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Date: Mon Jan 04 1999 - 16:48:33 CET

At 11.31 04/01/99 +1100, you wrote:
>I've downloaded muLinux (2.7) and am trying it. A few things that I
>couldn't work out:
        Welcome in our family!

>- After installing it on a floppy I can NOT login as 'root' or anybody
>at all. I've edited the passwd file but no luck. I get the 'ehh>' prompt
>but not #.
        "ehh>" is the "standard" prompt for muLinux! It's not true that you
can't login as root: you can ONLY login as root!!!
        If you want, you can change the prompt in the "/etc/profile" file

>- I couldn't run muLinux from a directory in the DOS partition. The
>file linux.bat was not created during installation. I could write it if I
>new what is in.
        Have you "clone" it? Boot you system with muLinux disk(s), then from
prompt give the comand "clone", and after some easy questions, muLinux will
be copyed on your Hd, and "linux.bat" will be created!

>Any help much appreciated.
        ... please, excuse my english problems ...

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