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From: sime1brt (sime1brt@topvideo.net)
Date: Thu Jan 21 1999 - 15:04:44 CET

At 10.30 21/01/99 GMT, you wrote:
>Massimo Pilolli wrote:

>> ............
>I like that idea!
>But: let's not concentrate to much on those people who might forget to
>obtain to this new rules! I surely were unhappy if we had to read
>postings like "Hey you forgot the correct identifier!!"
        I know myself, so i can tell you: "I'M AGREE"!!!!!!

>(Besides: Mimmo asked me how to say Ciao in german. I think Ciao
> is an abbreviation of Adieu (french: dieu) and in german we
> use the words "Tschoe" or "Tschuess".)
        Excuse again, just one think again: may you try to write HOW must i tell
that? I mean, CIAO is written CIAO and it's spoken CIAO; but "Tschuess" is
written that way, but How it saes? hard work, isn't it?!?


      " Smettere di fumare facilissimo:
        ci sono riuscito un miliione di volte "
                                      (Mark Twain)

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