Re: [mu TECH] Millennium bug in muLinux "Tomato"!!

From: Andrea Manzini (
Date: Sun Feb 14 1999 - 10:48:32 CET

While I was sleeping, Michele Andreoli wrote:
> Due to "clock" command remotion, "check-version script" produce, at
> the first-boot, this bizarre message, worthy of MS Service Pack:
> This release of muLinux is 23990 months older. You can install
> the last release from:
> :)))) ROTFL!!!!
> Oh, my God: forgive my little error. A. Manzini: This script is a
> YOUR proposal!

e io che c'entro ? L'hai fatto tu lo script, e l'hai levato tu il clock :)
se ti crea problemi, togli anche il controllo di versione.

> 4.1 release incoming (only first floppy changed).

oh, my God! Another hour of download...
I think I can survive with this 'feature' ;)

   Andrea Manzini    | "non migliorare il prodotto, trova solo clienti pił |  stupidi" (Scott Adams)

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