Re: pppd

From: Steven Darnold (
Date: Wed Apr 28 1999 - 22:09:52 CEST

-> > -> What release of muLinux?
-> > 2.4 -- does that make a difference?
-> Gasp! Very old. Old ppp-on don't detect very well
-> the connections status. Don't trust in "....." bar.
I plan to download a more recent version soon.
-> Try with "ifconfig" on another console (alt-f2, alt-f3).
-> Maybe You are connected and ppp-on is not capable to
-> inform you.
You are correct. ifconfig shows that I am connected and
Lynx works fine. When I exit Lynx and return to alt-f1,
the ppp-on script is still ........waiting.........
I press ctrl-C and type ppp-off. This works -- the modem
I'll definitely be downloading a new muLinux soon.
Sorry to bother you with an 'old version' problem.

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