[mu TECH] Hello, trouble down loading

From: John vanVlaanderen (johnvv@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Jan 29 1999 - 23:42:17 CET

Hello all,

I am a UNIX admin who has been with linux for a long long while, and I
am attempting to create a $200 total development environment based on
the cyrix media gx pc-on-a-chip motherboard.

So I am very interested in your work. Especially the X stuff. I looked
over and liked a lot the linux router single disk linux and I am
beginning to wonder if the time has arrived to load windowing directly
into the kernel (?!?!)

Well anyway, I had some trouble unloading stuff from the websites, the
tgz stuff didn't unfold.

I'm really into perl if anybody needs any tutoring :)

Thanks, John van Vlaanderen
Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, CXN Inc.

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