Re: [mu TECH] No real need for DOS installation proggy !

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Fri Jan 22 1999 - 13:30:46 CET

On Fri, Jan 22, 1999 at 08:44:28AM +0000, Karl-Heinz Zimmer wrote:
> I believe *you* are right: let's not make things to much complicated.
> If someone will have difficulties with the DOS floppy creation (as i
> did) there is always one simple way to help him/her: one letter to You

> Ciao,
> Karl-Heinz

I can also add in INSTALL.Dos the corrects steps for a full-manual task:

                tar -xf mulinux-VERSION.tgz
                loadlin mulinuz root=root.gz INFO=dosinstall

telling the dos-user: "change VERSION with actual release-number of
your image".

Ciao -Michele-

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