Re: Changing Ethernet configuration

From: Johannes Niess (
Date: Mon Apr 19 1999 - 15:35:32 CEST

At 04:27 PM 4/18/99 -0400, Edward Gardner wrote:
>What's the easiest way to change the IRQ settings on an ethernet card after
>installing muLinux?

Hello Edward,

Your question is ambigious.
Do you want to change the IRQ? There is a jumper on old cards. For sofware
configuration use the DOS or windows tools. You can find some linux
confguration tools on the website at NASA, where all ethernet drivers are

If you have to tell linux the new IRQ of the card the procedure depends on
your method of booting. Loadlin uses AFAIR loadlin.cfg. The file should be
in the same directory as loadlin.exe . MuLinux does not differ from other
linux distributions. You have to set the correct append string to the
kernel. For most cases it is ether=IRQ,port,eth0 . Please refer to the
ethernet-howto for the correct information for your card. For more help we
need the type of ethernet card and the driver you use.

Johannes Niess

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