[mulinux]X11 binary package

From: John vanVlaanderen (johnvv@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue Feb 02 1999 - 22:43:40 CET

>Please, John: X11.tgz is not a really TGZ, but a tar+bzip2.
>You don't unpack them! muLinux do this.

What is bzip2 ??

I ran it and got errors.

The many changes to your install in the name of saving space are not
necessary for my application.

None the less, I followed your instructions and I got the error,
 "not enough memory (load buffer size)"
 from loadlin.

I would be very grateful if you could please, please, please tar up the
X stuff and compress it and email it to me or put it on an FTP (not
html) site where I can find it.

I have been requested to write a review on the various tiny packages and
I want to give yours an even chance, and I especially want to comment on
the X stuff.

I should tell you that every single other floppy load linux has gone
thru absolutely smoothly within. Yours has delayed 4 days.

Also I looked in the bat file and found nothing about the X11 file.
Is there something hidden. When I ran mu, it complained about the
floppy drive.

Thanks, I would be most grateful if you could wrap up the X stuff in a
tar file.

BTW, can you please tell me who wrote it ??

Thank you very much,

John van Vlaanderen

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