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Divine Bandwidth

Rick Moen
Wed, 01 Nov 2006 12:07:22 -0800

This is just a follow-up to clarify workflow process, equally for my own benefit and for [person]'s. (I'm saying I could be talking out /dev/ass, in which case anyone should please feel welcome to correct me.)


rsync -avz rick:/dev/stdout $DEITY:/dev/ears

[Rick] Nicely done, sir. I especially like your respect for the Divine Bandwidth.

[Ben] [laugh] I figured you'd spot that.

[Sluggo] Laundrette material, laundrette material!

[Kat] this actually raises a point I'd been pondering of late.

The default is for lgang material to be excluded from LG Mailbag.

Should things like this current discussion on process be added perhaps as "Gazette Matters" ?

[Sluggo] Jokes and traditional LG banter (i.e., Ben and I sniping at each other) have always been fair game for publishing. It's usually obvious that the bit of content won't reveal anybody's secrets and that the "insults" are factetious, and the item was meant for publishing. (You have noticed that Ben has a tendancy to write in elaborate imagery and metaphor when he gets going, right? Like Pasternak and Ayn Rand. It would be a pity not to publish those literary gems. Though I'm sure you get tired of hearing them every day.)

[Kat] [grin] Tired of hearing them every day?

BWAHAHAHA! Silly Mike, that's one of the bestest things in my days.

If you're unsure whether something is safe to publish, you can certainly ask for confirmation from the author.

I think even if I am dead certain, I'll be asking; given the nature of lgang as a closed forum, the expectation is that one will not be published.

The only time I've been offended is when Jimmy deliberately published an embarrassing mistake I made (typing LG.com instead of LG.net), but that's precisely why he did publish it, the little SOB. :)

It's only fair to note that Mike isn't the only one to do this - Jimmy

As for switching to tag when something is publishable, that's not really practical in the middle of a discussion, and it would make it hell for message-threading programs. We can move a topic for "this topic belongs on the other list", but that's not practical for one or two messages which are peripherally related to the topic: it would take longer to explain the context than the messages themselves are.


There are also threads that are obviously off-topic on either list: language trivia, interesting spams, etc. These are meant to be Laundrette items (if the Laundrette editor accepts them). But these have been decreasing as of late. The tag list is obviously more appropriate for them.

The usual suspects have been busy offlist, and others have been pressganged into all sorts of gazette-ly tasks...

Also, there are times when one or the other list is down so we have to shift all traffic to the other list.

Originally the tag list was just for TAG/Mailbag/2c Tips. Margie and I wrote the Back Page ourselves. Gradually I started sending amusing items to tag for discussion, and publishing the results. The Back Page/Laundrette has always had a different editor than the TAG columns, but the source material has predominently become mailing-list messages.