Re: [mu ANNOUNCE] vi mu-man available for beta-testing

From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (
Date: Wed Feb 10 1999 - 14:05:14 CET

Hello multilingual readers!

Excute me in case that somebody else already asked that, but: could
someone who speaks english *please* translate the little vi-manual
into english!?!

If that is done, i will translate it into german...

Thank you in advance!



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Am 29.01.1999, 01:13:35, schrieb Massimo Pilolli:
> An inter-active micro-manual for vi new users (sorry, for the present
> in Italian only) is now available for beta-testing.
> The micro-manual (mu-man) is simply an ASCII file (i.e.: text only)
> and will be sent on demand (in order not to obstruct the ML) to anyone
> will ask for it. Within a few days it will be in some Web page.
> Pre-requirements for beta-testing:
> 1- you should NOT know ANYTHING about vi
> 2- you should HAVE some version of vi in your machine
>    (for example: elvis)
> 3- you should know Italian (sorry)

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