get_kernel_symbols error

From: dalin (
Date: Wed Apr 07 1999 - 22:50:52 CEST

i get an error when i select a keyboard type ( and the
get_kernel_symbols is called. could this be my emulation/keyboard mapping
problem below? i did a lsmod and it said that /proc/modules didn't exist. i
then tried to mkdir /proc/modules and it said 'operation not allowed'. how
would i fix this?


<< original keymap/emulation problem

i should first say that my emuation/keymapping works fine when a win95/nt
client logs into our application server with vt100. the problem is with our
hard-diskless net pc's.
i made a linux bootdisk for our netpc's which connects to our progress
6.3f01 symix 3.0r8.24 sco 3.2v4.2 unix server.
once the emulation was set to linux or vt100 on the client and vt100 on the
server (after logging in) i noticed that everything worked great except the
F keys (F1,F2,...), the delete, and the backspace key. when in sco unix i
noticed that the delete and backspace key's didn't work unless i manually
pressed ^H. i changed 'erase' in stty. when i ran symix the F keys didn't
work, so i used control-X for F1 etc. i checked the protermcap on the server
and saw :GO(PF1)=\EOP:\
i then pressed F1, (ENTER) at the unix prompt and saw it was giving ^[[[A
then i looked at the client's termcap file for vt100 and linux and saw
after that i tried setting the server's protermcap's vt100 F1 to
:GO(PF1)=\E[[[A:\ (same as what was showing at the unix prompt). didn't
then i tried setting the server's protermcap's vt100 F1 to :GO(PF1)=\E[23~:\
(same as the linux client's termcap)
then i tried the above with different combinations it dii then wrote a short program to read the key and display it's keylabel in
Progress. it was blank for F1.
could this be a problem with my escape key not translating correctly, stty,
or just a enviroment setting? any ideas or suggestions?

please reply by e-mail,


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