Re: cerchi casa ?

From: Esben Haabendal Soerensen (
Date: Thu Apr 29 1999 - 09:25:52 CEST

>>>>> "Karl-Heinz" == Karl-Heinz Zimmer <> writes:

Karl-Heinz> Am 29.04.1999, 00:59:20, schrieb Esben Haabendal
Karl-Heinz> Soerensen:
>> >>>>> "Karl-Heinz" =3D=3D Karl-Heinz Zimmer <>
>> writ=
Karl-Heinz> es:

Karl-Heinz> Am 28.04.1999, 23:55:23, schrieb Nicola Ambrosetti:
>> >> Scusa, aggiungo solo che se sei (come sei, no ?) cittadino della
Karl-Heinz> [...]

>> Sorry, I really don't understand any of the above :-)

Karl-Heinz> Esben, jeg er skuffet: uden 'italiano' sprogskundskaber ??

Jep. Jeg var ikke engang sikker på at det var italiensk :-)

Karl-Heinz> At my opinion it is not very important if you can access
Karl-Heinz> the Aalborg Server directly: the most important thing i
Karl-Heinz> see is that it should be always up-to-date and that could
Karl-Heinz> be accomplished by some mirror script as well! ??

>> It seems quite kludgy if the muLinux project is only mirrored at
>> the main site. We will not do 15minute mirroring, and there would
>> therefore be a considerable update interval.

>> But does the above offer include a shelle account ? If yes, then
>> it should be just as possible to do the upload to sunsite from
>> there as for sunsite to fetch it from there. Manuall maintainance
>> of the main site should be prefered to mirroring.

Karl-Heinz> Ok, that sound reasonable.

Karl-Heinz> But perhaps, before we go on with that plan we besser
Karl-Heinz> should take=20 Michele(!) the next step: it's not even
Karl-Heinz> clear if he will be albe to=20 get an account
Karl-Heinz> there... (maybe i was to fast with that proposal..)

Ok. That is of-course quite essential...

Karl-Heinz> Hjertelig hilsen,


Venlig hilsen

caffeine low .... brain halted

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