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From: Esben Haabendal Soerensen (
Date: Fri Apr 30 1999 - 11:28:41 CEST


This is how I see the problems.

Michele needs a new web/ftp site to host muLinux. The new site should
provide good access to as many users across the world as possible.

Direct upload to SunSITE is slow (but possible ?). As Michele needs
to frequently upload big tgz archives, slow upload will be to

Now the FLUG offer.

Michele is offered a new place to host muLinux. This is placed in
Firenze. Michele can upload quickly to this site. SunSITE access to
this site is at ~3Kbyte/s, and this probably means that the site is
unsuitable for effective hosting of muLinux to the world.

FLUG also offers an email adddress, cgi scripts and a shell account.

And now a few opinions of mine.

If SunSITE is to be used as main site it should not act as a mirror.
It is no problem to make an initial mirroring, but the maintainance
should be made manually, and other sites can then mirror from SunSITE.

SunSITE strongly preferes to host 100% of the projects we are hosting.
In this situation we will prefer to have the current maillist
and the FLUG offered email address replaced by a SunSITE maillist.

Hopefully Michele's internet access conditions will improve at some
time, and it might be stupid to make to complicated setups to
accomodate for the current situation.

CGI scripts should not be used unless absolutely necessary, as this
makes mirroring much harder! I can see no good reasons for using CGI
for the muLinux website.

I have a suggestion on what we can do right now.

1. I mirror the complete muLinux site to SunSITE. I just tried with
   wget but there seems to be some problems caused by cgi scripts.
   I get stuff like ""
   Give me a ftp url or a single tgz and we are set

2. Michele gets a shelle account at FLUG

3. Uploads are done by Michele uploading to FLUG and starting a batch
   job uploading to SunSITE from FLUG and disconnects.

When Michele gets a better connection to .dk we can easily go to the
preferred solution of uploading directly to SunSITE.

Also I would strongly suggest to remove any cgi-scripts from the
muLinux website. We try to keep SunSITE as secure as possible and
therefore do not provide CGI unless absolutely necessary.

So ?


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