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[ In reference to "Automatic creation of an Impress presentation from a series of images" in LG#116 ]

Karl-Heinz Herrmann [kh1 at khherrmann.de]

Sun, 30 Mar 2008 21:34:43 +0200


since this is a question directly related to the linux-gazette I'm CC'ing the mailinglist there (TAG).

On Mon, 24 Mar 2008 14:44:43 -0400 "Jim Shupert, Jr." <jshupert@pps-inc.com> wrote:

> http://linuxgazette.net/116/herrmann.html
> I have the complete perl script.

be aware that recent versions of ::OODoc broke the script. A tiny correction will make it work again, see: http://linuxgazette.net/132/lg_talkback.html#talkback.02 http://www.khherrmann.de/Programs.shtml http://www.khherrmann.de/Code/img2ooImpress.pl

> 1 matter eludes me - i do not understand -
> Where is the info to tell the program where to find a dir of images.

the inbuilt mini-help says:

  img2ooImpress.pl ImageFileList [outputfile.odp]
  ImageFileList is a file containing all images to import

and yes, the script expects a filename containing all images, each on its own line. You can easily create a file like that by following the examples in the original linux-gazette article.

essentially, after making sure your files are sorted properly by ls something like:

ls image*.jpg > filelist

will write all jpg-images starting with "image" into the file "filelist".

running img2ooImpress.pl filelist

will then create the output odp file (default odp name, if you pass a second parameter it will be used as output file).

> i see this
> my $imgFileList=shift;how is this imagefile list made? I am expecting

no -- it simply fetches the first commandline argument into $imgFileList -- and subsequently opens that file (or fails).

> to see a path to a dir of images....I have just reread your code
> before sending this and Think I might understand now.the usage
> img2ooImpress.pl ImageFileList [outputfile.swi]the perl prog     then
> a txtfile   [ and this is optional? ]and then should the
> imageFileList be in the same dir with the perl?

No -- you can keep the perl script in ~/bin (and add ~/bin to your PATH). Also the given file-name for the file-list can contain a full path -- so no need to have it lokal in the the same directory as the perl script OR the images.

> I wish I had an
> example of this ImageFileListI see where you say : " created by 'ls
> *png > file "maybe I should try thatso does the perl and images and
> image list all need to be together?does  imageFileList ( a text
> file ) need to be in the same dir as the imagesshould this
> imageFileList  have paths or just a list of file names?ThanksjS
ls imgp000*jpg > filelist

filelist then contains


If the script produces some output (instead of complaining) see the new version for current OODoc module version. With the old script this will simply produce a seamingly empty odp file.

Kind regards,


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