Re: Need help to setup ethernet card

From: Johannes Niess (
Date: Fri Apr 02 1999 - 16:47:41 CEST

At 04:34 PM 4/2/99 +0800, you wrote:
>I'm a Linux novice . Mulinux is very nice pizza for me.
>I got trouble when I setup my ethernet card.
> My card is 3com 3c590b. io=0d400 & irq=10.
>Firstly, I copy 3c59x.o to /startup/modules
>then run "setup -f eth"
>Enter CARD [ne] ? 3c59x
>Enter ETHERNET_PARAMETERS [io=0x300 irq=5]? io=0xd400 irq=10
>.......... skip others ........
>But result showed:
>Loading modules :3c59x
>Symbol ' io ' not found
>SIOCSIFADDR : No such device
>SIOCSIFNETMASK : No such device
>SIOCADDRT : No such device
>SIOCADDRT : No such device
>What's wrong ?
>How to install this module ?

Some modules need other modules. To figure out the used modules, do a
"lsmod" on a standard (non mulinux) machine. Look at the dependencies
between the modules and copy all needed modules. If you insert modules with
modprobe dependencies are recognized. If modprobe is not in mulinux, load
the modules in the right order.

Johannes Niess

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