Re: xfree86 configuration

From: Johannes Niess (
Date: Thu Mar 18 1999 - 19:48:05 CET

At 06:35 PM 3/16/99 -0600, you wrote:
>When I start X it loads but then dumps me back to the command line without
> displaying any graphics. How/what do I change in the
>xf86config file so that it will recognize my card and display (Chips Tech.
> 655xx, LCD display), what information do I need to know
>about my display so that I can tell X about my system. I am using muLinux
> (thanks to the linux-laptop list member for the suggestion)
>which is allowing me to explore Linux before I actually implement, but
> the GUI I just get lost in the directory structure and
>find it hard to really evaluate the possibilities. Is there an existing
> file that I can use or modify?
>So much to learn!

C&T chipsets are a bit tricky. I guess your Laptop is a Toshiba. There are
some (Toshiba) linux laptop websites out there, which have the working
modelines. You can gather your info from /var/log/startx.log .

Johannes Niess

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