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From: Esben Haabendal Soerensen (
Date: Wed Apr 28 1999 - 22:08:53 CEST

>>>>> "Michele" == Michele Andreoli <> writes:

Michele> On Wed, Apr 28, 1999 at 06:51:26PM +0000, Karl-Heinz Zimmer
Michele> wrote:
>> In order to have the new Homepage online as fast as possible, how
>> about that:
>> If you agree i could easily put all the stuff on Aalborg Server
>> starting from there from my desktop here.
>> I made local copies of everything that colud be found at
>> on 24-Apr-1999.

Michele> All that are good things, but main problem still remains: I
Michele> cannot use server very far from me. Believe me, I can upload
Michele> only on italian server. We must to accept this crude reality.

If you can just upload it to some Italian site I could download it on
sunsite. But it is of-course not a usable solution as you still need
to be able to do uploads...


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