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From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Sat Apr 24 1999 - 16:40:02 CEST

On Sat, Apr 24, 1999 at 03:08:44PM +0800, Neo Sze Wee wrote:
> If I install Mulinux and my computer hangs as a result, would it not be
> dangerous to install? Is there any where I can recover from the mess or is
> these installation problems system specific or a result of not following
> instructions?

Only setting a wrong swap you can destroy a DOS partition: "swap partition"
is different from "swap file".

===== from setup swap messages ==========================
You can:
        1) choice a swap partition labelled "Linux swap" (if any).
        2) create a swapfile resident in some premounted
           Hard Disk, ex: a DOS partition. [for RAM-muLinux]
        3) create a swapfile local to actual filesystem
           [for UMSDOS/EXT2/LOOP muLinux]
        0) continue without swap [for expensive machines]


If you choice 1) and mention your DOS partition, instead of LINUX NATIVE
SWAP PARTITION, you loss any data.

You choice will be 2), if you install from DOS.

> Any one out there has also used other small versions of Linux comments on
> them? How does Mulinux compare?

Mulinux claim to be more complete in the apps side: is an application-centric
floppy Linux. Other mini-distro focuses on recovery, networking, routing, etc.
muLinux is more generic and for learn UNIX and taste Linux.
But remember: main efforts are on BASE floppy. Other floppy are intended
as plug-and-play :) addons, with low priority support.

> It is faster to access from the hard disk so it is better to install Mulinux
> on the hard disk? If so, could someone show me the steps?

You can clone from RAM to 1) UMSDOS, 2) EXT2FS-LOOP and 3) EXT2FS

1) is slow, but you can to expand the fs easy, sharing disk space with DOS
2) is fast, but fs cannot expanded (fixed size)
3) Linux native installation: a spare partition needed.

>From linux prompt, issue a "clone" and go (but read all info: my
disgousting english is'nt a good excuse for destroy your HD)

> Is there a digest version of this mailing list?

No. muLinux develop without memmory. A new century incoming ....

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