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From: Andrea Manzini (
Date: Thu Apr 08 1999 - 21:21:44 CEST

While I was hacking, dalin wrote:

> do i need to load the (nls modules) to get the f1 and f4 keys to
> work?
> how can i set them to a specific control or escape value?

to modify a keymap in the floppy distribution, you can:

- unpack mulinux with mu -u
- cd tree/startup/init
- extract from keymap.tgz the map to edit
- locate lines like 'string F1 = "\033[[A" '
- replace "\033[[A" with the string to assign at the key and save the file
- replace the old keymap in the keymap.tgz with the one you just edited
- repack mulinux with mu -r

but, since mulinux has the loadkeys command, you can also switch keymap at
runtime, to replace only some key definitions :-)

some examples, from my linux box:

echo 'string F1 = "help \n" ' | loadkeys -
echo 'string F2 = "startx \n" ' | loadkeys -

notice the "\n", to insert a <return> and execute immediately the command...

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