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Date: Tue Feb 09 1999 - 14:30:08 CET

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This is from README.change

Version 4r0 "Tomato"

        o multi-ramdisk support in addon's loader
        o GCC floppy addon #2: gcc,make,lex,yacc,f2c,p2c,qb2c
        o busybox sources and other in GCC floppy
        o manpages ("man" rustic command)
        o rustic hostname, "reverse" game ..., by A. Manzini
        o shell-history work
        o fixed double X-Mailer in RNA
        o added, help files
        o Downgrade of XF86-VGA16 3.2->3.1 (X11)
        o added Chimera-2.0alpha15 graphic browser (X11)
        o MPEG player in X11 floppy (work with PC-speaker!)
        o lpr remote printing capabilities (by Tom Poindexter)
        o in.telnetd rustic daemon ( via /sbin/init )
        o dos2unix rustic converter
        o "blue" solitaire (ncurses game in /usr/games)

New projects:

ncurses C programming: to build a general-purpose ncurses panel, with
color, title, message bar and key navigation, as "less" replacement.
With this "new less", I can rewrite a better Quark, a better RNA, a
better File-Manager, etc. ONE graphic interface for MORE task.
Long term dream: to remove lynx (460k!).

Current muLinux "less" (generic file browser) is 80K, the new one will
be 5-6k with efficient behaviour, concernig key redefinition.

My idea is: a "new less" controlable via script


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