Re: Install-Problems

From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (
Date: Sun Apr 25 1999 - 11:27:16 CEST

Am 25.04.1999, 09:54:44, schrieb Neo Sze Wee:

> >- What is the configuration of your machine ?
> > ( Processor, RAM, size of Harddisk(s) ... )

> 486DX2, 4 RAM, 250Mb HD (now about 100Mb free), Dos 6.22 and Win 3.11.

That will allow an UMSDOS installation: not very fast file access but
good enough to have a look at muLinux, learn about the underlying
concepts and consider to buy another harddisk and insert a little bit
more RAM. ;-)

> I am now aware of other small versions of Linux, and with the
> constraint that I have (only 4 RAM), they might not better suit
> me. If my endeavor is too much of a hazard or not worth the effort
> ( Dos and Win are working fine and I am not into programming
> desperately ), I will forget it for the moment.

Maybe you nevertheless will try muLinux: there is a possibility to
create a swap-file during the setup process. By that way you should be
able to install it as UMSDOS and work at bearable speed.
But please, do NOT try to install the X-addon-floppy: with 4 MB RAM
you would be very disappointed.



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