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Date: Thu Apr 29 1999 - 00:59:20 CEST

>>>>> "Karl-Heinz" == Karl-Heinz Zimmer <> writes:

Karl-Heinz> Am 28.04.1999, 23:55:23, schrieb Nicola Ambrosetti:
>> Scusa, aggiungo solo che se sei (come sei, no ?) cittadino della
Karl-Heinz> provincia
>> di Pisa, il sito della Rete Civica Unitaria della provincia mette a
>> disposizione i suoi server, come scritto a:
>> civica Non credo che la
>> cosa sia strettamente solo per un'associazione o un
Karl-Heinz> ente,
>> prova via e-mail.

Sorry, I really don't understand any of the above :-)

Karl-Heinz> Perhaps this would be a nice plan: you set up a nice
Karl-Heinz> little homepage there in Pisa and Esben fetches the data
Karl-Heinz> per mirror from there ?

Not really the best solution.

Karl-Heinz> The Pisa place would appear officially a a mirror even
Karl-Heinz> when it technically were the starting point.
Karl-Heinz> 1. advantage: people would FIRST go to Aalborg and cause
Karl-Heinz> the net-traffic primarily there on that fast machine.
Karl-Heinz> 2. advantage: for you it would be simple to update the
Karl-Heinz> muLinux data because of the very near place.

Physical closeness should not be important on the internet, should

Karl-Heinz> At my opinion it is not very important if you can access
Karl-Heinz> the Aalborg Server directly: the most important thing i
Karl-Heinz> see is that it should be always up-to-date and that could
Karl-Heinz> be accomplished by some mirror script as well! ??

It seems quite kludgy if the muLinux project is only mirrored at the
main site. We will not do 15minute mirroring, and there would
therefore be a considerable update interval.

But does the above offer include a shelle account ? If yes, then it
should be just as possible to do the upload to sunsite from there as
for sunsite to fetch it from there. Manuall maintainance of the main
site should be prefered to mirroring.

Karl-Heinz> Good night,

Thank you. Nighty nigth :-)


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