Re: [mu OT] some fuzzyness...

From: sime1brt (
Date: Wed Mar 31 1999 - 19:43:44 CEST

At 16.29 31/03/99 GMT, you wrote:
>Am 01.04.1999, 01:02:36, schrieb Andrea Manzini:
>> what about a mulinux-meeting at the next oktoberfest ? ;)
>Please NOT there !
>I would prefer meeting you at CeBIT 2000 in Hannover,
>Bavaria in not my preferred Bundesland... ;-)
> Karl-Heinz

        OK, here's my propose: do you know the wonder taste of "FEGATINI"?????
Eh eh, germany is a good place, but i don't think you can find "fegatini"
And, of course, the wine we've got here is a FABULA......


P.s.: resuming my answer: got no money to come in Germany..... :D

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