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From: tai truong (tai@bustec.de)
Date: Fri Mar 26 1999 - 09:31:03 CET

Sorry guys,

but because this is an italian Mailing-List i would like to unscribe this. I can
I do this? I guess "unscribe" in the body to mulinux@lists.linux.it ?!

One thing to think of:
I really wonder if there is an solution for "burning" a small linux like mulinux
on an ISA/PCI-Card with a flash-memory-chip on the card. The advantages are:

1. the card has more memory than a floppy-disk
2. you can build a thin-client an the card that can access to a server (via rsh,
telnet, ftp, ICA, nfs-mount, smbmount). this open architecture would be a
tremendous design for connecting to any Unix- and Windows-System.
3. a thin-client based on linux and on a card (instead of a floppy-disk) would
be easy to use for a "normal" user.

Mr. T
let your mind flow..

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