Re: Go to the SunSite!

From: spiff (
Date: Sun Apr 25 1999 - 05:47:25 CEST

If you want to change the way the 386 sees your two floppy drives, you must
go into the bios. trade the values so that it sees the 3.5 drive first and
the 5.25 drive second and you should be well on your way so not only being
able to us mulinux but all the other programs that saved to A:


>tried it on the 386,
>which complains, "cannot read disk". I am assuming that this is because
>3.5" floppy drive is drive B on this old machine, (A being the old, what,
>5.25"? drive). This has given me trouble before. Before I got the nice
>machine I'm writing this on, I used the 386 to wordprocess, and the B drive
>problem interfered with installation of programs saved in A at work. Must
>physically switch the wiring between the two drives to solve this?

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