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Date: Wed Feb 03 1999 - 12:56:10 CET

On Tue, Feb 02, 1999 at 09:02:46PM -0500, Hodge wrote:
> hello
> I would like to say that i think you did a very good job with mulinux. i am very interested in linux and i was wondering how you fit X onto 1 floppy? i have been looking all over for X on a floppy because i want to install it with my slackware distribution. but i cant find one. so i want to try to make my own "floppy X". do you have any suggestions? could you tell me how you did it?
> thanks

Hello Hodge: a good starting point is my X11.tgz. This is an tarred+bzipped
archive. But, warning: this binaries use and other "old" X library.

Xserver also il "old": 3.1 release, because other don't fit in 1 floppy

In this floppy You can find: Xserver VGA-16 (4 color :(( ), two full-configured
window-manager (afterstep & fvwm95), chimera web browser, xmixer, etc ...

muLinux phylosophy grant a full separation of this X sub-file-system from
the remaining one. This is useful for isolating the X "question".

You can explode this X11 in a your sub-directory, with this command:

                mkdir my_X11; cd my_X11
                cat X11.tgz | bzip2 -ds | tar -xvf -

and explore what X11 need, in minimal form.

After, you can replace selectively some file (use ldd to extract
dynamic libs info from a binary) and put, finally, all that in
your /usr/X11R6 partition:

                rm -r /usr/X11R6
                cp -a my_X11/* /

Best regard,

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