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Date: Wed Jan 20 1999 - 20:12:18 CET

At 00.46 20/01/99 +0100, you wrote:
>Andrea Manzini wrote:
>Karl-Heinz is right: we could write in English with a little effort.
>Probably not in GOOD English, but any way in a comprehensive one.
>TWO mailing lists for ONE muLinux would create confusion.
>By the way, an ISP - in general - will send a bill for a new ML...
        Ok, ho detto una vaccata... Scusatemi, cmq vorrei chiarire che la
mia proposta *NON* era spinta da motivi "razzisti"!!!!

        Ok, i had a junky idea... excuse me! By the way, i'd like to say
that i have *NOT* made this proposal for "racist" reasons!!!! I coul say
that *most* of my best friends are *not* italian... They are GIRLS, yes, but
they are not italian....

>Ciao, (can we use "ciao", sometime?) :-)
           Karl-Heinz, scusa l'ignoranza... How it saes "ciao" in german?

      " Smettere di fumare facilissimo:
        ci sono riuscito un miliione di volte "
                                      (Mark Twain)

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