Re: Mailing List

From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (
Date: Tue Jan 19 1999 - 19:45:21 CET

On 19.01.1999, 19:29:29 Mimmo wrote:
> Una cosa che butto lì così: dato che, per quanto credo,
> non ci siano dei costi "materiali" da sostenere, non sarebbe
> utile una mailing list parallela per chi non capisce una mazza
> di italiano?
> Sia "noi" che "loro" eviteremmo di pensare "che cazzo stanno
> dicendo quelli?"! E poi, dài, ormai si può cominciare a pensare
> "in grande" a muLinux... :))

Here is an alternate proposal: why not simply try to communicate in
english here? Could it really be so difficult?

We are talking about Linux and for the most of the time we are using
specific words having something to do with Linux or with Hardware.

I think, most of us are able to communicate in some kind of english
and so we would avoid two different lists (with the problem of having
some questions two times)

I also prefer to talk in german, but i never would have the idea to
start a Linux mailing list in german language.


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