Re: Netscape or StarOffice on muLinux [was: Help?]

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Tue Feb 23 1999 - 15:41:44 CET

On Tue, Feb 23, 1999 at 08:05:33AM +0000, Karl-Heinz Zimmer wrote:
> > Can I run other apps Netscape or Staroffice on Mulinux?
> Hi Michele,
> i would like to take Mai's question more serious: i think he just
> wants to know if Netscape or StarOffice will *run* on muLinux, not if
> they will fit on the floppy.

You are right: "can I run" != "can I install" :)).

> 2) Maybe he thinks that muLinux is a good base-distribution
> and wants to expand it by adding other stuff onto his harddisk.

Yes, but UMSDOS installion is very slow, I believe and the muLinux
X server is very older, bugged and with 4 colors only. X Window
libraries are OK, but requirement force to recompile any
new app in this environment. Conclusions: people want LINUX!

> However you should remember that also the compiler,
> linker and some libraries are missing in muLinux:
> the GCC on that add-on floppy is for educational purposes
> only and will *not* compile packages downloaded from WWW.

It's true for packages which require special libs: ncurses, Xlib,
zlib, libcrupt, libpam, libjpeg, etc ...


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