Re: [mu TECH] Proposal: new RNA features

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Tue Feb 02 1999 - 20:46:10 CET

On Tue, Feb 02, 1999 at 02:34:40PM +0100, sime1brt wrote:
> Another idea: why don't let RNA show ALL headers of a message?

RNA, using "formail" script, strip out ALL headers for ...
administative reasons, but leave the relevants: "From:, "Subject:"
etc. This task is performed with low-selective script, we cannot
discriminate betwen header, without risks. We can, anyway, access
to original messages in /var/spool/mail/root file.


Dicevo a Mimmo che RNA toglie tutti gli headers che non e' in
grado di trattare in maniera utile e che anzi avrebbero potuto


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