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 April 2000 Linux Journal

The April issue of Linux Journal is on newsstands now. This issue focuses on the Internet.

Linux Journal has articles that appear "Strictly On-Line". Check out the Table of Contents at http://www.linuxjournal.com/issue72/index.html for articles in this issue as well as links to the on-line articles. To subscribe to Linux Journal, go to http://www.linuxjournal.com/subscribe/index.html.

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Distro News

 SuSE and Mandrake

NUREMBERG, Germany, PASADENA, USA and METZ, France - 2/14/2000 - SuSE Linux AG, MandrakeSoft and Linbox Inc. are joining forces to develop Linux Network Computing and bring it to the broadest audience. SuSE Linux AG, MandrakeSoft and Linbox Inc. are partnering to develop and include in future versions of Linux distributions the key technologies of the Linbox Network Architecture. All SuSE Linux and MandrakeSoft users will soon be able to set up efficient diskless Network Computing solutions based on Linux.

The Linbox Network Architecture is an open approach to Linux Network Computing based on diskless standard computers on the desktop side, such as the Linbox Net Station, and full featured servers, such as the Linbox Net Server. According to Jean Pierre Laisne', CEO of Linbox Inc., "The Linbox Network Architecture allows users to bring the power of Linux to the desktop at minimal costs while still preserving the user's investments in Windows or MacOS software. Diskless Linbox Net Stations can be set up in a matter of minutes by users with no previous skills in the Linux environment and require no maintenance."

Under the joint partnership, SuSE Linux AG, MandrakeSoft and Linbox will form an open project which will publish the specifications of the Linbox Network Architecture and the required software under open source licensing. Development will be held by the Linbox R&D center in the Lorraine region, France's pioneering region for Linux and Free Software. All Linux users and businesses are welcome to join the LNA open project.


Technology Center Hermia, Tampere, Finland - February 21, 2000

SOT will be releasing their Best Linux operating system to English-speaking users worldwide for the first time. The press conference and publication will take place at CeBIT 2000, Hannover, Germany at 10am, February 24.

"The T-1 beta program was a success. We now have a good reason to expect the same success with the final English release as that we've had in Finland. I am sure that the release will finally dispel the myth of Linux as a server-only operating system, and will show Linux as a real contender for the dominating OS. I hope to see you at the press-release conference at CeBIT 2000" said Santeri Kannisto, CEO, SOT.

The first English version is called Best Linux 2000. SOT will begin shipping boxes after the release. Boxes will be available from well-known Linux-resellers and book stores. Additional information is available at the Best Linux web site, http://www.bestlinux.net

The Best Linux 2000 boxed set includes some new features never seen before in Linux. It includes lifetime technical support and a free update service. Customers are shipped the latest installation CD to guarantee their Best Linux is always up-to-date. A boxed set includes also a 400 page manual, an installation CD, a source code CD, a Linux games CD and a software library CD providing an easy way even for home users to start using a complete Linux system.


Caldera IPO Marks First Linux Disappointment


INDIANAPOLIS - March 27, 2000 - Macmillan USA (http://www.placeforlinux.com) announced Secure Server 7.0 for professional server administrators. Macmillan's new product is a secure Linux web server built within the new Linux-Mandrake(tm) 7.0 operating system.

 MaxOS (Alta Terra)

FREDERICTON, NB, March 17 /CNW/ - Mosaic Technologies Corporation and Alta Terra Ventures Corp. have announced an alliance that will see Mosaic's Linux training programs bundled with Alta Terra's MaxOS(TM) Linux operating system.

Bringing Linux to the everyday PC desktop user is a major priority of both Alta Terra and Mosaic. To help Windows users make the transition to Linux, Mosaic, working with India's Sona Valliappa Group, will offer a Linux simulator, which runs in a Microsoft Windows(TM) environment. This allows users to go through the steps of installing and setting up Linux, without leaving Windows. Mosaic will follow up with training programs to help users with tasks within Linux itself.

Mosaic Technologies Corporation
Alta Terra Ventures Corp.


CeBIT, Hannover, Germany (February 22, 2000) - SCO and SuSE Linux AG, today announced an agreement to offer SCO Professional Services to SuSE customers, worldwide. The new offering, along with SCO's global reach, will help extend SuSE's growth into new markets. The agreement marks the first time SuSE Linux AG has partnered for professional services on a global level.

The SCO Professional Services offerings are designed to help SuSE's customers and resellers to get started with planning, installation, configuration, and deployment of their new SuSE Linux systems.


Santa Cruz, California, March 13, 2000 - Lutris Technologies Inc., and TurboLinux Inc., today announced a joint effort to certify and distribute the Enhydra Java/XML application server for the TurboLinux operating system. The partnership creates a scalable Open Source foundation for enterprise e-business application development and deployment.

Lutris and TurboLinux will work together to promote the Open Source e-business platform. Enhydra will be distributed on the TurboLinux companion CD and listed in the TurboLinux Application Directory as a premier development environment. Lutris will provide support, training and professional services for Enhydra applications running on TurboLinux.

News in General

 Upcoming conferences & events

Colorado Linux Info Quest
April 1, 2000
Denver, CO

Corel Linux Roadshow 2000
April 3-7, 2000
Various Locations

Montreal Linux Expo
April 10-12, 2000
Montreal, Canada

April 17-20, 2000
Chicago, IL

HPC Linux 2000: Workshop on High-Performance Computing with Linux Platforms
May 14-17, 2000
Beijing, China

(In conjunction with HPC-ASIA 2000: The Fourth International Conference/Exhibition on High Performance Computing in Asia-Pacific Region)

Linux Canada
May 15-18, 2000
Toronto, Canada

Converge 2000
May 17-18, 2000
Alberta, Canada

SANE 2000: 2nd International SANE (System Administration and Networking) Conference
May 22-25, 2000
MECC, Maastricht, The Netherlands

May 23-25, 2000
Orlando, FL

Strictly Business Expo
June 7-9, 2000
Minneapolis, MN

June 19-23, 2000
San Diego, CA

June 20-24, 2000
Kansas City, KS

PC Expo
June 27-29, 2000
New York, NY

June 27-28, 2000
Zürich, Switzerland

 Winners of Design Competition to Speak at Open Source Convention

February 14th -- Software Carpentry is pleased to announce that O'Reilly & Associates has invited the winners in each category of its design competition to present their work at the 2nd Annual Open Source Software Convention in Monterey, CA, July 17-20, 2000.

So far, 27 individuals and groups have indicated that they will be submitting a total of 39 designs. The deadline for first-round entries is March 31, 2000; for more information, see the Software Carpentry web site at: http://www.software-carpentry.com

 RE: LinkUall.com Intro

My name is Arnold White and I have a free collaboration software called LinkUall. With LinkUall.com - you can use LinkUall to post events in your calendar, chat, create projects, download documents etc... all for free. I think this would be a great enhancement to your site, and invite you to visit www.linkuall.com! Please let me know what you think, and remember it's all free!

 Linux Support for Trisignal's Phantom Embedded Modem

HANNOVER, GERMANY, Feb. 28, 2000 -- TRISIGNAL Communications, a Division of Eicon Technology Corporation, today announced the availability of its Phantom (TM) Embedded Modem reference design for the Linux operating system.

This new, off the shelf, pre-ported design will be immediately available for license to OEMs, allowing them to quickly bring to market any product running Linux and requiring V.90 modem connectivity, such as Internet appliances. The embedded Phantom design comes with all the necessary modem code and engineering support required for final integration by the OEM. Manufacturers that license this embedded modem design can benefit from TRISIGNAL?s core software code which has an installed base approaching 20 million units.


 Computer I/O announces the Easy I/O Server and partnership with MonteVista Software

Chicago, IL - February 29, 2000 -- Computer I/O Corporation, a provider of software and services that simplify network access to live and real-time data streams, today announced the release of the Easy I/O Server, a Linux-based network I/O server. The Easy I/O Server is a flexible network I/O appliance that leverages the versatility of Linux and Computer I/O's new middleware technology to bring cost-effective, real-time networked data streaming capabilities to embedded and enterprise application developers.

The Easy I/O Server delivers an entirely new approach to the creation and remote access of I/O servers, peripherals, and appliances for telecommunica tions, multi-media, or any other application utilizing real-time data streams. It's I/O middleware technology provides unified interfaces for applications, network access, and real-time data collection and transfer. Computer I/O designed Easy I/O to allow application developers to quickly deploy and access a streaming data server without the need to understand low-level real-time and network programming issues. With its browser-based hardware configuration interface, and universal application programming interfaces, the Easy I/O Server helps reduce software development and maintenance costs, and cuts the time to market for new embedded and enterprise network data applications.


 A new e-commerce server, and how the company uses Linux

Internet Technologies, Inc. (Inttek (TM)) has developed a highly effective E-Commerce System with the ability to work directly with Hell's Kitchen Systems CCVS.

For more information, visit our site: www.penguincommerce.com. Visit www.megcor.com for a working commercial example. The megcor.com site sold almost $1000.00 in golf equipment the first weekend it went live. More examples will be coming soon.

The System is hosted on a remote Application Server -- The only required on-site hardware/software is a PC and Web Browser. No knowledge of HTML is needed.

Technical Overview:

Penguin Commerce uses proprietary Software Developed by Internet Technologies, Inc.

Penguin Commerce is based on the following:

Red Hat Linux (currently running on 5.2)

Red Hat Secure Server -- (based on Red Hat Secure Server with modification)

Our secure web servers run a customized version of the Red Hat Secure Server release. We continually upgrade and improve these servers for maximum security.

MySQL Database Engine

PHP Version 4 (including custom Inttek extensions)

Various types of Open Source Image processing software

PGP Encryption Technology

PGP is used throughout our E-Commerce solutions to provide security for sensitive data. For example, before customer credit card numbers are stored in the MySQL database, they are encrypted to ensure privacy in the event that the data transmission to the MySQL server is compromised.

Hell's Kitchen Systems CCVS (including custom network connection program)

HKS CCVS software runs on a separate server, connected to the secure web server via a private Ethernet connection utilizing non-routed IP addresses. This, plus aggressive packet filtering, guarantees that the CCVS server is available for connections from the secure server only. All access to the CCVS server is controlled to prevent unauthorized access to any credit card numbers stored in plain text form.

Connections to the CCVS software are made through the standard Linux inetd service, which calls an intermediary program to translate commands and output between the secure web server and the CCVS software. This intermediate software, written in C with the CCVS C language API, is designed as an extra layer of abstraction, insulating the web programmer from the details of credit card processing, and generalizing the credit card processing interface. This will allow us to present a consistent interface to web designers and programmers, regardless of the details of our credit card processing implementation. Our intent was to keep the credit card intelligence on the CCVS server, not the web server.

An overview of the physical layout is as follows:

General Firewall (running RedHat Linux)
Apache Web Server running PHP4 and MySql (running RedHat Linux)
Secure Server Running the RedHat Secure Server Distribution
(Private Ethernet Segment)
HKS CCVS Server Running CCVS and custom CCVS connection software
(running RedHat Linux)
Modem with phone line to connect to Vendors Merchant Account (For
security purposes, the HKS CCVS Server will not accept incoming phone
calls via the modem)

Milestone achievements of Inttek or Inttek engineers that involved Linux:

 Qarbon.com and SuSE Inc. Debuts Linux Viewlet Project

Qarbon.com, the originator of Viewlets, and SuSE Inc, a leading international Linux distribution, announced the launch of Qarbon.com's "The Linux Viewlet Project." Viewlets are a Web innovation that changes help files and FAQ's into vivid and dramatic "How To" demonstrations that "show" rather than "tell" a user how to perform a specific computing task. The introduction of Viewlets to the Linux community allows Linux developers and users from around the world to create, use and exchange Viewlets, which answer thousands of questions. Keeping with the Linux spirit, Viewlets are free to everyone on the net. Qarbon.com's business model includes a free Viewlet development tool, advertising-based revenue sharing for Viewlet authors and participating web sites,and a Viewlet syndication process designed to promote the use of Viewlets across the web.

To see some of the first Viewlets built around SuSE's Linux 6.3 go to www.teach2earn.com/linux/. Viewlets are expected to be a boon to increasing the use of Linux as users and developers see how Viewlets solve problems, reduces help desk calls and facilitates installation and use.

 MyFreeDesk: coming soon to a Jordanian cybercafe near you

MINNEAPOLIS-March 15, 2000- MyFreeDesk.com announced today that Quality Internet of Jordan, Inc., a chain of Internet cafes in the Middle East, will offer ad-free versions of the MyFreeDesk.com web-based office suite on its computers beginning April 1, 2000. Quality Internet customers who traditionally visited the cafes to browse the Internet or play online games will now have the added benefit of a complete office suite of personal computer applications. MyFreeDesk includes a fully featured word processor, spreadsheet, presentation program, database, email manager and Web page editor.

Quality Internet charges its customers an hourly rate to use its computers. MyFreeDesk will receive 50 percent of Quality Internet's proceeds from customers who pay for the ad-free version of MyFreeDesk. Quality Internet expects to open 12 Internet cafes throughout the country of Jordan during the year 2000.

 Linux directories from MyHelpDesk

MyHelpdesk.com unveiled directories of technical support and productivity information for 20 distributions of the Linux operating system and some of the most popular Linux applications. The free directories will include help for Linux Web browsers, graphical desktop environments and Linux utilities and add-ons.

Each one of the 20 directories contains the Internet's best resources on everything from searchable knowledge bases and FAQs, to upgrade information and bug reports, to training and tutorials. The 20 directories cover the most popular distributions of the Linux operating system, including Caldera Open Linux, Corel Linux, Debian, Linux Mandrake, MK Linux, Red Hat, Slackware, SuSE and WinLinux 2000.

 Sair Linux and GNU certification news

Sair's complete Linux and GNU Certified Administrator (LCA) level of exams are now available worldwide and our self-study guide for Linux & GNU Installation and Configuration has sold close to 40,000 copies. www.linuxcertification.com

 LinuxMall: LPI certification

DENVER - LinuxMall.com, is urging the adoption of certification standards developed by the Linux Professional Institute. The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is an international non-profit organization dedicated to establishing professional vendor-neutral certification for the Linux Operating System.

Mark Bolzern, President of LinuxMall.com, is a member of the LPI Advisory Council and a sponsor of the organization. LinuxMall.com joins the company of other industry leaders like IBM, Caldera Systems, and Hewlett-Packard in supporting LPI's mission to certify the talent and hard work of Linux professionals throughout the world.

The first exam for LPI certification was launched in January 2000, offering an incentive program of Linux-related utilities to participants. LinuxMall.com has donated over a hundred of incentive items-including t-shirts and Tux the penguin mascots-to participants who have completed the initial phase of testing. In addition, LinuxMall.com provided the fulfillment and distribution of all prizes donated by other LPI sponsors. "Because of the neutrality of LPI certification, businesses will gain a higher level of confidence in the abilities of the professionals they hire," adds Bolzern. "It's far more credible than certification standards established by a single company, such as the MSCE standard."

 LinuxMall: Dice.com job searches

DENVER - LinuxMall.com announces an agreement with EarthWeb's Dice.com that will allow customized Linux job searches directly from the site by simply placing Linux in the job search string. LinuxMall.com will continue to enhance and improve job-related information such as training and education within the LinuxMall.com site.

Under terms of the agreement, LinuxMall.com becomes part of Dice.com's Custom Search Network, which is a targeted group of sites that use the Dice.com job search engine to power their job areas. LinuxMall.com becomes the 16th site to display Dice.com listings on their Web site through Dice.com's Custom Search Network, which includes Red Hat.com, Girl Geeks.com and UserFriendly.org.

 LinuxMall: Penguin Power Playing Cards

In case you haven't been playing with a full deck...

Tux demonstrates once again that he's playing with a full deck and holding all the cards.

For those late nights at the office, relaxing at home with family and friends, or the perfect gift for the Joker who has everything (hmmm...), LinuxMall.com proudly presents Penguin Power and LinuxMall.com playing cards!

Tux appears in formal dress on face cards, befitting a Linux King, Queen or Jack. The Joker, however, may be in need of a decent haircut. But they're all waiting to be dealt in to your favorite game and fit neatly up most regular-sized sleeves.

These playing cards are just the latest addition to LinuxMall.com's vast array of Linux goodies. Be sure to check out the entire site; LinuxMall.com has everything from beach towels and buttons to bumper stickers and "Born to Frag" T-shirts.


 Linux Links

SiteReview.org is a place where wensurfers review and rate web sites. Go post some Linux reviews, and say something nice about Linux Gazette. :)

http://joydesk.com is groupware that provides web-based email, calendar, address book and task list services for web sites. Prominent customers include FreeI.net and www.webmail.ca.freei.net.

IBM Unveils Linux-Based Supercomputer

An interview with MontaVista founder Jim Ready

Why Linux won't fragment like UNIX did Coming soon, to a car near you: Linux-based Internet radios

Linuxcare Establishes Asian Operations

www.destinationlinux.com encompasses everything related to Linux, from games, jokes, contests to Linux information (products, news, training, etc.).

On the FirstLinux site:

Neosystem (France) provides turnkey application servers, training and consulting for Linux.

http://www.balista.com/njp/linux.htm is a personal site by Nicholas Jordan, containing tips, links and advocacy.

LinPeople is the Linux Internet Support Cooperative, a system of free technical support on IRC. The channel is #LinPeople on irc.linpeople.org:8001.

Software Announcements

 KDevelop 1.1final

We are proud to announce the 1.1final version of KDevelop (http://www.kdevelop.org) . This version contains several new features and many bugfixes. It is intended to be the last release for KDE 1.1.2. We want to concentrate our effort now for KDevelop 2.x (which will work on KDE 2.x).

Summary of changes (between 1.0final and 1.1final):

Please see http://www.kdevelop.org for further information (requirements and download addresses) and http://fara.cs.uni-potsdam.de/~smeier/www/pressrelease1.1.txt for the official press release.


NEW YORK-iEC 2000-February 29, 2000-Progress Software Corporation today announced the Developer Edition of its award-winning Progress(r) SonicMQ(tm) Internet messaging server will support the Linux operating system.

"We really wanted to try running SonicMQ on Linux," said Michael Quattlebaum, director of R&D at ChanneLinx.com, a provider of complete e-commerce solutions by linking industries into an interoperable digital marketplace. "I installed it on my Linux server, had it up and running in no time and it worked like a dream. Because SonicMQ is 100% Java, it can run with little or no configuration changes on any platform with a supported JVM. SonicMQ has been great to work with -- a clean implementation of the JMS specification with the added tools needed to make it practical."

SonicMQ is the first-and to date the only-standalone messaging server available from a major software vendor based on Sun's specification for Java-based messaging, Java Message Service (JMS). By providing a standards-based reliable and scalable messaging infrastructure for Internet application interoperation, together with key standards beyond the JMS specification such as eXtensible Markup Language (XML), SonicMQ ensures business-to-business transactions are successfully completed.


 Other software

Garlic is a free molecular visualization program, for viewing proteins and DNA.

Mahogany 5.0 e-mail and news client for X11 (GNOME or KDE).

Opera Software has released a i tech preview (that means alpha) version of their web browser Opera.

Java products that run on Linux:

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