterday.
Nov 01 19:29:05 <jimregan> Erm... no, not fireworks. (They're illegal).
Nov 01 19:29:35 <editorgal> they're not here, but there are considerable restrictions, and some muni codes...
Nov 01 19:30:13 <jimregan> Here, you have to take a trip across the border :)
Nov 01 19:30:17 * editorgal provides jimmy with a 'safe and sane' tag for his fireworks screensaver
Nov 01 19:31:08 <jimregan> Heh. One of the kids was running around with fir eworks with an unsafe and insane way yesterday.
Nov 01 19:31:37 <jimregan> One let off five shots, and he held it up to his eye to check it was spent.
Nov 01 19:31:44 <editorgal> doh!!
Nov 01 19:32:10 <jimregan> My Dad nearly choked on the various things he was trying to shout at once.
Nov 01 19:32:21 <editorgal> lol
Nov 01 19:33:36 <jimregan> At least Hallowe'en is over.
Nov 01 19:33:56 <jimregan> Trick or treat is all well and good for kids, but not when you're the escort.
Nov 02 00:02:40 <jimregan> Time to learn Java, I suppose.
Nov 02 00:03:50 <okopnik> Learning Java has been a slow and tortuous process for me. Every few
Nov 02 00:03:50 <okopnik> minutes, I start screaming 'No, you fools!' and have to go read something
Nov 02 00:03:50 <okopnik> from _Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs_ to de-stress.
Nov 02 00:03:50 <okopnik> -- The Cube,
Nov 02 00:04:09 <okopnik> :)
Nov 02 00:04:27 <thomas_adam> It is summed up well...
Nov 02 00:04:31 * editorgal loans jimregan a jar of acetominophen for the inevitable headache
Nov 02 00:05:04 <thomas_adam> My lecturer for Java uses Kdevelop and KDE at home. I said to him "that figures, John, seeing as you can play bloat games between that and Java"
Nov 02 00:05:08 <editorgal> or you could treat it like migraine, and quit now while you don't have one ;>
Nov 02 00:05:15 * jimregan looks up "acetominophen"
Nov 02 00:34:06 <jimregan> (I've been back at work for 2 weeks :)
Nov 02 00:35:03 <editorgal> congrats on your escape from sickbay, I guess
Nov 02 00:36:51 <jimregan> Shneh. I was starting to get bored anyway. Wish I'd milked it a bit more though.
Nov 02 00:37:22 <editorgal> like needing a laptop upgrade because you were suffering so?
Nov 02 00:37:26 <jimregan> I figure in 6-12 months I'll have feeling back in my fingertip.
Nov 02 00:37:34 <jimregan> Nah, just time off work.
Nov 02 00:37:59 <jimregan> I honestly would have gone back in the next week . Horrified the doctor.
Nov 02 00:38:15 <editorgal> :)
Nov 02 00:38:31 <editorgal> can't keep jimmy down, no sirree.
Nov 02 00:39:11 <jimregan> Damn straight!
Nov 02 00:39:40 <jimregan> It got me programming again, so it was good for something.
Nov 02 00:42:56 <editorgal> yeah, there's that
Nov 02 00:44:08 <jimregan> Writing silly Perl scripts got me stretching the finger - the {}s etc.
Nov 02 00:45:31 <okopnik> If you need exercise of that sort, just make all your "s//" statements into "s{}{}" ones.
Nov 02 00:45:58 <editorgal> urgh. yeah
Nov 02 00:46:09 <editorgal> they'll be even less readable
Nov 02 00:46:15 <jimregan> Nah. The / is on the little finger side of the keyboard too.
Nov 02 00:47:36 <editorgal> I suppose you could make a point of using that shift key
Nov 02 00:47:42 <okopnik> editorgaL: Just remember, it's a valid lifestyle choice and you shouldn't condemn people for it. And they _should_ be allowed to marry wach other, just like everybody else.
Nov 02 00:47:51 <okopnik> :)))
Nov 02 00:48:03 <editorgal> ?
Nov 02 00:48:10 <okopnik> {} users...
Nov 02 00:48:32 <editorgal> brace yourself, I see a nosequitur squall coming ashore..
Nov 02 00:48:50 <okopnik> Some folks _prefer_ to write it that way. I'm not one of them, myself.
Nov 02 00:49:00 * editorgal giggles
Nov 02 00:49:36 <editorgal> after having fixed _emphasis_ *you* had to go and confuse lgazmail by _using a phrase_ without marks in the middle!
Nov 02 00:50:38 <okopnik> [blink] Where? How? Who? What? When?... It wasn't me, you can't prove it, and she was _so_ over 18.
Nov 02 00:51:37 <jimregan> My friend has a motto. "If I met her in a nightclub, she was over 18. The bouncers are supposed to check"
Nov 02 00:52:20 <editorgal> heh, well that's one way to consider consent ... :/
Nov 02 01:25:10 <thomas_adam> Heh. Lecturer at Uni recently had a feedback session whereby he wanted to know things about the unit, things we want to add/remove, etc. Some one in the class wrote down that they wanted the moon on a stick. So he's gone and made one, and now we each have to take it in turns to look after it, each week. :|
Nov 02 01:25:28 <okopnik> LOL!
Nov 02 01:25:42 <jimregan> Heh
Nov 02 01:25:51 <thomas_adam> He's not joking, either. :)
Nov 02 01:27:19 <okopnik> Was he a drill sergeant, by any chance? Sorta like giving the cigarette butt an honorable burial in Basic training.
Nov 02 01:28:40 <jimregan> I saw a list of "Army rules they didn't tell us about" once: 34. No gum on parade unless you have enough for everyone.
Nov 02 01:28:59 <jimregan> 35. No gum on parade, even if you have enough for everyone
Nov 02 01:29:12 <okopnik> When I was a member of LASFS (waves at Heather), one of the gifts at the Christmas exchange (a perpetual one) was a chocolate-covered manhole cover (after a novel by Larry Niven, IIRC.) Real one. People had to take care of it, keep it in the freezer from year to year.
Nov 02 01:29:21 <editorgal> zotz!
Nov 02 01:29:26 <okopnik> YES!
Nov 02 01:29:38 <okopnik> I actually _looked_ at it.
Nov 02 01:29:38 <okopnik> About five sentences worth.
Nov 02 01:29:51 <editorgal> the honorable copy of Zotz! is expected to be recycled too.
Nov 02 01:30:15 <okopnik> Yeah, I ended up with it for a few minutes until I could trade it away.
Nov 14 20:27:22 <jimregan> Hello?
Nov 14 20:27:31 <editorgal> hey jimmy!
Nov 14 20:27:32 <thomas_adam> What? Oh, hello. :)
Nov 14 20:27:42 <jimregan> How's things?
Nov 14 20:28:08 <thomas_adam> Busy. You?
Nov 14 20:28:31 <jimregan> I'm wrecked. Bad day at work.
Nov 14 20:28:46 <editorgal> :(
Nov 14 20:28:47 <jimregan> The usual Irish thing: too much to complain about, too little time :)
Nov 14 20:28:57 <thomas_adam> Quite.
Nov 14 20:29:23 <jimregan> And I'm learning Polish, which is messing with my head.
Nov 14 20:29:31 <thomas_adam> Reallysky?
Nov 14 20:29:36 <jimregan> Tak!
Nov 14 20:29:44 <thomas_adam> Tsk.
Nov 14 20:29:47 <jimregan> (Erm... yes!)
Nov 14 20:29:54 <thomas_adam> I get the idea. :)
Nov 14 20:30:12 <editorgal> hehe
Nov 14 20:30:17 <jimregan> There's this girl, y'see...
Nov 14 20:30:21 <thomas_adam> So your exam will involve getting drunk and speaking normally, then?
Nov 14 20:30:28 <editorgal> lol
* Special herbs **
Nov 16 22:12:44 <editorgal> brownies don't make it very far, something about the local family eating the evidence ;P
Nov 16 22:13:23 <jimregan> Erm... now, that I need to ask this might show just ho many musicians I count as friends, but: normal brownies?
Nov 16 22:13:57 <editorgal> yes, normal brownies.
Nov 16 22:14:01 * editorgal giggles though
Nov 16 22:14:27 <jimregan> One of my friends warned me about eating in his guitarist's house.
Nov 16 22:14:33 <editorgal> lol
Nov 16 22:15:04 <jimregan> He said he was having a deep and meaningful conversation with his pint glass when he was asked what he thought of the special potatoes.
Nov 16 22:15:25 <editorgal> oh my
Nov 16 22:15:35 <editorgal> and what did the pint glass think of them?
Nov 16 22:15:37 <jimregan> Another time, it was soup.
Nov 16 22:16:04 <editorgal> so the fellow does not restrict his special spices to the brownies. I see.
Nov 16 22:16:06 <jimregan> Oh, once the illusion was shattered, the pint glass stopped talking. He said he felt hurt by that.
Nov 16 22:16:09 <jimregan> Needed closure.
Nov 16 22:16:32 <jimregan> He doesn't even restrict the special spices to the special spices.
Nov 16 22:17:16 <editorgal> abandon all snacks, ye who enter here...
Nov 16 22:17:17 <jimregan> I needed to be warned though, I can't touch the stuff.
Nov 16 22:17:28 <editorgal> allergy?
Nov 16 22:17:58 <jimregan> No, I get panic attacks, and I lose control of them if I partake.
Nov 16 22:18:15 <editorgal> :( I'd call *that* an allergy, given the context
Nov 16 22:18:22 <jimregan> I was getting flashbacks for months after my first time getting stoned.
Nov 16 22:29:28 <thomas_adam> jimregan: You fool. You shaved off all your facial hair. Now you look about my age, :P
Nov 16 22:29:34 <jimregan> Heh
Nov 16 22:29:41 <editorgal> well... it's a natural element... so maybe they get enough from sleep dep
Nov 16 22:29:52 <jimregan> Erm... I *am* around your age. Year or two older.
Nov 16 22:30:01 <thomas_adam> Sssssh.
Nov 16 22:30:11 <jimregan> Oh, I've had sleep dep hallucinations.
Nov 16 22:30:20 * editorgal checks. she hasn't any beard to shave off. oh good.
Nov 16 22:30:21 <jimregan> Not good. Not good at all.
Nov 16 22:30:24 <thomas_adam> Yes, I get them often.
Nov 16 22:30:51 <editorgal> I only get them after I spend 3 days at a music convention...
Nov 16 22:31:00 <jimregan> I have sleep apnoea, so from time to time they creep up on me.
* Safety first **
Nov 16 22:37:07 * editorgal will have to get the complete words to that filk
Nov 16 22:37:25 <editorgal> it's a great ragging on the 'safety nazi' approach to law
Nov 16 22:37:50 <jimregan> Like the warning on an iron: 'Do not use while wearing clothes'
Nov 16 22:38:00 <editorgal> lol iron naked
Nov 16 22:38:02 <jimregan> Erm... you know what I mean
Nov 16 22:38:05 <editorgal> don't iron them on you
Nov 16 22:38:08 <jimregan> Yep
Nov 16 22:38:28 <jimregan> We can do the 'Safety Dance'
* Get naked **
Nov 16 22:38:57 <editorgal> saw a massaging chair that said that of all things
Nov 16 22:39:23 <jimregan> Erm... what?
Nov 16 22:39:48 <editorgal> said not to leave clothes next to it, in a way that implied even if you're in them
Nov 16 22:39:55 <jimregan> 'Do not use this product while ironing naked'?
Nov 16 22:40:01 <editorgal> rofl
Nov 16 22:40:23 <jimregan> Nah. Couldn't say that. The nudists would sue for discrimination.
Nov 16 22:40:50 <editorgal> let's just put it this way, the label implies the ideal user of the product should be a nudist.
Nov 16 22:41:03 <jimregan> Heh.
Nov 16 22:41:16 <jimregan> 'For optimal results, get naked'
Nov 16 22:41:24 <jimregan> 'You know you want to'
Nov 16 22:41:42 <editorgal> hehehe
Nov 16 23:09:10 <jimregan> My supervisor is the only shift supervisor who smokes, and the only one who has a problem with people going for cigarette breaks,
Nov 16 23:09:11 <editorgal> !
Nov 16 23:09:32 <jimregan> so I have to use the emergency exit from the freezer to sneak out.
Nov 16 23:09:49 <editorgal> why cuz if he took such a break he'd be out longer?
Nov 16 23:09:59 <jimregan> Nah, cos he's a control freak.
Nov 16 23:10:08 * editorgal doesn't get why someone who shares the vice would be such a snot about it
Nov 16 23:11:01 <jimregan> Most of them have no problem with letting us sit around waiting for the clock when we've finished washing the place early, he has to find something for us to do, or else kicks us out.
Nov 16 23:11:54 <editorgal> upper management favors his 'style' ?
Nov 16 23:12:02 <jimregan> Saturday, he sent me over to scrub out the fire extinguisher containers. I held up the fire extinguisher and said, voice dripping with sarcasm, "I suppose you want me to wash this next"
Nov 16 23:12:17 <jimregan> Upper management doesn't care, as long as the work gets done
Nov 16 23:12:29 <editorgal> I bet the answer was yes without grokking sarcasm at all
Nov 16 23:13:04 <jimregan> His reply: "Yeah, do that". I stared at him, jaw hitting the floor, until he notices I was taking the piss. "Oh, right. You can go home at 7.15"
Nov 16 23:13:35 <editorgal> oh he figured out you were being sarcastic after all
Nov 16 23:13:42 <jimregan> Everybody on the shift is wound up because of him.
Nov 16 23:13:51 <jimregan> Yeah. He knows I'm a clown.
Nov 16 23:14:44 <jimregan> Today was one of those rare days when I got out at 4.
Nov 16 23:14:48 <jimregan> Barely.
Nov 16 23:15:23 <editorgal> you get paid the same for that, or hourly?
Nov 16 23:15:35 <jimregan> The next shift comes in for 4 hours, and the lines stay running. We're supposed to stay until relieves, but that's only there to make sure people turn up in time
Nov 16 23:15:38 <jimregan> Hourly.
Nov 16 23:16:12 <editorgal> so escaping this madman early means less pay. :/
Nov 16 23:16:26 <jimregan> One of the incoming supervisors joked, saying "ye might get lucky, and be able to go". I said I was going at 4 at the latest, and she tried to throw that rule at me. Hah!
Nov 16 23:17:17 <jimregan> I told her they can't force us to do overtime, and she'd better hurry to find replacements. She was so exasperated she couldn't form words.
Nov 16 23:17:45 <jimregan> If anyone else said it, there'd be trouble, but they won't try their luck with me :)
Nov 16 23:18:29 <jimregan> Well, no.
Nov 16 23:18:59 <jimregan> After I cut my finger, there was a safety policy brought in, and they partnered with a health insurance company.
Nov 16 23:19:00 <thomas_adam> jimregan: I had that when I worked in a desserts factory in Crewkerne (Somerset). I had a complete bitch for a supervisor. She reminded me of Orville in looks and voice. Tyrant cow....
Nov 16 23:19:26 <jimregan> Slightly green?
Nov 16 23:19:09 <jimregan> I'm not the first person to have a similar accident.
Nov 16 23:19:21 <editorgal> just the one who dragging in the feds. I see.
Nov 16 23:19:36 <jimregan> Actually, close enough.
Nov 16 23:20:06 <jimregan> There was an ammonia leak 2 years ago, and I called in the fire brigade when it showed signs of reaching the houses down the road
Nov 16 23:20:14 <editorgal> urgh
Nov 16 23:20:42 <jimregan> They called me in to write a report. I said "Oh, if I'd known that was what you wanted, I'd have brought a copy of my own notes"
Nov 16 23:20:45 <editorgal> how'd it get even that bad
Nov 16 23:21:05 <jimregan> "What did you want those for?" "Oh, just a diary" <grin>
Nov 16 23:21:14 <jimregan> That was my first safety policy.
Nov 16 23:21:29 <jimregan> They couldn't get in to turn it off.
Nov 16 23:21:39 <editorgal> goodness
Nov 16 23:21:52 <editorgal> so the firemen had to go in with hazmat gear.
Nov 16 23:21:52 <jimregan> I knew the fire brigade were trained to deal with chemical leaks, from a visit when I was a cub scout.
Nov 16 23:22:30 <jimregan> I only phone because I had the second most exposure, and I needed to lean against the wall to stay standing. Left in an ambulance.
Nov 16 23:22:47 <editorgal> good lord.
* Java **
Nov 16 23:29:06 * editorgal growls as mox refuses to play nice with java
Nov 16 23:30:10 <jimregan> Thomas, I think that was your cue...
Nov 16 23:31:40 <thomas_adam> No thanks... :P
Nov 16 23:32:19 <thomas_adam> Public class Annoyance implements greyhair extends PrematureDeath {
Nov 16 23:33:08 * editorgal spills coffee into the .jar
* Difficult people **
Nov 17 01:58:59 * editorgal hands jimmy one of our many copies of 'coping with difficult people'
Nov 17 01:59:05 <jimregan> :)
Nov 17 01:59:21 * jimregan looks for my picture
Nov 17 01:59:52 <editorgal> the foreword notes that any reader should note these coping mechanisms in themselves as well; what makes people "difficult" is using the coping out of context - or in damn near all contexts...
Nov 17 02:00:05 <jimregan> Heh
Nov 17 02:00:40 <editorgal> also recognizing that people may have picked dift mechanisms for superiors or inferiors within their goings-on
Nov 17 02:01:52 <editorgal> it's a small book, and a good one, well worth picking up.
Nov 17 02:02:36 <editorgal> you'll laugh at why we have a stack of it though...
Nov 17 02:02:56 <editorgal> Jim was working as top escalation among the techies at Linuxcare
Nov 17 02:03:19 <editorgal> and among the tech support crew and managers there were... um, a few difficult ones.
Nov 17 02:03:47 <editorgal> Jim ordered a pack of these 'for the crew' saying they'd need it for dealing with people on the phones.
Nov 17 02:04:19 <jimregan> I have a friend who worked the lines, I've heard stories :)
Nov 17 02:04:26 <editorgal> anybody from other depts who expressed an interest was welcome to a spare copy of course...
Nov 17 02:05:02 <editorgal> yeah, I spent about 4 yrs straight in mswin tech supp myself, and actually enjoyed it
Nov 17 02:05:28 <editorgal> very few so insane I couldn't deal with them :/ even those I came up with *something* to do
Nov 17 02:05:41 <editorgal> like the one who felt sure I was just a receptionist type
Nov 17 02:05:56 <editorgal> and if the lil lady will please pass me to a tech now I'll be a happy man
Nov 17 02:05:57 <editorgal> ooooh
Nov 17 02:06:31 <jimregan> I somehow -- somehow -- thought that didn't go down well :)
Nov 17 02:07:02 <editorgal> after an honest attempt to answer the faq he had, I offered to put him into the norton utils queue, and he must *carefully note* that he ONLY has the NDW rescue disk utilities
Nov 17 02:07:15 <editorgal> thankee mam *click*transfer*
Nov 17 02:07:33 <editorgal> I heard on the grapevine later he'd landed at one of the newer staffers
Nov 17 02:07:46 <editorgal> who'd just the past week taken my 'debugging windows swap bugs' class
Nov 17 02:08:17 <editorgal> after the problem was solved he said "so why'd you take a transfer"
Nov 17 02:08:32 <editorgal> "oh one of your reception girls punched me in"
Nov 17 02:08:58 <editorgal> the phones say whence you transfer of course... and there was only one woman in NDW team at the time
Nov 17 02:09:18 <jimregan> :)
Nov 17 02:09:46 <editorgal> >> You had *Heather Stern* as your tech and you asked for a *transfer* ? she knows more about Windoze than I have clue in my little pinky...
Nov 17 02:09:52 <editorgal> my my
Nov 17 02:10:00 <jimregan> Heh
Nov 17 02:10:39 <jimregan> My friend was telling me about a particularly obnoxious caller a friend of his had
Nov 17 02:11:29 <jimregan> The call came at 5.02, between the end of the day and the start of the voice mail; this guy picked up his phone to be courteous
Nov 17 02:11:47 <editorgal> uh oh bad start...
Nov 17 02:12:00 <jimregan> He tried telling the guy on the other end that the offices were closed, please call back Monday.
Nov 17 02:12:19 <jimregan> $customer started making demands...
Nov 17 02:12:23 <editorgal> no way, the guy got a human voice, he won't back off now
Nov 17 02:12:38 * editorgal has spoken to the type, yes
Nov 17 02:12:43 <jimregan> Kept going like that for 5 minutes...
Nov 17 02:13:23 * editorgal ponders "in 2m the phones will go into night mode and this call may drop, can we have your number for callback on Monday?"
Nov 17 02:13:36 <jimregan> Tech: "Look, you arrogant shit; the lines are closed, so this call isn't being recorded. Fuck off, and don't ever call again".
Nov 17 02:13:44 <editorgal> lol
Nov 17 02:13:46 <jimregan> Click.
Nov 17 02:14:15 <jimregan> He said another time a guy walked in off the street, sat down at a desk and started answering phones :)
Nov 17 02:14:21 <editorgal> "can we have your number for callback on Mo.."*click*
Nov 17 02:14:28 <editorgal> !
Nov 17 02:14:31 <jimregan> Heh
Nov 17 02:15:05 <jimregan> Noone noticed, until the random sweep through the calls in progress found him. He escaped before they reached him.
Nov 17 02:15:45 <jimregan> On a similar note, the guy I used to work with was interrupted last week by a guy who walked in at ~3am. "Pigs have rights too, you murdering bastard!"
Nov 17 03:56:18 <jimregan> 3.1415 and 22/7 walk into a bar.
Nov 17 03:56:29 <jimregan> Barman says "sorry, we don't serve pie here"
Nov 17 03:56:44 <jimregan> Fish swims into a wall.
Nov 17 03:56:48 <jimregan> "Damn"
Nov 17 03:57:21 <editorgal> rope walsk into a bar, barman says we only serve people, throws him out
Nov 17 03:57:36 <editorgal> gets himself all tangled, looks soused already, goes back in
Nov 17 03:57:45 <editorgal> ain't you that rope I threw out
Nov 17 03:57:54 <editorgal> "no sir I'm a frayed knot..."
Nov 17 03:58:02 <jimregan> groan
Nov 17 03:59:21 <editorgal> I remember when we played "rise of the triads" the things the computer would say while we were waiting for everyone to sign in were pretty funny
Nov 17 03:59:48 <editorgal> "so six player 3's walks into a bar and..."
Nov 17 04:00:00 <jimregan> Heh
Nov 17 04:00:36 <editorgal> "psst, if player 3 doesn't sign in in like 5 minutes, what say we split up his ammo"
Nov 17 04:01:23 <editorgal> "hey player 3 wake up, we ain't got all... no wait, it's a game, goof off if you like, we've got time"
Nov 17 04:01:29 <jimregan> Y'know, I've been watching American TV shows my whole damn life, and keep hearing jokes start like "a rabbi, a priest and a minister are in a bar"
Nov 17 04:01:38 <jimregan> Never heard a whole one though.
Nov 17 04:02:06 <editorgal> I can probably bring some up in my joke archives here
Nov 17 04:02:22 <editorgal> the one I do know is just a rabbi and a priest
Nov 17 04:02:40 <jimregan> Are they in a bar? Are they, are they?
Nov 17 04:02:54 <editorgal> so the rabbi and the priest are at the bar, laug hing about breaking glasses for congrats and whether you can get stoked on communion wine.
Nov 17 04:03:11 <jimregan> (You can -- I was an altar boy :)
Nov 17 04:03:34 <editorgal> the barman calls closing and they make to their cars, hey, this isn't wise, but these are holy folk, they've got G-d on their side, so you can't really just take their keys...
Nov 17 04:04:21 <editorgal> so they do manage to pull out of the parking lot without a clustermuck, but at the next light, the one behind manages not to stop quite right, and dings up the other's fender
Nov 17 04:04:24 <editorgal> cop shows up
Nov 17 04:04:55 <editorgal> (for this to be really funny you have to realize that in NY for a long time all the cops damn near were irish)
Nov 17 04:05:08 <editorgal> goes to the car in back and sees the priest
Nov 17 04:05:23 <editorgal> so how fast was the rabbi going when he backs in to yer ?
Nov 17 04:05:28 <jimregan> Heh
Nov 17 04:17:21 <editorgal> 50 priests die in an accident
Nov 17 04:17:32 <editorgal> St.Peter is waiting for them clipboard in hand
Nov 17 04:17:40 <editorgal> irritated expression too
Nov 17 04:18:07 <editorgal> "to save time, one question: which of you has ever been involved in a homosexual relationship"
Nov 17 04:18:15 <editorgal> 49 sheepish hands are raised
Nov 17 04:18:31 <editorgal> "purgatory for you lot then, and take that deaf bastard with you."
Nov 17 04:34:51 <jimregan> A busload of people die on the way to a competition to determine the world's ugliest person. At the gates of heaven, St Peter greets them. He announces that because they were so unfortunate in life, they are to be granted one wish for the afterlife.
Nov 17 04:36:17 <jimregan> The first steps forward, and wishes to be beautiful.
Nov 17 04:36:19 <editorgal> I could hope
Nov 17 04:36:34 <jimregan> Immediately after this, there's a distant sound of laughter.
Nov 17 04:37:11 <jimregan> One by one, each wishes in their turn to be beautiful or handsome, each wish followed by increasing laughter
Nov 17 04:37:39 * editorgal waits for it ...
Nov 17 04:37:54 <jimregan> Eventually, St. Peter is able to see who is laughing. The bus driver, at the back of the line, is rolling around, unable to control himself.
Nov 17 04:38:03 <jimregan> Eventually it's his turn.
Nov 17 04:38:19 <jimregan> "And what do you wish for"?
Nov 17 04:38:29 <jimregan> "Make them all ugly again!"
Nov 17 04:39:24 <editorgal> "god billboards / buttons we'd like to see"
Nov 17 04:39:50 <editorgal> My son has no middle name, much less initial. If you're gonna blashpheme, get it right.
Nov 17 04:39:58 <jimregan> Heh
Nov 17 04:40:16 <editorgal> On the 7th day I went to Wal-Mart.
Nov 17 04:40:39 <editorgal> Stop that fighting or I'm gonna turn this planet around *right now*
Nov 17 04:41:02 <editorgal> You're going to hell! Ask Me How
Nov 17 04:41:35 <editorgal> I made you in My image, pull those pants back up, punk.
Nov 17 04:42:17 <editorgal> Yo, Robertson, Falwell and Schuller! You bitches better have my money!
Nov 17 04:42:47 <editorgal> Okay, she's *not* pregnant. You owe me, boy-o
Nov 17 04:43:12 <editorgal> You've been coveting again, haven't you?
Nov 17 04:43:22 <editorgal> Try our Eucharist! Now with new Cool Ranch Body-of-Christ!
Nov 17 04:44:01 <editorgal> I got Limbaugh off the air for a month, *now* you can worship Me
Nov 17 04:44:22 <editorgal> Sacramental wine counts as "hair of the dog."
Nov 17 04:44:38 <editorgal> Change your ways. Or don't you consider telemarketers a pestilence?
Nov 17 04:44:59 <editorgal> Yes, that's still a sin, spank-boy.
Nov 17 04:45:16 <editorgal> You say "vengeful." I prefer "feisty."
Nov 17 04:45:47 <jimregan> Sheesh. I nearly choked on that one
Nov 17 04:45:57 <editorgal> careful there
Nov 17 04:46:39 <editorgal> you know your church has met the electronic age when....
Nov 17 04:46:46 <jimregan> "Careful now". Hmm... Father Ted wasn't shown on American TV, was it?
Nov 17 04:47:15 <editorgal> when the bells are rung at end of service half t he penitents reach into their pockets/purses to check if it's their phone..
Nov 17 04:47:56 <editorgal> people without email are referred to as 'the needy'
Nov 17 04:47:59 <jimregan> Eek. That's true!
Nov 17 04:48:39 <editorgal> handing fussy 2 yr olds pagers on vibrate is more common than cheerios
Nov 17 04:49:22 <editorgal> five year olds repearing back the Our Father say "deliver us some email"
Nov 17 04:50:13 <jimregan> Our Father, Who hath no cellphone.
Nov 17 04:50:37 <editorgal> the church flea market has electronic gadgetry outnumber brownies, doilies, and old bowling balls
Nov 17 04:51:16 <editorgal> those people checking if the bell was for them? theological speaking, of course it was...
Nov 17 04:51:46 <editorgal> Father reads his sermon from his PDA.
Nov 17 04:52:24 <editorgal> ok here's one
Nov 17 04:52:36 <editorgal> actually written on a church wall in texas
Nov 17 04:52:40 <jimregan> OK
Nov 17 04:52:44 <editorgal> ten commandments, cowboy style
Nov 17 04:52:52 <editorgal> 1. just one God
Nov 17 04:52:58 <editorgal> 2. Honor Ma & Pa
Nov 17 04:53:08 <editorgal> 3. No tellin' tales ner gossipin'
Nov 17 04:53:20 <editorgal> 4. Git yourself to Sunday meeting
Nov 17 04:53:36 <editorgal> 5. Put nothin' before God
Nov 17 04:53:50 <editorgal> 6. No foolin' around with another fellers' gal
Nov 17 04:53:57 <editorgal> 7. No killin'
Nov 17 04:54:05 <editorgal> 8. Watch yer mouth
Nov 17 04:54:16 <editorgal> 9. Don't take what ain't yers
Nov 17 04:54:31 <editorgal> 10. Don't be hankerin' for yer buddy's stuff
Nov 17 04:54:46 <jimregan> Heh. And yet, they still don't get it :)
Nov 17 04:57:08 <editorgal> when God planned to come and give the commandments
Nov 17 04:57:46 <editorgal> He came to the Germans, and saieth "I have Commandments that will make your lives better" "what?" "Rules for living"
Nov 17 04:58:09 <editorgal> <germans> like what <God> Thou shalt not kill. <germans> forget it
Nov 17 04:58:20 <jimregan> :)
Nov 17 04:58:43 <editorgal> <italians> like what <God> Thou shalt not steal. <> not interested
Nov 17 04:59:33 <editorgal> <french> like what <God> Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife <> no m'sieur
Nov 17 04:59:55 <editorgal> <jews> how much are they <G-d> free... <> we'll take 10!
Nov 17 05:00:01 <jimregan> Hehe
Nov 17 05:01:34 <jimregan> OK, here's a tame enough Irish priest joke
Nov 17 05:01:48 <jimregan> How's a pint of Guinness like a Priest?
Nov 17 05:02:04 <jimregan> They both have a white collar, and a dark robe...
Nov 17 05:02:27 <jimregan> and if you get a bad one, they'll tear the arse out of you
Nov 17 05:04:04 <editorgal> there was a trademan, a painter named wayne. he'd made most of his living by seeming to do a good job, but really he did not use as much paint as he said he had, thins it with turpentine, and saves the rest. pays his tithe, though.
Nov 17 05:04:41 <editorgal> the Church at some point wanted one of their larger buildings restored with new paint and of course he put in the lowest bid
Nov 17 05:05:02 <editorgal> he got to setting up, and you *know* he thinned the paint here too
Nov 17 05:05:44 <editorgal> working by the steeple a big bolt struck his scaffold, knocking him down, and a great torrent then arose, sheddding all the thinned paint at once.
Nov 17 05:06:19 <editorgal> This is a sign, his feeble mind said. "Oh Lord I am Sorry I should know not to cheat You! What shall I do for forgiveness"
Nov 17 05:06:34 <editorgal> ....I'm sure you can guess what the booming voice utters...
Nov 17 05:06:52 <editorgal> "Repaint, repaint - and thin no more"
Nov 17 05:07:04 <jimregan> Oh no....
Nov 17 05:07:11 <jimregan> No, no, no...
Nov 17 05:07:20 * jimregan groans
Nov 17 05:07:25 <jimregan> How many mice does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Nov 17 05:07:30 <editorgal> uh
Nov 17 05:07:32 <editorgal> dunno :)
Nov 17 05:07:46 <jimregan> 2, but you'll have a heck of a time getting them in there
Dec 01 09:15:43 <jimregan> Heck, I originally got interested in Polish because LG PL had translated so many of my articles :)
Dec 01 09:15:55 <editorgal> :)
Dec 01 09:15:59 <jimregan> (Nothing at all to do with the girl I have a crush on being Polish)
Dec 01 09:16:05 <editorgal> lol
Dec 01 09:27:39 <jimregan> I think I've tracked down my 'ideal woman' template.
Dec 01 09:27:39 <editorgal> ?
Dec 01 09:27:49 <editorgal> oh?
Dec 01 09:27:52 <jimregan> The girl I used to sit beside in school.
Dec 01 09:28:44 <jimregan> At the time, I thought I didn't like her, but I remember my father calling attention to the fact that I jabbered on about her all the time
Dec 01 09:29:08 <editorgal> I don't like her this and I think she's a that?
Dec 01 09:29:12 <jimregan> Yeah
Dec 01 09:29:40 <jimregan> And I remember being all embarrassed because he made me bring her a Christmas present.
Dec 01 09:29:58 <jimregan> Until I presented it, and it turned out she had one for me too.
Dec 01 09:30:06 <editorgal> awwwwww
Dec 01 09:30:17 <jimregan> Eep.
Dec 01 09:30:27 <jimregan> I just reread that.
Dec 01 09:30:37 <jimregan> That was a sickeningly *cute* statement
Dec 01 09:30:49 <editorgal> so
Dec 01 09:30:59 <editorgal> what are you getting this polish gal for xmas?
Dec 01 09:31:00 <jimregan> sickening....
Dec 01 09:31:08 <jimregan> Erm...
Dec 01 09:31:27 <jimregan> I don't really know her that well
Dec 01 09:41:00 <jimregan> Christmas Carrols are playing in my mind
Dec 01 09:41:16 <editorgal> ....I can fix that, but you might groan at the results
Dec 01 09:41:20 <editorgal> jewish bells
Dec 01 09:41:40 <jimregan> can't.... find... the... strength....
Dec 01 09:41:41 <jimregan> ....
Dec 01 09:41:51 <jimregan> must... scream...
Dec 01 09:41:53 <editorgal> solstice carols
Dec 01 09:41:54 <jimregan> merely...
Dec 01 09:41:54 <editorgal> lol
Dec 01 09:41:59 <jimregan> groan...
Dec 01 09:42:31 <jimregan> Dreidel dreidel dreidel, I made you out of clay
Dec 01 09:42:35 <editorgal> I won a contest last year for that filk about Delta Two
Dec 01 09:42:42 <jimregan> ??
Dec 01 09:43:13 <editorgal> we're ten light years from bethlehem, stuck on delta two / dreaming of a christmas white, we find the snow is blue...
Dec 01 09:43:16 <editorgal> it gets stranger
Dec 01 09:43:29 <editorgal> ends with santa claus bringing enough for a kegger
Dec 01 18:13:11 <jimregan> Oh, I put the cat /dev/input/mice bit in laundrette #3 in place of something that didn't make sense
Dec 01 18:13:23 <editorgal> hehehe
Dec 01 18:13:48 <editorgal> ben, that bit was from me and jimmy yakking last night
Dec 01 18:13:56 <okopnik> I figured you'd pop in when I mentioned it in email. :)
Dec 01 18:14:00 <jimregan> (Erm... this morning for me)
Dec 01 18:14:03 <editorgal> I'm not sure if either of us c|n>k but *someone* will.
Dec 01 18:14:15 <jimregan> No, but I did hold my nose
Dec 01 18:14:25 <editorgal> rofl
Dec 01 18:14:27 <jimregan> I think that's what caused me to pass out
Dec 01 18:14:39 <jimregan> (Nothing to do with having been awake for ~20 hrs)
Dec 01 18:14:48 <editorgal> oh so *that's* why you silenced out on me
Dec 01 18:14:50 <editorgal> geez
Dec 01 18:14:58 <jimregan> Yeah. Sorry 'bout that
Dec 01 18:14:59 <editorgal> we have to take better care of ourselves :/
Dec 01 18:15:14 <jimregan> Well, I prefer to sleep that way
Dec 01 18:15:21 <jimregan> (apnoea and all)
Dec 01 18:15:22 <editorgal> I did some smidgen bits then went off to ponder my blurb and snuggle my hubby
Dec 01 18:16:15 <jimregan> I did a bit more Christmas present pondering
Dec 01 18:16:18 * jimregan blushes
Dec 01 18:16:27 <editorgal> :)
Dec 01 18:16:43 * jimregan hears the distant chanting "Jimmy's got a cru-ush"
Dec 01 18:16:54 <okopnik> Best wst way to do editing, *I* think. . :)
Dec 01 18:16:55 <editorgal> hehehe
Dec 01 18:17:01 <okopnik> Awwww....
Dec 01 18:17:17 <okopnik> 'Scute.
Dec 01 18:17:21 <jimregan> Erm...
Dec 01 18:17:31 <okopnik> (The Polish girl?)
Dec 01 18:17:35 <jimregan> Uhuh
Dec 01 18:17:43 <okopnik> Woo-hoo!
Dec 01 18:17:49 <editorgal> you gonna tell us what she looks like?
Dec 01 18:18:03 <okopnik> It's in his article.
Dec 01 18:18:10 <okopnik> *Nice.* :)
Dec 01 18:18:13 <jimregan> It is?
Dec 01 18:18:23 <jimregan> No, that's my friend Marion
Dec 01 18:18:30 <okopnik> Oh.
Dec 01 18:18:42 <jimregan> I have a lot of hot female friends.
Dec 01 18:18:48 <okopnik> You're right, though - the camera loves her.
Dec 01 18:18:58 <jimregan> She was *almost* a model
Dec 01 18:19:08 <editorgal> I was a model. briefly.
Dec 01 18:19:17 <editorgal> [pun intended] [All this blurb to give that pun context :)]
Dec 01 18:19:28 <jimregan> She was sent to Paris to work for a bit, but her agency didn't send her portfolio, so she went home and gave up
Dec 01 18:19:35 <jimregan> pun?
Dec 01 18:20:27 <editorgal> her agency didn't send her portfolio? wtf did it think it was paid for??
Dec 01 18:20:34 <jimregan> I dunno.
Dec 01 18:20:47 <jimregan> She got to drive around Paris for a day, so she didn't mind too much
Dec 01 18:21:00 <editorgal> that happens here you can sue the agent for contract breach
Dec 01 18:21:20 <jimregan> The funniest bit was when the next contract came up, and they told her she had to lose an inch
Dec 01 18:21:27 <jimregan> We were like "from where?"
Dec 01 18:21:35 <editorgal> (not, mind you, that suing your agent is good for the likely success in getting another one. firing em is saner.)
Dec 01 18:21:42 <jimregan> Her boyfriend was like "NO! That's MY inch"
Dec 01 18:21:48 <editorgal> hahahaha
Dec 01 18:22:17 <jimregan> Those two are such an old married couple.
Dec 01 18:22:23 <editorgal> anyways 'briefs' is american for a certain ordinary variety of underwear
Dec 01 18:22:38 <jimregan> Graon
Dec 01 18:22:59 <jimregan> (So bad I couldn't speel it rihtg)
Dec 01 18:23:06 <editorgal> haha
Dec 01 18:23:15 * jimregan can't believe he missed that
Dec 01 18:23:21 <editorgal> belated pun reaction accepted anyway
Dec 01 18:24:23 <jimregan> Oh, yeah. Description.
Dec 01 18:24:43 <jimregan> Brown hair, porcelain skin, smile like the rising sun.
* More bad puns **
Dec 02 09:33:42 <jimregan> I'll get you a bluetooth adaptor for your brain
Dec 02 09:33:54 <editorgal> yeah we could rendezvous
Dec 02 09:33:58 <editorgal> <- bad pun mode
Dec 02 09:34:51 <jimregan> Crud. What was the pun? I'm sluggish after work
Dec 02 09:36:18 <editorgal> um
Dec 02 09:36:40 <editorgal> rendezvous is the apple name for their current IM/file exchange tidbit
Dec 02 09:36:47 <editorgal> wireless or bluetooth would do
Dec 02 09:37:29 <jimregan> Oh
Dec 02 09:38:04 <jimregan> I'm sorry I asked now
Dec 02 09:38:12 <editorgal> lol
Dec 02 09:38:32 <editorgal> my eyes are glazing, they're kiln'ing me.
Dec 02 09:39:03 <jimregan> NOOOOOOOO
Dec 02 09:39:14 <editorgal> lol
Dec 02 09:40:45 * jimregan wants to curl into the foetal position and sob
Dec 02 09:43:12 <jimregan> sdfgdf kfgkkf
Dec 02 09:43:15 <editorgal> rofl :D :D
Dec 02 09:43:15 <jimregan> :)
* Ose **
Dec 02 09:50:05 <editorgal> you like cheery-ose, or does it have to be total gloom and doom stuff.
Dec 02 09:50:21 <jimregan> Total doom and gloom.
Dec 02 09:50:24 <editorgal> "ose" in filk, is what morose is more *of*
Dec 02 09:50:31 <jimregan> Heh
Dec 02 09:50:46 <editorgal> Ian the Grim. you'd loovvvvve that :)
Dec 02 09:50:49 <jimregan> I stopped laughing, then started again
Dec 02 09:51:34 <jimregan> Well, maybe not /total/ doom and gloom. Pretty close though.
Dec 02 09:51:45 <editorgal>
Dec 02 09:51:54 <editorgal> try that one on for size
Dec 02 09:52:29 <jimregan> Best 'Ose Song. heh
Dec 02 09:54:50 <editorgal> <- different Ian, but good song.
Dec 02 10:10:12 <jimregan> dumped songs cos ... been there, done that, wore the (black) t-shirt. BFD.
Dec 02 10:10:34 <editorgal>
Dec 02 10:10:52 <jimregan> Heh
Dec 02 10:27:39 <editorgal> burnout is not permitted :D
Dec 02 10:27:42 <jimregan> Yep. Night night
Dec 02 10:28:06 <jimregan> I won't burnout. I only burn the candle at... oh, right.
Dec 03 09:12:01 * jimregan just got butterflies thinking about later
Dec 03 09:12:11 * jimregan managed to kill off the little buggers
Dec 03 09:12:34 <editorgal>'s only me pursuing something I'm not sure of
Dec 03 09:12:39 <editorgal> across my dreams
Dec 03 09:12:43 <editorgal> with nets of wonder...
Dec 03 09:12:49 <jimregan> ??
Dec 03 09:12:53 <editorgal> it's a song.
Dec 03 09:13:03 <jimregan> I figured that.
Dec 03 09:13:08 <editorgal> I chase the bright elusive butterfly of love.
Dec 03 09:13:43 <jimregan> The butterflies leads to ... well, the 'lovesick puppy'-ness, which I want to avoid like the plague
Dec 03 09:13:55 * editorgal drags the butterfly to an adult notions shop to try on a corset ;P
Dec 03 09:14:02 <jimregan> I've got my mindset (erm...) set
Dec 03 09:14:09 <jimregan> ROFL
Dec 03 09:14:31 <jimregan> "no, I'm sorry. We'll have to try a smaller size"
Dec 03 19:33:01 <jimregan> I gotta wash & shave anyways
Dec 03 19:33:29 <jimregan> No massage though.
Dec 03 19:33:33 <jimregan> Sister was running late
Dec 03 19:34:24 <editorgal> heh.
Dec 03 19:34:43 <jimregan> She helped in my confident state of mind though
Dec 03 19:34:48 <editorgal> oh?
Dec 03 19:35:01 <jimregan> One of the women on her course is a former coworker of mine
Dec 03 19:35:21 <jimregan> "Jimmy is profoundly intelligent. He never said much, but when he did, it was significant"
Dec 03 19:35:32 <jimregan> Never said much? Me?
Dec 03 19:36:31 <jimregan> I'm keeping a collection of the nice things people have said about me for when I get down :)
Dec 03 19:36:50 <jimregan> Makes me feel all fuzzy inside
Dec 03 19:38:05 <jimregan> Even offhand comments, like when one of the Polish guys started on our shift, one of the QAs said "Don't even try to understand him. The rest of us can't"
Dec 04 09:56:48 <editorgal> was the beer at least good?
Dec 04 09:57:03 <jimregan_hungover> A bit too good. Check the nick
Dec 04 10:15:27 <editorgal> have I told you the new orleans coffee story?
Dec 04 10:15:30 <jimregan_hungover> No
Dec 04 10:15:38 <editorgal> you'll laugh
Dec 04 10:15:45 <jimregan_hungover> Good
Dec 04 10:15:47 <editorgal> in your current state you'll even appreciate it
Dec 04 10:15:52 <jimregan_hungover> :)
Dec 04 10:16:08 <editorgal> Jim and I attended a usenix conference at N'awlins
Dec 04 10:16:31 <editorgal> I am pretty sure it was a LISA conference - meaning, most of the attendees are sysadmins and netadmins.
Dec 04 10:16:34 <editorgal> our kinda geek.
Dec 04 10:16:45 <jimregan_hungover> OK
Dec 04 10:17:18 <editorgal> anyways a batch of us went out for dinner, had a great time, enjoyed the buskers, stopped in at a nice little shop to pick up goodies for the Scotch BOF
Dec 04 10:17:36 <jimregan_hungover> Scotch BOF?
Dec 04 10:17:44 * jimregan_hungover turns a little more green
Dec 04 10:17:49 <editorgal> birds of a feather gatherings, BOF
Dec 04 10:17:51 <editorgal> um
Dec 04 10:18:16 <jimregan_hungover> (I know what a BOF is. It's the Scotch making me green)
Dec 04 10:18:22 * jimregan_hungover hates whiskey
Dec 04 10:18:26 <editorgal> private party, invitational only, invitation granted to the bottle of scotch you're offering. it can bring you as a guest. provided you can find the party ;>
Dec 04 10:18:28 <jimregan_hungover> rofl
Dec 04 10:18:52 <jimregan_hungover> That's so much better coming from /me_hungover
Dec 04 10:19:01 <jimregan_hungover> Nice
Dec 04 10:19:04 <editorgal> not *all* the hooch is scotch, but it all has to be good :)
Dec 04 10:19:09 <editorgal> anyways
Dec 04 10:19:15 * jimregan_hungover nods
Dec 04 10:19:16 <editorgal> we got back and it was kinda late
Dec 04 10:19:47 <editorgal> there are usually a few around 'in the know' as to where that BOF can be found; we figured we'd probably wing an invite if we were good.
Dec 04 10:19:58 * jimregan_hungover nods a little less enthusiastically this time, fearing safety of head
Dec 04 10:20:24 <editorgal> but the lobby quiet bar actually had cool people hangin' round, I think they were enjoying watching the leggy cocktail waitress.
Dec 04 10:20:52 <editorgal> thence, it was cushy chairs and couches, but I don't think 'quiet' is an entirely accurate description.
Dec 04 10:21:03 <jimregan_hungover> The only part of that sentence that interested me was 'cocktail'. I need to re-evaluate
Dec 04 10:21:17 <jimregan_hungover> :)
Dec 04 10:21:36 <editorgal> brunette. tall. very nice legs. heck, I'm only into guys, and I noticed.
Dec 04 10:21:37 * jimregan_hungover considers going for 'a cure'
Dec 04 10:21:39 <editorgal> anyways.
Dec 04 10:21:59 <editorgal> I don't generally drink and was no longer inclined, so I asked if they had coffee.
Dec 04 10:22:09 <jimregan_hungover> 'k
Dec 04 10:22:11 <editorgal> they did; she described a handful of espresso drinks
Dec 04 10:22:12 <editorgal> ooh
Dec 04 10:22:18 <editorgal> do they have mocha?
Dec 04 10:22:23 <jimregan_hungover> :)
Dec 04 10:22:35 <editorgal> ...... to my stunned amazement she asked "what's a mocha?"
Dec 04 10:22:43 <jimregan_hungover> doh!
Dec 04 10:23:15 <-- thomas_adam has quit (Ping timeout)
Dec 04 10:23:43 <editorgal> I expressed as how it was the finest way to get a maximum amount of stimulant into a sysadmin body, being an espresso drink with chocolate, whipcream on top, and optionally, a lil bit of cute powdered choc on top.
Dec 04 10:24:16 <editorgal> "ok. I'll charge for a cuppucino"
Dec 04 10:24:27 <editorgal> she bounces off with everyone's orders. grin.
Dec 04 10:24:41 <jimregan_hungover> 'k
Dec 04 10:24:52 <editorgal> you know those little soup bowl kind of cups they use for espresso drinks sometimes?
Dec 04 10:24:57 <jimregan_hungover> Yeah
Dec 04 10:25:26 <editorgal> I swear that thing was 4/5 full and the coffee portion of this mocha was *all* espresso
Dec 04 10:25:33 <jimregan_hungover> :)
Dec 04 10:25:39 <editorgal> and she really did pile on the whip cream
Dec 04 10:25:56 <jimregan_hungover> heh
Dec 04 10:25:57 <editorgal> I ummm ordered a pint of water to go with it. I knew that was gonna be a monster
Dec 04 10:26:09 <editorgal> I should have ordered 3 pints of water
Dec 04 10:26:16 <jimregan_hungover> Heather, the coffee slayer
Dec 04 10:26:19 <editorgal> I shouldn't have ordered another 'mocha' at last call.
Dec 04 10:26:25 <jimregan_hungover> Could get a TV deal :)
Dec 04 10:26:30 <jimregan_hungover> Heh
Dec 04 10:26:49 <editorgal> woke up wondering how many engines were on the train that ran me over.
Dec 04 10:26:56 <jimregan_hungover> rodl
Dec 04 10:27:02 <jimregan_hungover> rodl? rofl
Dec 04 10:27:32 <editorgal> dragggggggggggggggggged my sorry ass to the bathroom enough to clean up just enough to go down to the refreshments/club level
Dec 04 10:28:08 <editorgal> scarf some melon bits (fyi: normally I despise the whole continental breakfast thing, especially the fruit before my second cup o coffee)
Dec 04 10:28:08 <jimregan_hungover> Eep. Doesn't sound like a happy ending coming
Dec 04 10:28:22 <editorgal> oh that helped me feel a *little* better
Dec 04 10:28:39 <editorgal> just better enough that I went back upstairs and slept like a human this time
Dec 04 10:28:44 <jimregan_hungover> :)
Dec 04 10:29:00 <editorgal> f* the first seminar, it's not like I would've remembered any of it in this condition anyways.
Dec 04 10:29:40 * jimregan_hungover nods (cautiously)
Dec 04 10:30:01 <editorgal> woke up err, 1 ish? much better. almost fine, even.
Dec 04 10:30:12 <jimregan_hungover> almost
Dec 04 10:30:28 <editorgal> well hella thirsty, but fine other than that.
Dec 04 10:30:32 * jimregan_hungover knows all about 'almost'
Dec 04 10:30:38 <editorgal> and studiously avoided caffeine for that day.
Dec 04 10:30:49 <jimregan_hungover> :)
Dec 04 10:31:11 <jimregan_hungover> at a usenix conference?
Dec 04 10:31:17 <editorgal> yeah
Dec 04 10:31:31 <jimregan_hungover> Were not the vegetables made entirely of caffeine?
Dec 04 10:31:41 <editorgal> the watzamocha story was sufficient
Dec 04 10:31:42 <editorgal> lol
Dec 04 10:31:50 <jimregan_hungover> :)
Dec 04 10:32:38 <jimregan_hungover>
Dec 04 10:32:52 <editorgal> mind you the nearest I ever came to hangover before that was when my grandmother and I together polished off the last of the rum-bearing eggnog in the house one new year's eve.
Dec 04 10:33:07 <jimregan_hungover> Heh
Dec 04 10:33:21 <editorgal> I think I was the only person the next day who *didn't* have much sign of hangover
Dec 04 10:33:33 <editorgal> though I do think I was speaking awwwwfully quiet.
Dec 04 10:33:48 <jimregan_hungover> I left my glasses at home last night because last year I woke up without them, but with marks around me eye that suggested they were removed for me
Dec 04 11:17:39 <jimregan> (Mark quote: "Pooey. Brush your teeth, you stink of Guinness")
Dec 04 10:51:06 <jimregan_hungover> I was trying to explain "The Cube" to my sister
Dec 04 10:51:32 <editorgal> did you get that at a URL or something?
Dec 04 10:52:43 <jimregan_hungover>
Dec 04 13:34:18 <jimregan> Back.
Dec 04 13:34:30 <editorgal> yo
Dec 04 13:35:02 <jimregan> Yo?
Dec 04 13:35:16 <editorgal> yeah
Dec 04 13:35:17 <jimregan> Jimmy back in da hizzaus
Dec 04 13:35:23 <editorgal> yo. wazzup homie.
Dec 04 13:35:25 <jimregan> Fo' shizzle
Dec 04 13:35:44 <jimregan> I be chillin
Dec 04 13:35:59 <jimregan> 'Sup wichoo?
Dec 04 13:36:27 <editorgal> wachoo would be chillin, elf needs coff medicine.
Dec 04 13:36:49 <jimregan> Aw.
Dec 04 13:36:50 <editorgal> however, I took a zinc tab, and it seems to have helped. :)
Dec 04 13:37:11 <jimregan> Dropping tabs? Shhh
Dec 04 13:37:36 <jimregan> Don't type things like that too loudly around me
Dec 04 13:37:49 <jimregan> Half my neighbours will be around looking for some :)
Dec 04 13:37:59 <jimregan> Zinc? That's good shit, man
Dec 04 13:38:18 <jimregan> Erm... "Zinc? That's good shit, man"
Dec 04 13:46:09 <jimregan> reading that Robert Rankin book
Dec 04 13:46:13 <jimregan> "Planet Earth rolled on in ever decreasing circles around the sun. As it had been carrying on in this fashion for more years than anyone cared to remember, there seemed no cause for immediate alarm. Not that things were exactly a bundle of laughs down on old terra firma at the present time, oh dear me, no. Things had never been quite the same since, in a moment of gay abandonment, out­going US president Wayne L. Wormwood had chosen to press the nuclear button just as the New Year bells were gaily chiming in the arrival of the twenty-first century.
Dec 04 13:46:13 <jimregan> This generally unwelcome turn in events had caught many with their trousers well and truly down and had definitely taken the edge off muchof the auld lang syning. But it did, at least, offer followers of the late great Nostradamus the dubious satisfaction of spending their final four minutes saying 'I told you so' to anyone who seemed inclined to listen.
Dec 04 13:47:21 <jimregan> great intro :)
Dec 04 13:47:25 <editorgal> heh
Dec 04 13:48:05 <jimregan> I can see why the afp crowd like it
Dec 04 13:53:17 <editorgal> airforce?
Dec 04 13:53:30 <jimregan>
Dec 04 13:53:41 <editorgal> ohhh ok
Dec 04 13:53:47 <editorgal> that makes more sense then
Dec 04 13:54:21 <jimregan> nah. I think airforce types like the idea of dropping bombs :)
* Tigger **
Dec 04 14:25:11 <jimregan> ttfn
Dec 04 14:25:48 <jimregan> (Oh, saw that chat you and Ben had yesterday. Eeyore and Tigger are my joint favourites :)
Dec 04 14:26:22 <jimregan> Bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy fun fun fun fun fun
Dec 04 14:27:28 <editorgal> tigger on the stairs
Dec 04 14:27:45 <editorgal> bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy thud thud thud thud *ouch*
* Cheerful morning **
Dec 06 08:27:48 <jimregan> Hi hi hi
Dec 06 08:28:09 <editorgal> :D
Dec 06 08:28:47 <jimregan> Oh what a beautiful morning (not really, but wtf)
Dec 06 08:29:12 * jimregan dares a look outside
Dec 06 08:29:29 <jimregan> 'K, I don't care how ugly a morning it is.
Dec 06 08:29:46 <jimregan> I'm going to find the inner beauty of the day
Dec 06 08:30:01 <jimregan> Wait, scratch that.
Dec 06 08:30:15 <jimregan> I'm in a good mood. That /is/ the inner beauty of the day
Dec 06 08:30:29 <editorgal> c/~ morning has broooooooookennnnnnn send a repaaaaaaaaairman
Dec 06 08:30:46 * jimregan sprays the screen
Dec 06 08:30:56 * jimregan wipes it clean again
Dec 06 08:31:30 <editorgal> c/~ it hasn't been working since yesterday eve...
Dec 06 08:31:43 <jimregan> 'K, done tipping out the keyboard
Dec 06 08:31:54 <editorgal> :)
Dec 06 08:33:03 <editorgal> c/~ wouldn't you knooooooow it, just finally lit uppppppp
Dec 06 08:33:26 <editorgal> c/~ so very shortly, til I'd have to leave!
* 'it' **
Dec 06 08:35:38 <jimregan> Hmm. Dare I say it?
Dec 06 08:35:47 <editorgal> it!
Dec 06 08:36:09 <editorgal> (eeep. she said it!)
Dec 06 08:36:25 <jimregan> It's worse than that!
Dec 06 08:36:33 <editorgal> <python> yes, and I'll say it again!
Dec 06 08:36:41 <jimregan> Eep! I said it too!
Dec 06 08:36:46 <editorgal> (shrubbers run and hide)
Dec 06 08:36:47 * jimregan covers mouth, aghast
Dec 06 08:37:07 <jimregan> (I think it's safe now)
Dec 06 08:37:11 <jimregan> NOOOOOO!
Dec 06 08:37:19 <editorgal> rofl
Dec 06 08:37:37 <editorgal> good morn' jimmy :D
Dec 06 08:37:47 <jimregan> After lengthy talks, a trade agreement has been reached with 'it'
Dec 06 08:38:11 <editorgal> allowing exports only if its i's are dotted?
Dec 06 08:38:28 <jimregan> And t's crossed
Dec 06 08:38:32 <editorgal> yep
Dec 06 08:38:36 <jimregan> But no doublecrossing!
Dec 06 08:38:50 * editorgal giggles
Dec 06 08:43:21 <jimregan> Hmm...
Dec 06 08:43:44 <editorgal> <- weird mood? me?
Dec 06 08:43:54 <jimregan> Yeah, you.
Dec 06 08:44:00 <editorgal> sez who :)
Dec 06 08:44:01 <jimregan> Keep it up, 'relse
Dec 06 08:44:09 * editorgal chuckles
Dec 06 08:44:09 <jimregan> Sez me.
Dec 06 08:44:43 <editorgal> (blank stole the cookie, from the cookie jar) whoops childhood moment there
Dec 06 08:44:44 * jimregan googles for 'Wizard of Oz' quotes
Dec 06 08:45:04 <jimregan> blank?
Dec 06 08:45:12 <jimregan> You don't mean bank?
Dec 06 08:45:17 <editorgal> c/~ somewhere, oooooover the rainbooooow
Dec 06 08:45:22 <editorgal> nope
Dec 06 08:45:37 <jimregan> I told you not to mortgage the tag lounge for cookies, but would you listen?
Dec 06 08:45:38 <editorgal> it's one of those childhood patters we say while playing hand clap games
Dec 06 08:45:53 <jimregan> Oh. <clap> <clap> N G O
Dec 06 08:46:04 <editorgal> Tux still wants to know who'd only want 3.9% of their home directory backed up.
Dec 06 08:46:30 <jimregan> Me.
Dec 06 08:46:37 <jimregan> I talk a lot of shit
Dec 06 08:46:59 <editorgal> (you) stole the cookie from the cookie jar / not me / couldn't be / sez who / sez me / then who / (next) stole the cookie from the cookie jar..
Dec 06 08:47:15 <jimregan> I mean, sure, talking to yourself is madness, but talking shit to yourself...
Dec 06 08:47:52 <editorgal> where the breaks are there, the next child in the ring is supposed to say the line
Dec 06 08:48:02 <jimregan> OK.
Dec 06 08:48:17 <editorgal> and the 'accused' gets to point at the 'next'
Dec 06 08:48:28 <editorgal> thence changing the pattern of who has to say what
Dec 06 08:48:38 <jimregan> Ah.
Dec 06 08:48:54 <editorgal> you miss the handclap pattern or the speak pattern, you 'lose' whatever the current childish ante is.
Dec 06 08:48:59 <jimregan> Actually, I had a kids song pop into my head at work a few days ago
Dec 06 08:49:05 <editorgal> oh?
Dec 06 08:49:15 <jimregan> Yeah. An Irish-y one.
Dec 06 08:49:54 <jimregan> Of course, given that the place I work tends to drive people a bit nutty, it's considered perfectly acceptable to just start singing kids songs outloud
Dec 06 08:50:09 <editorgal> *snort*
Dec 06 08:50:13 <jimregan> Oro the Rathlin bog, the bog down in the valley-o
Dec 06 08:50:17 <jimregan> Oro the Rathlin bog, the bog down in the valley-o
Dec 06 08:50:25 <editorgal> hey I know that song
Dec 06 08:50:33 <jimregan> And in that bog there was a hole A rare hole a Rathlin hole
Dec 06 08:50:41 <jimregan> Every body does
Dec 06 08:50:47 <jimregan> I said Irish-y, not Irish
Dec 06 08:50:54 <jimregan> :)
Dec 06 08:50:56 <editorgal> there's a huge batch of filk lyrics sets to this tune..
Dec 06 08:51:04 <jimregan> I can imagine
Dec 06 08:51:25 <editorgal> c/~ and out of Stanford came a man, a Fine Man [sic] named Richard P..
Dec 06 08:52:32 <editorgal> (Richard Feynman)
Dec 06 08:52:43 <jimregan>
Dec 06 08:54:26 <editorgal> darn his lyrics for this one aren't online. but he has this album, "Parody Violation"
Dec 06 08:55:04 <jimregan> Hmm. Reminds me. One of these days I've got to get a Weird Al album
Dec 06 08:55:19 <jimregan> Have a banana, have a whole bunch
Dec 06 08:59:25 <editorgal>
Dec 06 09:07:05 <editorgal>
Dec 06 09:07:24 <editorgal> I think you might find that heartening, in addition to its literary referent.
Dec 06 09:11:17 <jimregan> Nice
Dec 06 09:11:34 <editorgal> echo's children. great stuff :D
Dec 06 09:13:21 <jimregan> Reminded me of 'Tighter and Tighter' by Soundgarden, though I can't think why
Dec 06 09:14:11 <editorgal> mmm
Dec 06 09:15:24 <jimregan> "Shadow face/Blowing smoke and talking wind/Lost my grip/Fell too far to start again/A sudden snake/Found my shape and tells the world/Remember this/Remember everything is just black/Or burning sun"
Dec 06 09:16:23 <jimregan> (which, in turn, reminds me of "Burn" by The Cure)
Dec 06 09:16:41 <editorgal> :)
Dec 06 09:17:07 <jimregan> (which, in turn, reminds me of "Dead Souls" by Joy Division :)
Dec 06 09:17:28 <jimregan> I'll stop now
Dec 06 09:17:49 <editorgal> aww and I was so enjoying Heather Radio
Dec 06 09:17:55 <editorgal> (the one inside my head)
Dec 06 09:17:58 <jimregan> :)
Dec 06 09:18:11 <jimregan> I'll mail you a midi then
Dec 06 09:20:00 <editorgal> dcc ?
Dec 06 09:20:11 <jimregan> Heh. Given up on that!
Dec 06 09:44:27 <editorgal>
Dec 06 10:09:05 <editorgal>
Dec 06 10:14:20 <editorgal>
Dec 06 10:27:20 <jimregan> My friend Trev is one of the best singer guitarists I've ever seen
Dec 06 10:28:04 <jimregan> He was complaining once that because he's self taught he couldn't understand any of the muso terms I used around him
Dec 06 10:28:13 <jimregan> (I'm also self-taught)
Dec 06 10:28:26 <editorgal> depends what you learn from
Dec 06 10:28:42 <editorgal> I took classes now and then, and I don't recognize all the terms either
Dec 06 10:28:44 <jimregan> So I got him a book aimed at primary school kids for his birthday
Dec 06 10:28:59 <editorgal> buzzwords don't sink in all that well, need to be intergrated from more than one direction.
Dec 06 10:29:06 <jimregan> I picked up a few terms from guitar magazines
Dec 06 10:29:31 <jimregan> I used to flick through them during lunch hour at school
Dec 06 10:30:04 <jimregan> Of course, that meant I came away with the impression that you had to learn how to do /everything/ that it's possible to do on the guitar
Dec 06 10:31:41 <jimregan> Oh yeah. Trev (who is the biggest joker I know) took a look at this, and stared at me, angrily
Dec 06 10:31:50 <jimregan> 'is this supposed to be some sort of joke?'
Dec 06 10:31:53 <jimregan> 'yeah'
Dec 06 10:32:05 <jimregan> he took another look and fell of his chair laughing
Dec 06 10:39:54 <editorgal> he couldn't decide what part was the joke, and decided it all was?
Dec 06 10:40:11 <jimregan> Nah. He was very drunk
Dec 06 11:07:36 <jimregan> Hmm. Must remember to drag that along next time my band practises.
Dec 06 11:07:58 <editorgal> hm?
Dec 06 11:07:59 <jimregan> My brother loves the riff, but keeps playing it wrong
Dec 06 11:08:45 <jimregan> So I'll try to teach the drummer behind his back, and make him learn it properly :)
Dec 06 11:09:29 <editorgal> heh.
Dec 06 11:09:53 <jimregan> As long as I stick to 4/4, that works
Dec 06 11:10:15 <editorgal> Key Minor
Dec 06 11:10:23 <jimregan> time signature
Dec 06 11:10:31 <editorgal> "jsut so long as it's A minor no high notes, and 4/4 time."
Dec 06 11:10:55 <editorgal> Jordin Kare wrote a space song "The Moon Miners"
Dec 06 11:11:05 <jimregan> Well, E minor for us, though it depends on how we've tuned
Dec 06 11:11:22 <jimregan> that's not d major, it's e minor in drop d
Dec 06 11:11:37 <jimregan> erm... forgot the quotes there
Dec 06 11:12:19 <editorgal> "moon miners" was filked to "key minor" a filk about filksongs in the dark of night.
Dec 06 11:12:21 <jimregan> I have an aversion to major keys :)
Dec 06 11:12:28 <jimregan> heh
Dec 06 11:13:45 <jimregan> I once wrote a riff that went 5/8 5/8 5/8 7/8 then 5/8 7/8 5/8 7/8 then 4/4 3/4 4/4 7/8 to piss my drummer off
Dec 06 11:15:03 <editorgal> oooh
Dec 06 11:15:14 <editorgal> that sounds like the sort of thing that wants to be sung
Dec 06 11:15:14 <jimregan> (he was annoying me because of one song that's 4/4 all the way through, except the first bar was in 3/4)
Dec 06 11:15:21 <editorgal> heh
Dec 06 11:15:55 <jimregan> I was listening to too much Meshuggah at the time too :)
Dec 06 11:16:29 <jimregan> (they have songs where the drummer & both guitarists play polyrhythmically)
Dec 06 11:16:53 <editorgal> ah
Dec 06 11:17:15 <editorgal> that intermeshing songs trick again
Dec 06 11:17:37 <jimregan> They intentionally wrote their last album entirely in 4/4 just to prove to people that they'd still sound odd :)
Dec 06 11:17:47 <editorgal> rofl
Dec 06 11:18:41 <jimregan> I like them, but limit myself to 1 listen to 1 song per month, lest music unravel for me
Dec 06 13:31:18 <jimregan> rofl:
Dec 07 01:27:20 <jimregan> lol "The Answer Gang, where the elves are all snuggled close in their linux boxen"
Dec 07 01:27:29 <editorgal> :)
Dec 07 01:27:32 * jimregan rattles the side of his PC
Dec 07 01:27:35 <jimregan> "Out!"
Dec 07 01:27:37 <editorgal> it's warm in there
Dec 07 01:27:52 <editorgal> they evicted the dust bunnies
Dec 07 01:27:58 <jimregan> Hmm.
Dec 07 01:28:13 <jimregan> I'm sure I heard that elves like to keep gremlins as pets
Dec 07 01:48:27 <jimregan> I should learn to stop being devious.
Dec 07 01:48:42 <jimregan> Good New Year's resolution?
Dec 07 01:50:16 * editorgal ponders dpi and camera zoom..
Dec 07 01:50:34 <jimregan> ?
Dec 07 01:51:35 <editorgal> 'resolution'
Dec 07 01:51:39 <editorgal> think about it
Dec 07 01:51:49 <jimregan> omfg
Dec 07 01:52:02 <jimregan> I'm so sloooooow :(
Dec 07 01:52:12 <editorgal> my resolutions in the past have been...
Dec 07 01:52:19 <editorgal> 300 dpi (got a printer)
Dec 07 01:52:32 <editorgal> 1024x768 (got a new desktop monitor)
Dec 07 01:52:54 <editorgal> 600 dpi (wanted a scanner; never afforded one)
Dec 07 01:53:20 <jimregan> I assume you mean a /decent/ scanner
Dec 07 01:53:34 <editorgal> yeah exactly
Dec 07 02:03:22 * editorgal returns
Dec 07 02:08:18 * jimregan strikes back
Dec 07 02:09:03 * editorgal establishes The Force as a measure of linux mind tricks.
Dec 07 02:10:35 <jimregan> Hmm. Linux mind tricks, eh?
Dec 07 02:11:33 <jimregan> Somehow, the mental picture I get of Alec Guinness saying 'These are not the penguins you're looking for' doesn't have the same power
Dec 07 02:12:20 <editorgal> with a pair of flying windows icons "these are not the desktops you're looking for"
Dec 08 00:38:13 <jimregan> 'topic? we don't need no steenking topics!'
Dec 08 00:38:28 * editorgal puts a badger icon by it ;>
Dec 08 00:39:21 <jimregan> Whoosh
Dec 08 00:39:33 <jimregan> (That was the sound of that going right over my head)
Dec 08 00:39:48 <editorgal> "we don't need no steenking badgers" -- treasure of sierra madre
Dec 08 00:39:55 <jimregan> :)
Dec 08 00:40:13 <jimregan> Ooh. O'Reilly have a great new book. Mind Hacks
Dec 08 00:42:14 <jimregan> I'm still trying to figure out how to do the omnipresence thing
Dec 08 00:42:24 <jimregan> Or even quadripresence
Dec 08 00:42:56 <editorgal> well first you get your multiple cpus going
Dec 08 00:43:11 <editorgal> then you let them run seperate sensory processes ;P
Dec 08 00:43:17 <jimregan> Damn. Only got one
Dec 08 00:43:29 <jimregan> Pub crawl it is then
Dec 08 00:43:33 * editorgal jabs jimmy to check if both hemispheres are lit
Dec 08 00:43:45 <jimregan> Ow!
Dec 08 00:43:48 <jimregan> quit it
Dec 08 00:45:23 <editorgal> they're not lit enough. have another beer.
Dec 08 00:51:46 <editorgal> can I recommend the B vitamins *before* you turn in toasted that night?
Dec 08 00:52:33 <jimregan> Oh yeah :0)
Dec 08 00:52:34 <editorgal> that and leave a post-it "drink a supertanker of water" for yourself ;>
Dec 08 00:52:37 <jimregan> And the water
Dec 08 00:52:57 <jimregan> And "what ever you do, skip going to a club"
Dec 08 00:55:24 <jimregan> Going home tanked at 12 is preferable to going home /really/ tanked at 3
Dec 08 00:56:39 <editorgal> == "I really shouldn't have ordered another one at last call"
Dec 08 00:57:01 <editorgal> :)
Dec 08 00:57:03 <jimregan> Heh
Dec 08 00:57:13 <jimregan> Bars must work differently over there
Dec 08 00:57:29 <jimregan> Closing time is kind of like 'suggested reading' here
Dec 08 00:58:02 <jimregan> Except in clubs, where the bar closes an hour before they end. Once the music stops, there's nothing to stick around for
Dec 08 00:58:16 <jimregan> plus they play the national anthem, so you have to stand
Dec 08 01:00:16 <editorgal> ahhhh smart cookies
* Second wind **
Dec 08 23:41:27 <jimregan> Like I said... 12 hour days
Dec 08 23:42:07 <jimregan> The worst bit is, I get such a rush of enthusiasm when I go home that I can't go to sleep for hours
Dec 08 23:42:23 <editorgal> heh
Dec 08 23:42:48 <jimregan> (Actually, at latest, it starts around 10 hours in)
Dec 08 23:43:21 <editorgal> second wind kind of effect? like you woke up all over again?
Dec 08 23:43:24 <jimregan> I'm known for dancing around, singing 'Nearly finished' or 'Hi ho, hi ho, it's home from work we go'
Dec 08 23:43:32 <jimregan> Yeah, that's it
Dec 08 23:43:33 <editorgal> hehe
Dec 08 23:44:03 <jimregan> The women from my old shift say it's nearly dead without me there
Dec 08 23:44:29 <editorgal> aww
Dec 08 23:44:45 <jimregan> At 6am, when everyone's falling asleep, I tend to start laughing
Dec 08 23:44:56 <jimregan> 'Nearly finished!!!!'
Dec 08 23:45:09 <jimregan> Then dance, sing. You know
Dec 08 23:45:15 * editorgal passes jimmy his mad scientist's union card
Dec 08 23:46:11 <jimregan> Woo. Fits neatly in my pocket
Dec 08 23:46:12 * editorgal upgrades him to journeyman mad scientist from apprentice
Dec 08 23:46:16 <jimregan> :)
Dec 08 23:46:29 <jimregan> Oooh. Can I get my own Igor?
Dec 08 23:46:36 <jimregan> "Yeth, thir"
Dec 08 23:48:00 <jimregan> An authentic, Uberwald Igor.
Dec 08 23:48:42 <jimregan> Yourth for jutht thikthteen thouththand euroth per year
Dec 08 23:49:06 <jimregan> (Or ith that poundth thterling?)
* Conversational Hibero-English 1: Salutation **
Dec 08 23:53:31 <jimregan> Standard Irish conversation opening:
Dec 08 23:53:37 <jimregan> "How's things?"
Dec 08 23:53:50 <editorgal> right.
Dec 08 23:53:55 <jimregan> "Fuckin' awful. <pages of rants>"
Dec 08 23:55:14 <jimregan> Heh. One of my stardard salutory exchanges:
Dec 08 23:55:22 <jimregan> Me: "How's the going?"
Dec 08 23:55:34 <jimregan> O.P.: "Can't complain"
Dec 08 23:55:43 <jimregan> Me: "Well try harder, you lazy bastard"
Dec 08 23:56:09 <editorgal> ~hehehe
Dec 08 23:58:06 <jimregan> I love being Irish :)
Dec 08 23:59:03 <jimregan> The eskimos may have 6 million words for snow, but we have 100 complaints, depending on the type of rain.
Dec 08 23:59:29 <editorgal> lol
Dec 08 23:59:47 <jimregan> Including - I shit you not - if it /isn't/ raining
Dec 09 00:00:43 <jimregan> My uncle is a farmer, and curses the summer months :)
Dec 09 00:01:00 <jimregan> (Well, select days from those months)
Dec 09 00:06:51 <jimregan> The Pilipinos, IIRC, started to fit in around the winter, when they started complaining about how cold Irish winters are :)
Dec 09 00:07:11 <editorgal> got it.
Dec 09 00:08:33 <jimregan> When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in Ireland, complain about the weather.
* Found that a bit too funny... **
Dec 09 00:47:34 <okopnik> Huh. I suspect that reading all my mail would be a positive move about now...
Dec 09 00:47:48 <jimregan> Surely not *all*
Dec 09 00:48:04 <jimregan> I mean, how much v1agra does one guy need?
Dec 09 00:49:02 <okopnik> jimregan: Well, lawyers need it to gain a bit of extra height...
Dec 09 00:49:21 * jimregan erupts in laughter
Dec 09 00:49:36 * jimregan gasps for air
Dec 09 00:49:45 * jimregan is choking now
Dec 09 00:49:52 * jimregan thinks about it again
Dec 09 00:49:56 <jimregan> Noooo!
Dec 09 00:49:59 <okopnik> :))))
Dec 09 01:32:00 <jimregan> "If you fail to plan, you're planning to fail"
Dec 09 01:32:14 <okopnik> OOOH! Jimmy is practicing antidisestablishmentarianism!
Dec 09 01:32:21 <jimregan> :)))
Dec 09 01:32:59 <okopnik> Jimmy is an antidisestablishmentarian, Jimmy is an antidisestablishmentarian.... :)
Dec 09 01:33:16 <okopnik> [Sing *THAT* six times fast.]
Dec 09 01:33:23 <editorgal> what's an establishmentarian.
Dec 09 01:33:51 <jimregan> like a librarian, on a bigger scale?
Dec 09 01:34:02 <editorgal> c/~ ThatThatThatThatThatThat
Dec 09 01:34:02 <okopnik> From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]:
Dec 09 01:34:02 <okopnik> antidisestablishmentarianism
Dec 09 01:34:02 <okopnik> \an`ti*dis`es*tab`lish*men*ta"ri*an*ismDec 09 01:34:02 <okopnik>
Dec 09 01:34:02 <okopnik> ([a^]n*t[-e]*d[i^]s`[e^]s*t[a^]b`l[i^]sh*me n*t[^a]r"[-e]*[a^]n*[i^]z'm),
Dec 09 01:34:04 <okopnik> n.
Dec 09 01:34:07 <okopnik> the doctrine or political position that opposes the
Dec 09 01:34:09 <okopnik> withdrawal of state recognition of an estab lished church; --
Dec 09 01:34:12 <okopnik> used especially concerning the Anglican Chu rch in England.
Dec 09 01:34:14 <okopnik> Opposed to {disestablishmentarianism}.
Dec 09 01:34:24 <okopnik> ...but it sounded cute, and made a good pun.
* Pickup lines **
Dec 09 02:06:23 <jimregan> 'Pfft. Sure, I'll try to phone you, get no answer and you'll try to pretend it's because your phone is in a different time zone'
Dec 09 02:06:57 <jimregan> 'Is that your real number? I promise I'll only call you fifteen times a day'
Dec 09 02:07:06 <jimregan> '...between 3am and 6am'
Dec 09 02:30:56 <editorgal> "so this is the gdansk number for the biggest 24/7 grocery store, right?"
Dec 09 20:25:56 <thomas_adam> Heh....
Dec 09 20:26:06 <thomas_adam> > > (1) sorry Thomas, I bin reading LGs Linux Launderette (oops!
Dec 09 20:26:09 <thomas_adam> > > Laundrette)
Dec 09 20:26:12 <thomas_adam> >
Dec 09 20:26:15 <thomas_adam> > You're a braver man than I for that, John. :)
Dec 09 20:26:18 <thomas_adam>
Dec 09 20:26:21 <thomas_adam> I quite like Jimmies comments :)
Dec 09 20:26:25 <thomas_adam>
Dec 09 20:26:28 <thomas_adam> If he didn't regularly let you know he is Irish it would be obvious
Dec 09 20:26:31 <thomas_adam> (IMHO) from his photograph.
Dec 09 20:26:31 <editorgal> :)
Dec 09 20:26:34 <thomas_adam> That was from John Lewis -- one of the LUG members.
Dec 09 20:26:35 <jimregan> :)
Dec 09 20:27:09 <jimregan> I lost count this month. I was going to scale it back, but thought better/worse of it
Dec 09 20:31:16 <jimregan> Hmm. Back to the 'obvious from his photograph' comment: does that mean I look like I'm drunk? :)
Dec 09 20:31:50 * jimregan /thinks/ he wasn't
Dec 09 20:32:06 <editorgal> hm, didn't look like a redhead..?

** Spam Jokes **
Dec 26 21:14:52 <editorgal> one of those spam contains a new form of the bricklin demo heaven/hell joke
Dec 26 21:15:09 <okopnik> Remind me?
Dec 26 21:15:20 <editorgal> I guess competition does make for better product, spam is now competing to make people laugh.
Dec 26 21:15:38 <editorgal> bill gates arrives at the pearly gates
Dec 26 21:15:53 <editorgal> st.peter looks at his list and tut tuts
Dec 26 21:16:36 <editorgal> while it's true the wave of computing did a great deal of good, you were a phil.anthropist, etc, you also price gouged, mud slung, and twisted the systems of justice
Dec 26 21:16:46 <editorgal> we can't decide to put you in heaven or hell
Dec 26 21:17:25 <editorgal> we'll give you some time in each, then let you form an opinion. you do that while I consult with the other angels...
Dec 26 21:17:30 <editorgal> so he tries out hell
Dec 26 21:17:40 <editorgal> gorgeous tropical island
Dec 26 21:17:41 <okopnik> Oh, got it. :)
Dec 26 21:17:43 <editorgal> and drinks you want
Dec 26 21:17:49 <editorgal> etc cool etc.
Dec 26 21:17:57 <editorgal> buxom bla bla bla
Dec 26 21:18:23 <editorgal> checks out heaven, people do seem to be enjoying themselves, it's a quiet place though
Dec 26 21:18:42 <editorgal> he comes out of an elevator back in front of The Gates
Dec 26 21:18:55 <editorgal> they say ok, before our decision, what do you think
Dec 26 21:19:11 <editorgal> "hell, definitely is cookin, I should go there."
Dec 26 21:19:25 <editorgal> the angels nod this is acceptible... so... off he goes
Dec 26 21:19:44 <editorgal> whereupon the erinyes grab him and stuff him under boiling sands etc etc
Dec 26 21:20:04 <editorgal> over his wails of protest they laugh "you must have seen the demo!"
Dec 26 21:20:11 <okopnik> Heh.
Dec 26 21:21:02 <okopnik> A famous rabbi and a bus driver from Israel arrive in heaven at the same time; nobody pays attention to the rabbi, abut they feast and laud the bus driver.
Dec 26 21:21:10 <okopnik> Rabbi: "?????"
Dec 26 21:21:27 <editorgal> "we get rabbi all the time here.."
Dec 26 21:21:56 <okopnik> Angels: "So, how many people did *you* get to say "Shema" (the prayer before death/for the dead) down there?"
Dec 26 21:22:19 <editorgal> lol
Dec 26 21:22:42 <okopnik> Italian bus drivers would do very well too....
Dec 26 21:22:44 <editorgal> well in this one I glanced at the penitent is a good politico
Dec 26 21:22:58 <editorgal> and the 'demo' line goes
Dec 26 21:23:09 <editorgal> yesterday we were campaigning, today you voted for us!
Dec 26 21:23:41 <okopnik> :) Gets better and better.
** Perl's birthday / Supertux **
Dec 28 00:38:30 <editorgal> ignore the colorful commentary about upgrading macs over here
Dec 28 00:38:34 <editorgal> :/
Dec 28 00:38:39 <jimregan> Macs?
Dec 28 00:38:41 <jimregan> Eep
Dec 28 00:46:07 <jimregan> Ooh. Perl turned 17 on December 18
Dec 28 00:46:44 <editorgal> :)
Dec 28 00:47:12 <jimregan> c/~ Happy Birthday to yoooo
Dec 28 00:47:22 <jimregan> c/~ Happy Birthday toooo yoooo
Dec 28 00:47:30 <jimregan> c/~ Happy Birthday dear Pe-erl
Dec 28 00:47:38 <jimregan> c/~ Happy Birthday toooo yoooo
Dec 28 00:47:44 * editorgal plugs her ears la la
Dec 28 00:48:00 <jimregan> :P
Dec 28 00:50:25 <editorgal> uses Strict; uses Birthday;
Dec 28 00:52:22 <jimregan> :)
Dec 28 00:55:17 <editorgal> <- which marvel superhero are you
Dec 28 00:55:26 <editorgal> I wonder who tux would be.
Dec 28 01:02:03 <jimregan> Heh. I'm Mr. Fantastic
Dec 28 01:10:10 * editorgal giggles at the luke skywalker kinda question
Dec 28 01:10:29 <jimregan> Eh?
Dec 28 01:11:59 <editorgal> "your nemesis" my nemesis is my father, I hate that bastard <- luke skywalker, right?
Dec 28 01:17:56 <editorgal> it claims I'm spiderman. I was aming for the scarlet witch. darn.
Dec 28 01:18:02 <editorgal> *aiming
Dec 28 01:25:34 * editorgal tries to score Tux
Dec 28 01:25:36 <editorgal> hrmm
Dec 28 01:26:06 <editorgal> seen him in a suit, seen him naked, seen tattoos on his tummy...
Dec 28 01:29:24 <editorgal> hehehe
Dec 28 01:29:32 <editorgal> Tux is Beast
Dec 28 01:30:26 <editorgal> "dedicated the totality of his physical and scientific gifts to the creation of a better world for man and mutant"
Dec 28 01:30:29 <editorgal> :)
Dec 28 01:35:00 <jimregan> Cool.
Dec 28 01:35:36 <jimregan> Erm... the 'Luke' thing... it's Marvel heros isn't it?
Dec 28 01:35:52 <editorgal> yeah
Dec 28 01:35:55 <jimregan> I haven't read enough comics to know who it could be though
Dec 28 01:36:08 <editorgal> but if luke skywalker answered the questions at least that one would be obvious
Dec 28 01:38:39 <jimregan> :)
** Mac/OS/X/Python **
03:27 <editorgal> I'm kinda juggling having not one but two people over here right now..
03:27 <editorgal> ancilla got her ethernet happy \o/ now about that allegedly pre installed python :/
03:27 <editorgal> while the othe'rs merely (ha!) an unhappy vaio with grub.
03:28 < jimregan> One of those is the mac?
03:29 <editorgal> yeah the one whose python can't be found
03:29 <editorgal> I found what passes for its area...
03:31 < jimregan> /Programming/Python/Libraries/Site/Dot/Py/ ?
03:31 < jimregan> :)
03:31 <editorgal> ??/Library/Python/2.3/
03:31 <editorgal> but close
03:33 < jimregan> /I/Thought/It/Would/Be/Something/Like/That
03:34 <editorgal> <ancilla> quiet from the peanut gallery!! (laughing)
03:35 < jimregan> Peanut gallery? Ooh!
03:36 * jimregan throws peanuts at the stage
03:41 -!- editorgal changed the topic of #tag-chat to: The Answer Gang, where much munchings and crunchings are happenin' | #110 - in progress | Midnight oil has arrived, aerogel paper likely to run low
03:41 <editorgal> does that sum it up?
03:41 < jimregan> Munchings and crunchings?
03:41 < jimregan> Oh... the peanutes
03:42 < jimregan> Oh... the peanuts, even
03:42 <editorgal> yeah, listen to those gears
03:42 < jimregan> Oh, no... that's just the sound of me thinking
03:42 <editorgal> and the packing foam, yeah
03:42 < jimregan> Sorry 'bout that
03:42 <editorgal> lol
** Partying **
Dec 29 04:21:15 <jimregan> Back to work tomorrow.
Dec 29 04:21:23 <jimregan> and Thursday.
Dec 29 04:21:34 <jimregan> And off then til next Wednesday
Dec 29 04:21:37 <jimregan> :)
Dec 29 04:21:50 <editorgal> partying plans I presume
Dec 29 04:21:58 <jimregan> (Just trying to think of some reasons to be cheerful)
Dec 29 04:22:05 <jimregan> Hmm.
Dec 29 04:22:13 <jimregan> After St. Stephen's... I dunno
Dec 29 04:22:35 <editorgal> no new years parties?
Dec 29 04:22:41 * editorgal checks Jimmy's temp
Dec 29 04:22:50 <jimregan> See... every year I go out with my two best friends from secondary school on St. Stephen's & New Years
Dec 29 04:23:11 <jimregan> And we don't really get much partying done because it's all just catching up
Dec 29 04:23:33 <jimregan> But I got really wasted without noticing on St. Stephen's
Dec 29 04:23:44 <editorgal> so you're not caught up and you'd rather.
Dec 29 04:24:13 <jimregan> I'd rather we do the catching up on some neutral day so we can get down to the business of partying
Dec 29 04:24:31 <jimregan> Best party nights of the year, and we stand around getting reacquainted
Dec 29 04:25:15 <jimregan> Plus, there's some awkwardness, because one went out with the other's sister, which ended up messy
Dec 29 04:25:31 <jimregan> (Plus he wasn't cool about it in the first place)
Dec 29 04:25:52 <editorgal> :/
Dec 29 04:26:11 <jimregan> And... they always go to the worst possible places.
Dec 29 04:26:27 <jimregan> "Let's go to this pub because there are loads of people there"
Dec 29 04:26:49 <editorgal> you mean because it's so stuff you can't get in the door :(
Dec 29 04:27:03 <jimregan> "Erm... let's not, because we're not going to talk to anyone outside of this group anyway, and we won't be able to get to the bar"
Dec 29 04:27:17 <jimregan> My argument always falls on deaf ears :(
Dec 29 04:27:51 <editorgal> being right sucks sometimes ...
Dec 29 04:28:04 <jimregan> Yeah. Twice a year, every year.
Dec 29 04:28:16 <jimregan> No. Not this New Years.
Dec 29 04:28:27 <jimregan> I'm partying, goddammit!
Dec 29 04:29:10 <jimregan> I have Jimmy (not me) one one side, Mr. Party animal; and John on the other, Captain Sensible
Dec 29 04:29:33 <jimregan> Except Jimmy seems to constantly insult everyone
Dec 29 04:29:57 <jimregan> Last time the two of us went out he was dragged away to jail.
Dec 29 04:30:22 <jimregan> Because *I* bumped into someone, and *he* got in a fight about it
Dec 29 04:31:33 <jimregan> I tried to apologise my way out, he tried to intimidate his way out.
Dec 29 04:31:35 <editorgal> riiight
Dec 29 04:31:45 <editorgal> off to the drunk tank :/
Dec 29 04:32:12 <jimregan> I was /just/ about to get this girl's number, I look up and see two guys kicking him
Dec 29 04:32:27 <jimregan> I pushed one away, and the coward tore my jumper and ran
Dec 29 04:32:49 <jimregan> Didn't like the idea of a fair fight
Dec 29 04:33:16 <editorgal> did the girl think you somewhat heroic, or disappear?
Dec 29 04:33:37 <jimregan> I forgot about her
Dec 29 04:33:50 <jimregan> Didn't have a pen on me anyway :)
Dec 29 04:34:21 <editorgal> heh
Dec 29 04:34:24 * editorgal passes jimmy a pen
Dec 29 04:34:28 <jimregan> Heh. I asked her for her email address first.
Dec 29 04:34:33 <jimregan> "I don't have email"
Dec 29 04:34:38 <jimregan> "WHAT!!!????"
Dec 29 04:34:42 <editorgal> scores against
Dec 29 04:34:45 <editorgal> oh well ;>
Dec 29 04:34:49 <jimregan> "Do you have plumbing?"
Dec 29 04:34:53 <jimregan> "Yeah"
Dec 29 04:34:55 <editorgal> lol
Dec 29 04:35:00 <jimregan> "Do you have /indoor/ plumbing?"
Dec 29 04:35:02 <jimregan> "Yeah"
Dec 29 04:35:09 <editorgal> wuude
Dec 29 04:35:12 <jimregan> "Do you have electricity?"
Dec 29 04:35:18 <jimregan> "Yeah" (laughing)
Dec 29 04:35:24 <jimregan> "Do you have a phone?"
Dec 29 04:35:27 <jimregan> "Yeah" (laughing harder)
Dec 29 04:35:43 <jimregan> "*sigh* OK, gimme your number then"
Dec 29 04:35:49 <editorgal> lol
Dec 29 04:36:10 <editorgal> would you have asked her electric meter id instead if she didn't? rofl
Dec 29 04:36:15 <jimregan> Heh
Dec 29 04:36:46 <jimregan> Nah. I remember a bit of semaphor
Dec 29 04:40:18 <jimregan> I think I once asked another girl who said she didn't have email if she got smoke signals
Dec 29 04:40:32 <jimregan> (I'm going by what other people have told me here)
Dec 29 04:41:20 <jimregan> Ah. That was it. She asked me for a cigarette, and I started blowing puffs of smoke.
Dec 29 04:41:53 <editorgal> haha
Dec 29 04:42:04 <jimregan> I had a pen that time, but no paper. Woke up with a big blue smudge on my arm
Dec 29 04:42:59 <editorgal> a phone number I assume
Dec 29 04:43:00 <jimregan> Heh. Last weekend Joe went to some girl's house, and her brother chased him with a shotgun
Dec 29 04:43:01 <editorgal> oh well
Dec 29 04:43:08 <editorgal> urp !
Dec 29 04:43:13 <jimregan> Dunno. Just a smudge
Dec 29 04:43:49 <jimregan> I think she was just a friend of his, but they started doing a bit about how they were married, and... her brother and sister were a little too drunk to see it was a joke :)
Dec 29 04:44:17 <jimregan> (It wasn't loaded)
Dec 29 04:44:24 <jimregan> (He couldn't find the bullets)
Dec 29 04:45:00 <editorgal> some joke / good / err hmm :!
Dec 29 04:46:08 <jimregan> Heh. When I was in the Gaeltacht they had this old church, which had a stone in the centre of the churchyard with a hole in the centre
Dec 29 04:46:32 <jimregan> If two people put their fingers through either side, they were pronounced married.
Dec 29 04:47:04 <editorgal> interesting.
Dec 29 04:47:11 <jimregan> John (Cpt. Sensible) and I thoroughly wrecked the head of a girl who 'married' both of us for a week
Dec 29 04:48:10 <editorgal> about how she had married two people?
Dec 29 04:48:48 <jimregan> Well, at first. But then it became about what we were going to spend her money on after the divorces :)
Dec 29 04:48:53 <jimregan> (She was rich)
Dec 29 04:49:34 <editorgal> I seeee
Dec 29 04:49:37 <jimregan> The first week she was there, she did nothing but brag about what she had. Her brother was the exact opposite :)
Dec 29 04:49:50 <jimregan> We didn't make the connection for ages.
Dec 29 04:50:23 <jimregan> She let up, but she'd let things slip every now and again, and John and I would look at each other, and negotiate :)
Dec 29 04:51:01 <jimregan> Hey! She still owes me a honeymoon :)
Dec 29 04:51:51 <editorgal> haha
Dec 29 04:53:56 <jimregan> Heh. I still remember her address. Just can't remember her name.
Dec 29 04:54:48 <jimregan> (I remember her address, because she lived on the same street as Bono)
Dec 29 04:55:42 <editorgal> haha
Dec 29 04:55:53 <editorgal> must have been an amiable divorce then
Dec 29 04:56:07 <editorgal> it's the not so amiable ones folks can't forget.
Dec 29 04:56:15 <jimregan> Heh. I'm still waiting for my alimony.
** The Doors **
Dec 29 06:25:54 --> creighton ( has joined #tag-chat
Dec 29 06:27:01 <jimregan> Hey Jason
Dec 29 06:27:13 * jimregan opens the bar
Dec 29 06:27:18 <jimregan> What'll ya have?
Dec 29 06:27:23 <creighton> Hey..
Dec 29 06:27:32 <creighton> Just a lemonade
Dec 29 06:27:42 * jimregan passes over a lemonade
Dec 29 06:27:56 * jimregan opens himself a lemonade
Dec 29 06:28:08 * jimregan vodkas it up
Dec 29 06:28:51 <jimregan> So... anything strange?
Dec 29 06:29:10 * creighton sips his lemonade carefully, wondering why Jimmy hasn't touched his, and then collapses.
Dec 29 06:30:14 * jimregan reads the lable
Dec 29 06:30:17 <jimregan> Oh...
Dec 29 06:30:29 <jimregan> Sorry. That almost never happens.
Dec 29 06:30:49 * jimregan pours water over Jason
Dec 29 06:31:06 * jimregan slugs off his 'lemonade'
Dec 29 06:31:12 * creighton reads the label as well. ("May be fatal to life forms from the ZZ plural alpha sector")
Dec 29 06:31:34 <jimregan> Pfft. Government warnings.
Dec 29 06:32:29 * jimregan waves his hands in front of his face
Dec 29 06:32:43 <jimregan> I can still see. Bonus.
Dec 29 06:32:44 <creighton> Whose face?
Dec 29 06:32:49 <creighton> Ah.
Dec 29 06:32:55 <jimregan> Ah.
Dec 29 06:32:59 <creighton> Ah?
Dec 29 06:33:02 <jimregan> Your sight'll come back in time
Dec 29 06:33:07 <jimregan> :)
Dec 29 06:33:12 <creighton> heh heh
Dec 29 06:33:57 * jimregan passes over a real lemonade
Dec 29 06:34:08 <jimregan> Sorry 'bout that. I just saw the 'nade'
Dec 29 06:34:25 <jimregan> Thought I drank all the "Liquid Grenade"
Dec 29 06:34:31 <creighton> So what brings you here? I almost never run into you here. (Of course, you asking me the same question would be equally valid.)
Dec 29 06:34:52 <jimregan> Heh. I'm here quite a lot these days.
Dec 29 06:35:05 <jimregan> (Check out this month's laundrette for the evidence)
Dec 29 06:35:17 <creighton> Quite all right. We've all accidentally served poison to a house guest...oh, wait, maybe that's just me. :-)
Dec 29 06:35:27 <jimregan> Yeah, just you.
Dec 29 06:35:39 <creighton> Which laundrette?
Dec 29 06:35:45 <jimregan> I did intentionally serve poison to a housemate, but hey...
Dec 29 06:35:49 <jimregan> #110
Dec 29 06:36:22 <jimregan> He found it, so no harm done.
Dec 29 06:36:45 <jimregan> (I think the drain cleaner would have just made him really sick anyway)
Dec 29 06:36:54 <creighton> jimregan: Err..but *why* did you in the first place?
Dec 29 06:37:18 <jimregan> Right... my last year in college I moved into a house with my brother and 3 other people.
Dec 29 06:37:30 <jimregan> Two of them were the nicest people you could ever hope to meet
Dec 29 06:37:33 <jimregan> One wasn't
Dec 29 06:37:49 <jimregan> Used to play football in the sitting room at 4am
Dec 29 06:38:03 <jimregan> Pour grease down the sink, over the crockery
Dec 29 06:38:14 <creighton> American football or Rest-of-the-world football?
Dec 29 06:38:22 <jimregan> ROW football
Dec 29 06:38:36 <jimregan> On his turn to wash up, he'd just rinse, and place in cupboard
Dec 29 06:38:46 <jimregan> Still covered in his grease, but now also wet
Dec 29 06:39:00 <jimregan> Broke 2 TVs. Neither of them his.
Dec 29 06:39:05 <jimregan> (Playing football)
Dec 29 06:39:26 <creighton> Didn't learn after the first TV?
Dec 29 06:39:30 <jimregan> Brought his friends around one weekend, who trashed the place, and wrecked my brother's project.
Dec 29 06:39:32 <jimregan> Nope.
Dec 29 06:39:51 <jimregan> Left candle wax and shaving foam all over the place
Dec 29 06:39:58 <jimregan> *My* shaving foam
Dec 29 06:40:17 <jimregan> I was so angry after that, I punched through one of the doors.
Dec 29 06:40:29 <jimregan> So the week I moved out, I tried to poison him.
Dec 29 06:40:43 <jimregan> Not a fatal dose, just enough to make him as sick as a dog
Dec 29 06:41:00 <creighton> How did you know how much a fatal dose would be?
Dec 29 06:41:04 <jimregan> He had already arranged to have one of his friends come around to try to beat me up
Dec 29 06:41:31 <jimregan> I know someone who accidentally ingested some drain cleaner when they were 10 or 11
Dec 29 06:41:50 <creighton> had it all planned out.
Dec 29 06:42:07 <jimregan> Nah, it was a spur of the moment thing
Dec 29 06:42:29 <creighton> But then he found it?
Dec 29 06:42:37 <jimregan> Well, he found it anyways. In the meantime, a friend of mine came over to collect his power chord.
Dec 29 06:42:48 <jimregan> Yeah, came home sober
Dec 29 06:43:15 <jimregan> He started swinging around the plug end, and said "Hey, you're moving out... can I smash your lightbulb?"
Dec 29 06:43:23 <jimregan> "No, but you can smash his"
Dec 29 06:43:26 <jimregan> So he did :)
Dec 29 06:43:57 <jimregan> My brother crashed in the house my last night there (he had officially moved out the week before, but it was Rag Week)
Dec 29 06:44:31 <jimregan> The next day was one of the days when his friend was supposed to come around to try to give me a beating
Dec 29 06:44:32 <creighton> Rag Week?
Dec 29 06:45:00 <jimregan> Oh... it's a week of solid drinking around Feb/March in colleges in Britain and Ireland
Dec 29 06:45:18 <jimregan> It started as a charity thing, but it's pretty much all about drinking now
Dec 29 06:45:36 <jimregan> I was an officer in the student union, so I got into everything free :)
Dec 29 06:46:10 <jimregan> (And failed out of college 'cos the student's union was more interesting than my course :)
Dec 29 06:47:22 <jimregan> (COBOL)
Dec 29 06:47:51 <creighton> Heh heh...I just happened to be looking at your bio in #103 where it quotes "Moving Pictures" about taking exams. :-)
Dec 29 06:47:59 <jimregan> :)
Dec 29 06:49:00 <jimregan> My last exam in first year - Business - I had bought a bottle of tequila the night before, and woke up early to start drinking. Guess how I did? :)
Dec 29 06:49:28 <creighton> I'm gonna go out on a limb here...not so good? :-)
Dec 29 06:49:53 <jimregan> It didn't help that the best looking girl in the class came in wearing practically nothing...
Dec 29 06:50:21 <creighton> That can be distracting. Have you seen the movie "The New Guy"?
Dec 29 06:50:25 <jimregan> No.
Dec 29 06:51:10 <creighton> Ah, well. There's a scene where a girl wears a bandana as a shirt...
Dec 29 06:51:40 <creighton> So I was just sitting there, minding my own business (more or less) when one of my brother's friends walks into the room.
Dec 29 06:52:02 <creighton> Very distracting.
Dec 29 06:52:21 <jimregan> Heh
Dec 29 06:54:00 <creighton> No less square inches in the critical area than typical women's swimwear...yet somehow different.
Dec 29 06:54:13 <creighton> So did this smack-talking jerk's friend ever come and beat you up?
Dec 29 06:54:31 <jimregan> Nah. They were afraid of a fair fight.
Dec 29 06:54:50 <jimregan> I don't think I'd have come out too badly against the two of them anyway.
Dec 29 06:55:08 <jimregan> I was still doing Tae Kwon Do at the time.
Dec 29 06:55:33 <jimregan> The guy saw where I put my fist through the door :)
Dec 29 06:55:34 <creighton> People who have to have friends fight battles for them they shouldn't even be fighting in the first place usually seem to be that way.
Dec 29 06:55:42 <jimregan> Yep.
Dec 29 06:55:56 <jimregan> I had no problem with the friend though.
Dec 29 06:56:39 <jimregan> Even after I found out they were looking to get me alone.
Dec 29 06:57:19 <creighton> you're James Bond or something. "To make it fair, we'll have to outnumber him 2:1!"
Dec 29 06:57:39 <creighton> And, in this case, it was probably true.
Dec 29 06:57:43 <jimregan> The day I found the house trashed, I would have kicked seven shades of crap out of his friend, so I figure it was reasonable for him to come along
Dec 29 06:58:26 <jimregan> I lost heart when I found the guy was still in bed, and didn't look to be wearing anything, so I hit the door instead of him
Dec 29 06:59:27 <jimregan> It's not like it was a solid door or anything, but I heard him trying to do the same afterwards, and he barely made a dent :)
Dec 29 07:01:04 <jimregan> Second door I broke in two years :)
Dec 29 07:01:34 <jimregan> The year before, while drunk, some friends locked another friend into one of the rooms in the house I was in
Dec 29 07:01:38 <jimregan> And lost the key
Dec 29 07:01:44 <jimregan> So I kicked the door in
Dec 29 07:02:12 <jimregan> (Seemed like a good idea at the time :)
Dec 29 07:02:45 <creighton> And when you say "kicked the door in", you mean like you see on TV, or does it come off differently in real life? (I lead a fairly quiet, non-door-kicking lifestyle.)
Dec 29 07:02:51 <jimregan> :)
Dec 29 07:03:30 <jimregan> Well, it also was not a solid door. The back panel came off, and the lock broke
Dec 29 07:03:36 <jimregan> But it opened
Dec 29 07:04:44 <jimregan> The only non drinker in the house nailed the panel back on, I bought a new handle, we got our deposits back :)
Dec 29 07:05:17 <jimregan> If you ever feel the need, the trick is to kick it beside the lock :)
Dec 29 07:05:49 <creighton> Yeah...I watched an exterior (ie, solid) door get broken accidentally. People were fooling around, one person kinda tackled another and they both ran into the door.
Dec 29 07:06:04 <jimregan> Heh.
Dec 29 07:06:38 <creighton> The door was totally intact, but the trim around the lock suffered some damage, as nobody bothered to unlock the door first.
Dec 29 07:07:59 <creighton> I told my Mom, who is the one in our family who most often makes sure the door is locked, "See? It doesn't matter if you lock the door, first person to lean hard against will get in!" :-)
Dec 29 07:08:30 <jimregan> I did try to kick down the front door of the last house another night, but I was too drunk, and there were too many locks.
Dec 29 07:09:03 <jimregan> A friend was crashing, took my key, and went to his girlfriend's place instead
Dec 29 07:09:39 <jimregan> ... and we had torrential rain
Dec 29 07:10:22 <jimregan> The girl who was living with us had gone to hide in the bathroom as soon as she heard me knocking on the door :)
Dec 29 07:10:35 <jimregan> Two hours later, she looked out her window
Dec 29 07:11:22 <creighton> two hours? Heh heh...oh, wait, I mean, sorry, that must have been awful. :-)
Dec 29 07:11:27 <jimregan> Heh.
Dec 29 07:11:44 <jimregan> I was completely soaked from head to foot... no shelter, at all.
Dec 29 07:12:25 <jimregan> (Of course, she had to wait until it stopped raining)
Dec 29 07:12:46 <creighton> Catch-22
Dec 29 07:13:13 <jimregan> It wouldn't have made much of a difference once I was soaked, but there's still the psychological "at least I wasn't out there the /whole/ time"
Dec 29 07:14:00 <jimregan> ...and I was pretty happy that the door withstood a kicking :)
Dec 29 07:15:21 <creighton> Always good to know. :-)
Dec 29 07:15:50 <creighton> Bed is calling...
Dec 29 07:15:55 <jimregan> Yeah. Especially since I was living so close to the worst area in the most criminally active city in the country
Dec 29 07:15:59 <jimregan> 'Night
Dec 29 07:16:27 <creighton> And it doesn't work to let the answering machine get it, so off I go. A pleasure talking to you.
Dec 29 07:16:35 <creighton> (Cool stories! :-) )
Dec 29 07:16:36 <jimregan> Likewise.

Dec 31 17:19:27 * jimregan is running on 15th wind :)
Dec 31 17:19:52 <jimregan> Oh, but I will be polluted tonight
Dec 31 17:20:09 <editorgal> 15th?
Dec 31 17:20:22 <jimregan> I was on my second wind at 3am.
Dec 31 17:21:01 <jimregan> 10th wind failed me, and I got some sleep, but I'm running on ... erm...
Dec 31 17:21:15 <jimregan> "Me-ness", for lack of a better word
Dec 31 17:22:15 <jimregan> (I let my batteries charge a lot last night and the night before)
Dec 31 17:22:40 <editorgal> properly curmudgen'd up eh?
Dec 31 17:23:01 <jimregan> No... the optimistic, bouncy, happy side has taken control
Dec 31 17:23:10 <jimregan> Luntics running the asylum and such
Dec 31 17:24:54 <jimregan> I read a book recently that gave me a great perspective on things.
Dec 31 17:25:30 <editorgal> oh? what was it?
Dec 31 17:25:32 <jimregan> Instead of looking at my up and down sides as warring factions, I'm looking at them as... foils.
Dec 31 17:25:42 <jimregan> "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho.
Dec 31 17:25:57 <jimregan> (Polish girl mentioned that he was her favourite author)
Dec 31 17:26:07 <editorgal> hm ok
Dec 31 17:26:20 <jimregan> I was absolutely disgusted with the damned thing after the first few pages.
Dec 31 17:26:27 <editorgal> lol
Dec 31 17:26:33 <jimregan> First time I've ever argued with a book :)
Dec 31 17:26:38 <editorgal> a real dorothy parker hm?
Dec 31 17:26:44 <jimregan> ??
Dec 31 17:27:05 <editorgal> "this book is not to be tossed aside lightly. it is to be hurled, with great force."
Dec 31 17:27:07 <jimregan> My father's side of the family have a tendancy to argue aloud with the TV, radio etc.
Dec 31 17:27:10 <jimregan> Heh.
Dec 31 17:27:26 <jimregan> No, it was that it's... basically a tale woven from fables
Dec 31 17:28:08 <jimregan> And in the first few pages he put something I struggled my whole life to discover in /really/ simple terms, and it disgusted me.
Dec 31 17:28:54 <jimregan> Eventually, when I realised that the only way I /could/ learn that lesson was the hard way, I softened towards the book, and finished it
Dec 31 17:30:02 <jimregan> At the end, the main character resolves his head with his heart, which was really similar to the sort of struggle I have between the two sides of my self, but seeing that it didn't have to be a struggle... hit home.
Dec 31 17:30:41 <jimregan> It was something I kinda sorta knew, but that was the catalyst for a full blown realisation.
Dec 31 17:31:44 <jimregan> I bought her his most recent book for Christmas.
Dec 31 17:32:31 <jimregan> She was complaining about not being able to get books in Polish, and I took it as a challenge.
Dec 31 17:32:39 <jimregan> Not much of one, as it turns out :)
Dec 31 17:32:46 <editorgal> :D
Dec 31 17:33:35 <jimregan> I found a Polish Amazon-type site... after pain-stakingly looking up each term in the order form in an online dictionary, I found the little British flag that lead to the English version.
Dec 31 17:33:38 <jimregan> :)
Dec 31 17:35:03 <jimregan> (Though, to be fair, most of it was bloody obvious, as you'd expect)
Dec 31 17:36:45 <editorgal> lol
Dec 31 17:38:13 <jimregan> Had a visit from my son's godfather yesterday.
Dec 31 17:38:32 <jimregan> He's studying to be a priest in Rome, so I only see him once or twice a year.
Dec 31 17:39:43 <jimregan> It completely sickens my ex that the godfather I chose does his best to keep in touch, and send gifts, from Rome, while the godmother she chose hasn't been in touch for 6 years, from Dublin.
Dec 31 17:40:11 <jimregan> Wait... 5 years.
Dec 31 17:41:07 <jimregan> (And that was only because they lived together for a few months... there were no gifts from her since the Christening, barely a mention while they lived together, not a word since)
Dec 31 17:41:44 <editorgal> huh
Dec 31 17:42:20 <jimregan> I tried explaining that Paul and I have been friends from the age of 6, and that Paul is... well, the ideal candidate for the priesthood, basically.
Dec 31 17:42:46 <jimregan> (They were only friends 3 or 4 years by the time Mark was born)
Dec 31 17:43:05 <jimregan> I think she was an appropriate choice regardless, though.
Dec 31 17:43:12 <jimregan> She introduced us.
Dec 31 17:44:29 <editorgal> if the likelihood is that in the absence of you two, this woman would make a good parent, then that's fine, I suppose
Dec 31 17:44:48 <editorgal> though it's a shame she chooses not to be involved with the child
Dec 31 17:45:15 <jimregan> Heh. Nah, godparent is an honourary position. There are a whole lot of relatives who'd have to die before she became a candidate.
Dec 31 17:45:57 <jimregan> Though Paul takes it seriously.
Dec 31 17:45:57 <editorgal> then she took the honor for what it was, and now it's just another entry on the xmas card list
Dec 31 17:46:10 <jimregan> Not even. That's the problem.
Dec 31 17:46:13 <editorgal> well he takes his avocation seriously...
Dec 31 17:46:32 <editorgal> and the status of godfather means father in the eyes of god, right, so
Dec 31 17:46:39 <editorgal> of course he'd take it seriously
Dec 31 17:47:14 <jimregan> Hell, I'd have all the time in the world for her, but I haven't heard from her since the night of the Christening.
Dec 31 17:48:20 <jimregan> I think she might be embarrassed about that night. We all went out afterwards, and she tried to hit on /everybody/ she went to school with, after two years of giving everyone the brushoff.
Dec 31 17:50:14 <jimregan> She tried to hit on me in the car on the way back, while my then-girlfriend was in the front passenger seat.
Dec 31 17:50:52 <jimregan> Which was slightly awkward.
Dec 31 17:54:19 <editorgal> heh
Dec 31 17:54:51 <editorgal> "right, thats it, I get picked as godmother and then drink into a stupor. I'm mortified. they'll never want to see me again."
Dec 31 17:55:32 <jimregan> Nah. We saw her the next day at a festival-type-thing we went to, and she seem any different.
Dec 31 17:56:50 <jimregan> I can understand completely how she stopped keeping in touch. She went away to college, time goes by, etc.
Dec 31 17:58:21 <editorgal> the world turns and she forgets lil things like some ceremony for a couple of pals she'd hooked up ages ago?
Dec 31 17:58:56 <jimregan> Well, I wouldn't put it in /those/ terms, but pretty much.
Dec 31 18:03:15 <jimregan> But, y'know how it is. You lose touch for a while, and feel awkward about getting in touch, and it gets worse as time goes by.
Dec 31 18:03:51 <jimregan> Should auld acquaintance be forgot... :)
Dec 31 18:06:35 <editorgal> ok that does it, I really am turning on the phone and calling Ben now :)
Dec 31 18:06:47 <editorgal> harry chopin
Dec 31 18:06:53 <editorgal> same old auld lang syne
Dec 31 18:12:36 <jimregan>
Dec 31 18:12:38 <jimregan> ?
Dec 31 18:12:47 <editorgal> oh
Dec 31 18:12:51 <editorgal> wrong author right song
Dec 31 18:12:54 <editorgal> yes that one
Dec 31 18:13:08 <editorgal> I do often screwup artist names, alas
Dec 31 18:14:00 <editorgal> and considering what a fan I am of Dan Fogelberg's stuff, too
Dec 31 18:14:21 <jimregan> "And as I turned to make my way back home/the snow turned into rain"
Dec 31 18:14:27 <jimregan> I like that image.
Dec 31 18:14:28 <editorgal> I asked my local karaoke to pick up Leader Of The Band
Dec 31 18:15:00 <jimregan> Leader of the Band? Leader of the Pack filk?
Dec 31 18:15:04 <editorgal> no
Dec 31 18:15:10 <editorgal> Dan Fogelberg
Dec 31 18:15:24 <editorgal> c/~ he tried to be a soldier once, but his music wouldn't wait...
Dec 31 18:15:56 <jimregan>
Dec 31 18:16:33 <editorgal> yes
Dec 31 18:16:47 * editorgal purrs as it plays richly in my head
Dec 31 18:17:34 <jimregan> Hmm. I gotta bunch of lyrics to write.
Dec 31 18:17:49 <jimregan> I decided to record all of my 'people songs'
Dec 31 18:20:58 <jimregan> Heh. Picked up the guitar for 60 seconds and came up with the bulk of another one :)
Dec 31 18:21:55 <editorgal> \o/
Dec 31 18:23:58 <jimregan> Sheesh. I started playing power chords, expecting something metal to come out, and all I got was this 'love song' sounding thing.
Dec 31 18:24:14 <editorgal> awww poor baby
Dec 31 18:24:24 <jimregan> I gotta get that outta my system. I'll never come up with riffs for my band at this rate.
Dec 31 18:26:12 <editorgal> right. I have to lure my muse out with treats and a 3 day weekend, he reaches for his and is miffed at what he gets. go figure
Dec 31 18:26:33 <editorgal> write it down anyway, get the next song out of em.
Dec 31 18:47:51 <editorgal> another spamtoon idea
Dec 31 18:48:05 <editorgal> can you imagine fat lil Tux' idea of the weightloss spams??
Dec 31 18:49:16 <jimregan> ??
Dec 31 18:49:24 <editorgal> the latest one was "Forget Weight Management" and it made me giggle, that's all
Dec 31 18:49:28 <jimregan> A herring shake for breakfast?
Dec 31 18:49:33 <editorgal> "forget it" certainly
Dec 31 18:49:46 <editorgal> *cough* lol
Dec 31 18:52:59 <jimregan> I dunno.
Dec 31 18:53:11 <jimregan> Those weight loss spams... they seem
Dec 31 18:53:15 <jimregan> fishy to me
Dec 31 18:54:05 <editorgal> they are !
Dec 31 18:54:20 <editorgal> they'll shrink your finfins.
Dec 31 18:55:18 <editorgal> a friend of mine had a boffer trout made so she could slap people with a trout more serious
Dec 31 18:55:51 <editorgal> and this year she asked me for a decent pick of a herring so she could have a shorter one for two handed fishwhacking
Dec 31 18:55:53 <jimregan> Sheesh
Dec 31 18:57:39 <editorgal> well our local scifi convention has these boffer wars...
Dec 31 18:59:27 <jimregan> Ah.
Dec 31 19:00:31 <editorgal> there's a guy in charge of it all who will occasionally help people make their boffer weapons
Dec 31 19:00:35 <editorgal> he lovvvvved the idea
Dec 31 19:01:02 <editorgal> when she brought the giant herring picture for the next year to make a supporting weapon he rofl
Dec 31 19:02:12 <jimregan> :)
Jan 01 10:57:25 --- editorgal_away is now known as editorgal
Jan 01 10:57:33 * editorgal bounces in hi hi hi
Jan 01 10:58:44 <editorgal> jimregan: happy new year :)
Jan 01 11:02:47 --- editorgal has changed the topic to: The Answer Gang, answering Linux questions for fun and... uh, have some drinks | #110 due RSN^tm | Midnight oil especially noisy wasn't it :) | Happy New Year!
Jan 01 11:03:45 * editorgal fixes the topic, and restocks the ginger beer
Jan 01 11:04:55 <jimregan> Hi. Happy New Year.
Jan 01 11:05:02 <jimregan> Heh.
Jan 01 11:05:14 <jimregan> I got a "Happy New Year" message from Beata last night.
Jan 01 11:05:17 <jimregan> 7 times.
Jan 01 11:05:25 <editorgal> hee hee
Jan 01 11:05:26 <jimregan> I've been making fun of her since.
Jan 01 11:05:31 <editorgal> think she likes you?
Jan 01 11:05:40 <editorgal> her phone obviously does ;P
Jan 01 11:06:02 <jimregan> 'Specially since she sent another message, saying she couldn't get a message I sent her (her picture), which I also got 7 times
Jan 01 11:06:24 <jimregan> "Any particular reason you sent that 15 times?"
Jan 01 11:06:34 <jimregan> "At first, it was sweet"
Jan 01 11:06:40 <jimregan> "Happy New Year!"
Jan 01 11:06:40 <jimregan> "Happy New Year!"
Jan 01 11:06:41 <jimregan> "Happy New Year!"
Jan 01 11:06:48 <jimregan> "Then it was annoying"
Jan 01 11:06:49 <jimregan> "Happy New Year!"
Jan 01 11:06:50 <jimregan> "Happy New Year!"
Jan 01 11:06:50 <jimregan> "Happy New Year!"
Jan 01 11:07:08 <jimregan> "Then it was: 'I'm taking back her Christmas present. To Poland'"
Jan 01 11:07:27 <editorgal> she has you on speed dial and her pocket sent it?
Jan 01 11:07:31 <jimregan> "Szczesliwego Nowego Roku"
Jan 01 11:07:32 <jimregan> "Szczesliwego Nowego Roku"
Jan 01 11:07:32 <jimregan> "Szczesliwego Nowego Roku"
Jan 01 11:07:37 <editorgal> lol
Jan 01 11:07:48 <jimregan> "Then it was... 'this is annoying'"
Jan 01 11:07:53 <jimregan> "Happy Saturday"
Jan 01 11:08:04 <jimregan> She sent a message saying she only sent 1 message
Jan 01 11:08:14 <jimregan> Just got the 4th copy.
Jan 01 11:08:43 <editorgal> bets on 7 of it?
Jan 01 11:09:00 * editorgal wonders if you can trace which cell station is stuttering it
Jan 01 11:09:49 <jimregan> "Ok, 4th copy now. I think your phone has fallen in love with my phone"
Jan 01 11:10:49 <jimregan> Yep. At 7 I'm going to say something about getting a restraining order.
Jan 01 11:11:18 <jimregan> At 5, I'll say I want a divorce :)
Jan 01 11:11:43 <editorgal> say retraining
Jan 01 11:11:47 <jimregan> Heh
Jan 01 11:12:09 <editorgal> it's funnier, and less mean whilst more accurate in a sideways sort of way
Jan 01 11:12:10 * jimregan googles for the Polish version of "restraining order"
Jan 01 11:12:33 <jimregan> Oh... if she can't figure out it's a joke, I don't want to talk to her.
Jan 01 11:12:39 * editorgal has bad vibes about that
Jan 01 11:12:58 <editorgal> sorry, had too many friends actually burnt by them.
Jan 01 11:13:20 <jimregan> Eek.
Jan 01 11:13:31 <jimregan> There we go.
Jan 01 11:13:37 <jimregan> "That's 5. I want a divorce"
Jan 01 11:13:50 <jimregan> (If she questions that, I'll say "for the phones")
Jan 01 11:14:35 <jimregan> 6
Jan 01 11:14:57 <editorgal> if it's 9 you owe me a ginger beer though, for it being out of spec
Jan 01 11:15:19 <editorgal> tell her the phones have to get a blood test ;P
Jan 01 11:16:26 <jimregan> Beata: "First wedding!"
Jan 01 11:17:24 <editorgal> hehe
Jan 01 11:17:29 <jimregan> "I'm not marrying you. I barely know you!"
Jan 01 11:18:02 <jimregan> }:)
Jan 01 11:18:08 <editorgal> how would phones get blood tests? swap batteries?
Jan 01 11:18:11 <jimregan> Heh
Jan 01 11:18:31 <jimregan> Heh. Again.
Jan 01 11:19:41 <jimregan> "I don't care how many times I get that. I'm still not going to marry you."
Jan 01 11:21:12 <jimregan> Heh. Another "I sent you only one message. Have a nice day."
Jan 01 11:21:17 <jimregan> Is that 6 or 7?
Jan 01 11:21:21 <jimregan> 7
Jan 01 11:22:16 <jimregan> "Right. I'm getting a restraining order"
Jan 01 11:22:34 <jimregan> Ooh. 8
Jan 01 11:22:42 <editorgal> 8?
Jan 01 11:22:43 <jimregan> I could owe you a ginger beer yet.
Jan 01 11:22:44 * editorgal perks
Jan 01 11:24:42 <jimregan> Another "First wedding!"
Jan 01 11:24:54 <jimregan> "Ok, I give in. I'll book the church."
Jan 01 11:24:58 <jimregan> :)
Jan 01 11:25:30 <jimregan> YA wedding message. Sheesh.
Jan 01 11:27:12 <editorgal> lol that's good
Jan 01 11:30:09 <jimregan> "(I'm on one knee) Will you marry me? I'll only take half your money when I divorce you"
Jan 01 11:30:33 <jimregan> "And your phone"
Jan 01 11:31:25 <jimregan> Another wedding message.
Jan 01 11:31:30 <editorgal> how do you take half a phone?
Jan 01 11:32:28 <jimregan> I dunno, but I'd like to find out!
Jan 01 11:32:37 <jimregan> "Sheesh! I proposed already!"
Jan 01 11:33:57 <jimregan> Another wedding message. (I think she likes me :)
Jan 01 11:33:59 <editorgal> hehehe
Jan 01 11:34:13 <editorgal> but will there be 9 of it?
Jan 01 11:34:21 * editorgal is still waiting for the ginger beer
Jan 01 11:34:22 <jimregan> I dunno. Only 8 of the last.
Jan 01 11:36:32 <jimregan> 3 wise men were out walking and decided 2 stop at a stable.As they walked in,1
Jan 01 11:36:32 <jimregan> of them hit his head.'Jesus Christ' he yells. 'Quick Mary,write that down
Jan 01 11:38:11 <editorgal> lol
Jan 01 11:38:43 <jimregan> And the score is: "One message" 7 "First wedding!" 6
Jan 01 11:38:59 <jimregan> Erm... the score is: "One message" 8 "First wedding!" 7
Jan 01 11:39:18 <jimregan> (Fencepost)
Jan 01 11:39:20 <jimregan> :)
Jan 01 11:40:24 <jimregan> "Wedding": 8
Jan 01 11:40:35 <jimregan> Do I owe you a ginger beer if that hits 9 too?
Jan 01 11:40:41 <editorgal> yes
Jan 01 11:40:47 <editorgal> 9's the magic number
Jan 01 11:41:56 <jimregan> c/~ Three... is a magic number... yes it is... it's a magic number
Jan 01 11:43:21 <jimregan> (I think my phone is safe now)
Jan 01 11:43:35 <jimregan> You should've said 8 :)
Jan 01 11:44:09 <jimregan> So... the Senor Tequila nickname has stuck. My sister told Marina some stories, it seems.
Jan 01 11:46:25 <jimregan> And "wedding" hits 9!
Jan 01 11:46:33 * jimregan passes over a ginger beer
Jan 01 11:48:28 <jimregan> Eep. 10
Jan 01 11:48:46 * editorgal pops it open with a satisfying hisssss :)
Jan 01 11:49:44 <jimregan> "Wow. That's 10. You must really want to get married."
Jan 01 11:50:41 * editorgal chooses the appropriately branded Cock&Bull
Jan 01 11:51:38 <editorgal> :D
Jan 01 11:51:50 <jimregan> Heh
Jan 01 11:53:46 * jimregan passes over another ginger beer.
Jan 01 11:54:02 <jimregan> That's right, "one message" hit the magic 9.
Jan 01 11:54:25 <jimregan> And wedding hits 11.
Jan 01 11:54:43 <jimregan> I think it's obvious where her priorities lie :))))
Jan 01 11:54:52 <editorgal> if it hits 15 I'll let you try this red birch beer we got.
Jan 01 11:56:14 <jimregan> Heh. Well, "one" just hit 10, so I've got a shot
Jan 01 11:56:25 <jimregan> Ooh. 3 to go.
Jan 01 11:59:56 <jimregan> Beata: "How is it possible?"
Jan 01 12:00:07 <jimregan> Me: "Honestly, or do you want the funny answer?"
Jan 01 12:04:04 <editorgal> I've seen email systems do this
Jan 01 12:04:33 <editorgal> which isn't funny when you get 3x of 243 spams, 11 mails, and a few vendor notes.
Jan 01 12:06:24 <jimregan> "Honestly: too many people send messages on New Years Eve, and the phone company messed up trying to make sure they all get through.
Jan 01 12:06:41 <jimregan> It's that, or ghosts, or you're just taking a joke to the limit."
Jan 01 12:07:01 <jimregan> Heh
Jan 01 12:09:07 <jimregan> Beata: "Never!!! Maby if I find a prince... I have about 40 massage from you,so who want to get married?:)"
Jan 01 12:09:19 <jimregan> rofl
Jan 01 12:09:29 <jimregan> Followed by another wedding message.
Jan 01 12:10:40 <editorgal> lol
Jan 01 12:11:38 <jimregan> Heh. And another
Jan 01 12:13:03 * editorgal can tell jimmy's phone wants that birch beer
Jan 01 12:13:18 <jimregan> One to go...
Jan 01 12:16:57 <jimregan> Woohoo! Pass me that beer!
Jan 01 12:17:47 <editorgal> alrighty
Jan 01 12:17:51 <editorgal> it's a big one too :)
Jan 01 12:18:58 <jimregan> Beata: "You or your's phone. Make decisions."
Jan 01 12:19:11 * jimregan scrolls back
Jan 01 12:19:47 <editorgal> who wants to get married, you or the phone :) good one
Jan 01 12:21:31 <jimregan> Yeah. Damn.
Jan 01 12:22:20 <editorgal> so what sort of tux and gown do phones get?
Jan 01 12:23:35 <jimregan> "The phone. I already told you I wasn't going to marry you"
Jan 01 12:25:18 <editorgal> right, so you marry her phone, and she marries your phone.
Jan 01 12:25:49 <jimregan> "My phone wants to know what your phone's ring size is."
Jan 01 12:26:00 * editorgal can just imagine the snooping system admins rolling on the floor trying to keep their ribs from busting
Jan 01 12:26:04 <jimregan> Heh.
Jan 01 12:26:22 <jimregan> Beata: "I don' see flowers and ring."
Jan 01 12:26:30 <editorgal> um about 15 notes or so, most times
Jan 01 12:26:58 <editorgal> do you have a ringtone with flowers in its title?
Jan 01 12:27:23 <jimregan> "That's because your phone won't accept pictures."
Jan 01 12:28:44 <jimregan> "@--'--
Jan 01 12:28:56 <jimregan> (A single long stemmed rose. I missed a thorn)"
Jan 01 12:29:37 <editorgal> :)
Jan 01 12:29:54 <editorgal> you know that roses are members of the citrus family?
Jan 01 12:32:10 <jimregan> Really?
Jan 01 12:32:27 <jimregan> Ringtone, eh? That gives me an idea.
Jan 01 12:32:32 * jimregan installs songwrite
Jan 01 12:40:58 <jimregan> Beata: "I can't read your last massage :("
Jan 01 12:41:43 <editorgal> aww
Jan 01 12:59:54 <jimregan> Beata: "I read many tales. Is it bad?"
Jan 01 13:00:18 <editorgal> hm?
Jan 01 13:00:33 <editorgal> did I miss a message type in there somewhere?
Jan 01 13:01:02 <jimregan> I made a comment about fairy tales when she said she'd marry if she finds a prince.
Jan 01 13:01:26 <jimregan> "Not if you remember that they're stories."
Jan 01 13:10:25 <editorgal> I'm afraid I'm zoning here
Jan 01 13:10:34 <jimregan> Heh.
Jan 01 13:11:20 * editorgal defeats the usual rules of physics and recaps her ginger beer
Jan 01 13:11:27 <jimregan> :)
Jan 01 13:12:24 <editorgal> gonna catch those 3h of shuteye before daylight I think.
Jan 01 13:12:29 <jimregan> k.
Jan 01 13:12:32 <jimregan> See ya later
Jan 01 13:12:35 <editorgal> yeah
Jan 01 13:13:03 <editorgal> good luck with ministering to your phones
Jan 01 13:13:07 <jimregan> :)
Jan 01 13:13:08 <editorgal> *giggle*
[She later followed up with "My phone break up with your phone". My phone is heartbroken :)]