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Date: Wed Feb 03 1999 - 05:15:09 CET

hi all,

I'm sending this to LPR and muLinux mailing list.
OK. I was making some tries to connect two computers via modem - PPP
After alot of tries (there is many more tries to do to be sure but ...) I'm
going to the folowing descision (may be I'm not right. I'm using Linux from
around 1 month, please correct if I'm wrong) :

THE Facts :
 Both routers are based on 2.0.36 kernel (not sure, but both are Debian
Both pppd's are ver.2.2.
muLinux - pppd is some stripped form, as I see it is ~61KB
LPR - pppd is ~91K
SlackWare pppd again ver2.2 - ~81KB

Ooops on the other side I'm using IPROUTE :"),other one diskete DOS router.
I'm sure about it 'cause I have 6 leased line clients connected on 2 routers
at moment.

Results :
With muLinux and it's own pppd, I connect but can't ping modem on the other
side, and vice versa.
With LPR and it's own pppd, I connect and sometimes have sometimes havn't
ping. (And may be I have ping only after restart. I can ping only once
?:"| ).

The interesting part is that I see how the light is flashing but only in one

If exchange pppd's between all may be will have success, but there is
RedHat, Slackware, Debian ....., also this can depend on ppp.o, shlc.o,
serial.o, pppd, chat ??!?
Also as I see from LPR-list archives PPP was always the problem.

+++---------- HAS ANYONE HAVE A SOLUTION. ------------+++

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