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From: sime1brt (sime1brt@topvideo.net)
Date: Thu Jan 21 1999 - 15:06:55 CET

At 21.51 20/01/99 +0000, you wrote:
>On Wed, Jan 20, 1999 at 08:12:20PM +0100, sime1brt wrote:
>>English is the most spoken language, so let's use just it, or go on
>>writeing in both italian-english.
>This is my proposal: starting any new tread, the proposer must prefix him
>Subject with a kind of identifier:
> [mu TECH] technical questions [ english]
> [mu SETUP] installation problems [ english/italiano ]
> [mu OT ] off topics [ for Author mumble-mumble, italian]
> [mu ANNOUNCE] new release [english AND italian]
>Your comments?
        We can try... This way we can understand what the message is talking
about, and decide if we are interested or not...
( I'll read'em ALL anyway... ;D)

        P.s.: May you add a [mu BU##§ĢIT]? It would be *REALLY* ok for some my
messages... ;)


      " Smettere di fumare č facilissimo:
        ci sono riuscito un miliione di volte "
                                      (Mark Twain)

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