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From: Graham, John (
Date: Fri Apr 09 1999 - 15:13:41 CEST

I'm sorry how selfish of me. I think I read somewhere that all laptop mice
(eraser,glidepoint and trackball) were PS/2. I just ran the "setup -f port"
again and it allowed me to reconfigure the mouse. It was then that I
noticed the only thing I neglected to do was install the module for ps2. (I
probably didn't know how to do it anyway.)

Thanks again

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On Thu, Apr 08, 1999 at 02:21:46PM -0400, Graham, John wrote:
> I figured it out, Thanks for not responding. (this is not sarcasm) I've
> learned from the mistake.

Sorry John: but I lose some e-mail, sometimes. In addition, I know only
my poor hardware. I never touched track ball yet :))

Anycase, muLinux is Linux, with about 5000-6000 removed binaries, but
is Linux: you can ask for specific question also to linux newsgroups.

If your track ball work now, please send me your solution: in the
future, we can answer to similar questions.


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