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...making Linux just a little more fun!
By Javier Malonda

Cartoons from es.comp.os.linux, the Spanish Linux newsgroup. They are written in Spanish and then translated to English. Read the English cartoons at comic.escomposlinux.org, or the Spanish cartoons at tira.escomposlinux.org. (The text on this page is by the LG Editor (Iron).)

Your browser has shrunk the inline images to fit on the page. Click on a cartoon to see the full size, which may be better quality.

It's interesting to see the differences between the English and Spanish versions. "Charlie Brown's friend" is "the Rubik's Cube" (remember those? Now you can play them on-line with this Java applet.) "We love you!!!" is "We are the Spanish Delegation!"

No creative rewording here, but one mistranslation. "Before this cut" means "before I got cut off".

These cartoons are copyright Javier Malonda. "This comic strip can be copied, linked or distributed by any means. No modifications are however allowed. If linked, a notification would be sincerely appreciated."

Copyright © 2002, Javier Malonda. Copying license http://www.linuxgazette.net/copying.html
Published in Issue 84 of Linux Gazette, November 2002

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