Re: [mu TECH] GCC is not so good :(

From: Andrea Manzini (
Date: Sat Jan 30 1999 - 20:30:39 CET

On Sat, Jan 30, 1999 at 02:33:39PM +0000, Michele Andreoli wrote:

> GCC floppy addon go to /dev/null (trash). Ok, If we want, I can
> release any way a GCC floppy, but gcc-2.7.0 is not so good as hoped.
> Only text-based packages compile well, no termcap, no curses libs:
> hello-world C programs, math, sound, ioctl(), etc...

In addiction, GCC previous to 2.7.2 was known to be very buggy...
> I can build this GCC later; nothing against it, but is intended only for
> learning purpose: yacc, lex, make, etc. work very well.
> No further support is in project.

how about putting perl 5 on the "developer's" disk ?
> A more exciting task for me is to work on first floppy, using floppy #2
> as expansion: I cannot work in too directions and I wish put a limit
> to floppy addons proliferations!

yeah! I agree :) Let's work to improve to the maximum the 1st floppy!
> Well: I found a older version of X-Window (3.1, instead of 3.2) without
> xkb extension: about 400-500k smaller! With this unattended free-space
> I can put in X11: chimera, afterstep, mpgeg player, playmidi, ET CETERA.

wow! Can we expect a little sketch program (like xpaint) too ?
> With this tiny-X, the project of QNX generation from a working muLinux
> is possible: after cloning, muLinux procreate via MEIOSIS!

I hope that soon will be some female mulinuxes for gene-exchanging and
overall better reproduction ;)

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