Re: MoU for a vi mu-man (+ ABSTRACTS: 1.7 MB floppy, X11, vi)

From: Massimo Pilolli (
Date: Thu Jan 21 1999 - 11:07:42 CET

ABSTRACTS (translating old messages of mine, written in Italian)

- 1.7 Mb floppy: in my first message I tell anyone that
                 my Ignorance was Great and Deep upon formatting
                 diskettes. Now my ignorance is even deeper,
                 because I realized that the install.bat
                 would have solve anything for me: install.bat
                 does format (1.7 Mb) and fill a floppy (or two,
                 depending on if you want the X add-on)

- X11 : I've successfully installed muLinux (+ X11)
                 in my Pentium and it runs. X11 troubles
                 could be found, I believe, because when you
                 are running install.bat its request
                 "Insert X11 diskette and press ENTER"
                 could be found quite ambiguous: in actuality
                 it's only requiring a NEW floppy to format
                 and fill with X11. I have a 2.something version
                 of muLinux and probably Michele has solved
                 this problem in new releases.

- vi : I begged Michele to insert a true vi somewhere.
                 In order to make him bite at the hook, I promised
                 a vi micro-manual, intended for new users.

                 I do apologize: having begun to write this mu-manual
                 a few days before the Big Riot upon which language
                 should we use in this ML, the beta version of the
                 first 0.0 release will be in Italian (sorry).

I think you will like the vi micro-manual in preparation.
I've done about 30% of the job (perhaps I will ask you something,
later: probably I've always used ex in a different way than you).

would you like to be my beta-tester? I will give you an ASCII file
and you will learn vi (well, this is the goal).
Pre-requirements: you should NOT know ANYTHING about vi, but you
should have vi in your PC (for experimental purposes).


P.S.: A tip for Michele: the following vi commands
are ALMOST the same thing (the 2nd will save if needed)
[ESC] :wq [ENTER]

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