Re: [mu OT] Despair!

From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (
Date: Mon Feb 15 1999 - 08:59:16 CET

Am 11.02.1999, 15:33:10, schrieb Michele Andreoli:

> GCC: big disaster incoming.
> Some people attempt to compile in muLinux TRUES packages
> downloaded around the net! I cannot substitute
> it.comp.linux.development or comp.os.linux.development
> and related!

> My purpose (a C-compiler for learn C) is failed. Some people install
> muLinux but need LINUX, really. /usr/include/linux is NOT complete.

Ciao Michele!

Sorry for not answering to this before, during the weekend i had my
Computer offline and i hope it is not to late now!

Please, do *not* remove the GCC disk!

Instead you could do the following: add a message into the muLinux
setup script telling the user that the GCC package is *only* for
educational and training purposes and not designed to compile

That message also should appear every time the user starts the
compiler or the make utility.

If you add this message also on your webpage all problems should have
gone: anyone still complaining about GCC problems would receice a
message from you with this simple text:

# I am sorry you can *not* use the GCC package for compiling
# software packages downloaded from the web. It's sole purpose
# is learning C++ and trying litlle Hello World programs.
# Sorry: there is *no* way to change it!

What about that idea?


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