[mu TECH] Proposal: new RNA features

From: sime1brt (sime1brt@topvideo.net)
Date: Sun Jan 31 1999 - 15:58:26 CET

(PLEASE excuse my dirty english....)

        Due to Michele's intention to give more "importance" to the first floppy,
i'd like to propose some new features for RNA.

I'm using Eudora mail client for two features i like so mutch:
* the ability to keep outgoing messages
* the ability to organize my messages into different "mailboxes"
* the "Address Book" (a small "note-book" for my friend's addresses)

        Now, i know that "addesess book" is a need that could be "ignored", but it
would be wonderful if RNA could send messages and store them into a
"Outgoing" file; and it would be very amazing to implement the "mailboxes"
feature, or an external program that could manipulate mail for saveing
messages into different files.
I'm *not* an expert of Linux programmation, but i think that with (mu)Linux
powerful commands it would be a joke!!!

        How about that? Mimmo

    "...I wish i was an alien
        At home behind the sun..."
                                    (Pearl Jam - "Wishlist")

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