[mu ANNOUNCE] DHCP & hdparm

From: Michele Andreoli (andreoli@pisoft.it)
Date: Tue Mar 16 1999 - 21:51:57 CET

Hi people!

I stripped out some "unexential" C code from hdparm, reducing the binary
to 5K; but only power mode setup is available, now (see hdparm -h).
In future, I want create a new setup, or put this stuff in "setup misc".

I've also modified the "setup eth" to allow DHCP (Dynamic Host

All that is on p40.tgz patch (misc section on my web).

Install in UMSDOS muLinux with:

        gzip -dc p40.tgz | ( cd / ; tar -xvf-)


Mi sarebbe piaciuto concludere con un'affermazione positiva, ma
non me ne vengono in mente. Vanno bene due negative?
						-- Woody Allen

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