[mu TECH] signal() and alarm() in Linux

From: Michele Andreoli (andreoli@pisoft.it)
Date: Mon Feb 22 1999 - 15:37:58 CET

Very technical questions, related to C programming in Linux.

When I set an alarm with alarm(), any previously
set alarm is cancelled. I use signal() syscall. Anyone tell me
how to use sigaction() and if this syscall can resolve
this problem (i see similar solutions in loss article).

A this momement I restore , in the interrupt handler function,
a new alarm, in this way:

                signal(SIGALRM, reload);
                if (refr) alarm(refr_time);
                void reload(...) /* interrupt handler */
                ... signal(SIGALRM,reload); ....

I'm searching for a more elegant solutions, if any.

This question appair in muless, started in "refresh mode".
When i start muless with:

                muless -r 2 /proc/uptime

I wish muless reload the file any 2 seconds.


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