[mu PROGRESS] RNA, Pion, Suck

From: Michele Andreoli (andreoli@pisoft.it)
Date: Sun Feb 28 1999 - 21:29:30 CET

I still working on full rewriting of many muLinux mini-apps, using
the new full-screen programmable interface "muless".

If you want, you can to tast muless (and Pion) from:


Help (851 bytes)

Is now "hypertextual", is some way.

Pion, the Rustic File Manager (2993 bytes)

Work very well and support: view, edit, delete, mkdir,
compress archives listing, print, file type, etc.

RNA, v0.2 the Rustic Mail Reader (9k)

the look & feel is very close to Mutt; support in-box and out-box,
Cc: and multi-address:

                To: x,y,z, ..
                Cc: x,y,z, ..

You can set also the "On %s, %s wrote:" string and other
nices features.

Suck, rustic suck: pull newsfeed from usenet (1023 bytes)

A very masterpiece! Implemented like other muLinux TCP (i.e. with
netcat expect/send pairs), work well and is usefull in conjunction
witch a news-reader, for offline operations.

The news-reader?

In progress. A rustic "rpost" is already in muLinux.

printf (2728 bytes)

This small (rustic) C command allows formatted printing via script:

                printf "%-10s %4s" ehila ehiqua

the format string must be compliant with printf C manpage, but only
%c and %s are significant, because command line parameter are not

This command is very usefull, and can substitute awk for this

The C code is so insignificant and I can send you here:

=========== printf.c ==================
rustic printf, for muLinux
#include <stdio.h>

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
        [ ... some syntax check ... ]
        vprintf(argv[1], argv+2);
==================== end printf =======================

I don't know why, but "\n" don't work with this ridiculous printf.


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