Re: On the fly compression AND Linux ?

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Date: Wed Mar 03 1999 - 06:52:22 CET

hi Michele,

I too have 64MB and 5.1 MB HDD on my Win98, but still use Drive Space (very
good place for all the docs dloaded from Internet, IE and Navigator caches,
Outlook mail). The other benefits are that my main partition is not
fragmeted so much by this small files and don't lose space 'cause of big
cluster sizes.
Also on all my NT boxes I use compressed directories for all log's
generated, proxy server caches, and can tell you it is very cool. Example
when I removed (copied it on CD) all logs generated by MSProxy and IIS
servers around 500 MB, I freed only ~100 MB disk space i.e. ~1/5 compresion
ratio. What about /var/log dir :") and muLinux, in 1MB RAM you can save ~4
MB logs.
OK. I made the following test, zipped HDD-muLinux all 3 disks.
Unziped - 12,3 MB
Ziped - 5,18 MB :")
And we all talk to use as possible as small/inexpensive hardware for all
small Linuxes. What about Flash'es. just a tought.

Ciao, iVAN :")

>On Tue, Mar 02, 1999 at 07:37:22AM +0100, iList wrote:
>> hi,
>> Does Linux at all support "on the fly" compression (like old Stac,
>> Double-DriveSpace, ZipMagic) ?
>> So many things are simply text (all configuration files, very good
>> compression can be achieved).
>> Think this will be very cool, especially for small linuxes where all
>> are in RAM - fast access.
>> =====
>This is possible, in theory. But, you can see, modern PCs comes with much
>inexpensive RAM. I have 62M: with ALL ram-disk mounted (i.e. a full
>ram muLinux) we achieve this condition:
> /dev/ram0 / (root)
> /dev/ram1 /usr
> /dev/ram2 /tmp
> /dev/ram3 /usr/X11R6 (addon #1)
> /dev/ram4 /gcc (addon #2-part 1)
> /dev/ram5 /gcc/usr/include (addon #2 -part 2)
>Any ramdisk is max 4600K, so we reach 27M (muLinux use only ~16M,
>of that).
>This is a good way of using RAM, I believe: a whole OS in RAM :)
>Ciao, Michele

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