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Tux's arms

editorgal: tux has no arms now :)
jimregan: Erm... tux had arms?
editorgal: well ok flippers
jimregan: UN weapons inspectors strike again
editorgal: lol

jimregan: "You are EMPEROR PALPATINE!"
editorgal: giggle
editorgal: it says I'm r2d2
editorgal: click tik whee ooo
jimregan: Erm... something about the "Dark Side"
editorgal: * editorgal makes a point of staying away from your lightning bolts.
jimregan: I think I'm the one who's in more danger of being hit by lightning bolts around you, Thomas, and the 'special coffee'
editorgal: I wonder who thomas would be among the characters...
editorgal: the little pictures up there don't show luke and leia.
jimregan: Luke is in there "Are you idealistic?"
editorgal: ok I had some fun trying to provoke that result and got it
jimregan: Heh
jimregan: "Dark Helmet: I am your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate. Lone Star: What does that make us? Dark Helmet: Absolutely nothing, which is what you are about to become."
editorgal: wouldn't your father's brother's nephew be you?
jimregan: Not necessarily

editorgal: * editorgal bookmarks, then realizes my bookmarks are a jumbled mess. again,
jimregan: Heh. That's why I use
jimregan: "Where did I find that thing about Polish grammar?"

Debian teddy bear

jimregan: Ain't it cute?

No software patents in Europe!

jimregan: Thanks Poland
jimregan: EU citizens should also thank Poland

Apple skunkworks

okopnik: Man, what a great story. That's a True Hacker if there ever was one.
jimregan: Reminded me of the MIT stories in "Hackers"
jimregan: Like the stuff about rms cloning the new features Symbolics added to the Lisp machine because he didn't like the company.
editorgal: heh
editorgal: * editorgal giggles at the 'conversation went like this'
jimregan: :)
editorgal: 90/90/90 hahahaha


jimregan: With pictures!
jimregan: Ain't it Cool News's take

smashing pumpkins?

jimregan: * jimregan listens to The Smashing Pumpkins - Quiet
jimregan: * jimregan listens to The Smashing Pumpkins - Today
editorgal: * editorgal giggles at the idea of smashed pumpkins and quiet
editorgal: maybe that'd be a cooling pumpkin pie

Cavalleria Rusticana

jimregan: Choral piece I did when I was a kid
jimregan: Oh. No it's not. Right title though

jimregan: I'm getting 'connection refused'

So what's the deal with Little Red Riding Hood?

jimregan: I mean... was she blind?
jimregan: "What canine features you have, grandma"
jimregan: What if her deal old grandma had died? Would she have been saying "What big maggots you have"?


jimregan: manual
jimregan: Adding a comment is easy :)
jimregan: So... what's your opinion?
jimregan: (or 2 cents, even)
editorgal: 1 cent
editorgal: needs pennies added ;P

Userfriendly daily strip

jimregan: Though the daily strip is available from the main page, IIRC

Today's Userfriendly

jimregan: Festive :)

Never underestimate editorgal

jimregan: 'cos she's given thought to the things we mere mortals haven't :)


jimregan: For all your sysadmin needs

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