Re: [mu TECH] UMSDOS installation?

From: Andrea Manzini (
Date: Fri Feb 19 1999 - 20:23:43 CET

While I was sleeping, Michele Andreoli wrote:
> A. Manzini has take a look to a preliminar form of this new general
> ncurses interface for muLinux; can You, Andrea, explain to ML, with
> your nice english, what I would mean with this sentences?

well, thanks for "nice english" :)
actually, mu-less (that is the temporary name of this thing) is a
multi-purpose hypertextual text-browser, very small in size. It's purpose
will be replacing less, lynx, RNA and so with the help of shell scripting, awk
pattern language (very powerful indeed) and some temp files.
When invoked as

> muless -e "prg" -t title -b menu input-file

it will display the -t top title bar, the -b bottom menu, and start browsing
the "input-file". When a key is pressed, it will call the "prg" with some
parameters, among them the coords of the link and the line on which there is
the cursor. This "prg" can re-write the input-file and return to muless...
But the internals (fork(), signals) are obscure even to me :)
For the curious ones, Michele will release mu-less as standalone program,
with sources (I hope under GPL) ;-)

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